Vandals deface Pope John Paul II memorial in Krakow before canonization

April 23, 2014

(A worker prepares to wipe away graffiti of the Star of David on the Pope John Paul II memorial boulder in Krakow April 23, 2014. REUTERS/Pawel Ulatowski)

Vandals daubed paint across a stone memorial commemorating the late Pope John Paul II in his home region of southern Poland on Wednesday, days before he is to be made a saint.

Police fenced off the memorial in the center of Krakow as municipal workers tried to remove the paint, a Reuters reporter said. Officers did not comment on who might have been responsible, or why they committed the act of vandalism.

John Paul, who led the Roman Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005, will be canonized on Sunday and remains for many Catholics a towering model of faith and commitment.

Many in his home country consider the former pope to be one of the greatest Poles to have lived. But he is not universally admired in Polish society and some liberals believe he held back progress on issues such as contraception, abortion and homosexuality.

He was archbishop of Krakow before he was elected pope.

— by Wojciech Zurawski in Krakow

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He wasn’t liked because he held back “progress” on abortion, contraception and homosexuality?? I think we have “progressed” enough along those lines with millions of babies aborted each year, the population aging to the point of having no young people to care for them, and homosexuals marrying, parading their “pride” and demanding that everyone not only tolerate their lifestyle but embrace it (OR ELSE)!

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Funny thing is that I would bet that our Blessed Pope John Paul II from heaven would look down on these vandals with compassion and would be moved to intercede for them for their conversion.
Everything on this earth is passing away, so what they defaced is not important, but their souls are. Pray for these perpetrators that they may convert to the truth, the way, and the life that is given us by our Lord Jesus.

Posted by InHisMercy | Report as abusive

How sad…
For those people who did this, If you do not admire Pope John Paul II – who are we to judge?
Always remember one of our Saints – St. Augustine. He once lived in Sin still GOD chose him to become a Saint.

I dont know with Pope JP II coz I’m not a Polish and I dont want to be seen as biased. But let’s open our eyes that our GOD is merciful. He thinks not the way people think.

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