Pakistani police officer axes man to death over blasphemy

November 7, 2014
(Members of the Pakistani Christian community hold placards and wooden crosses during a demonstration to condemn the death of a Christian couple in a village in Punjab province on Tuesday, in Islamabad November 5, 2014. Police in Pakistan arrested dozens of people on Wednesday after a mob beat a Christian couple to death and burned their bodies for allegedly desecrating a Koran. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood)

(Members of the Pakistani Christian community hold placards and wooden crosses during a demonstration to condemn the death of a Christian couple in a village in Punjab province on Tuesday, in Islamabad November 5, 2014. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood)

A policeman in Pakistan hacked a man to death for allegedly making derogatory remarks about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, police said, just two days after a Christian couple was lynched over blasphemy in the same province.

The man, Tufail Haider, 55, was taken into custody late on Wednesday in the city of Gujrat after a group of people allegedly overheard him making the remarks, beat him up and handed over to police.

“Officer Faraz Naveed brought him to the police station and sent him to lock-up. Haider did not stop using nasty words about Sahaba (the companions) despite warnings from various officials,” said police officer Khurram Shehzad.

“At around 5.00 a.m., Naveed could not control his emotions. He went into his cell, brought an axe, entered the lock up and hit Haider’s throat several times.”

Haider died on the spot, police said.

Blasphemy is a serious offence in conservative Muslim Pakistan where those accused are sometimes lynched on the spot.

On Tuesday, in another part of Punjab province, a mob beat a Christian married couple to death and burned their bodies in a brick kiln for allegedly desecrating a Koran.

Blasphemy charges, even when they do go to court, are punishable by death in Muslim-majority Pakistan. They are hard to fight because the law does not define clearly what is blasphemous.

Even presenting the evidence in court can sometimes itself be considered a fresh infringement.

Pakistan’s minorities feel that the state fails to protect them, and even tolerates violence against them.

Last month, a British man with a history of mental health illness, sentenced to death for blasphemy this year, was shot and wounded by a prison guard in his cell.

Also in October, a Pakistani court upheld the death penalty against a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who is also accused of blasphemy, in a case that drew global headlines after two prominent politicians who tried to help her were assassinated.

— by Mubasher Bukhari in Lahore

via Pakistani police officer axes man to death over blasphemy | Reuters.


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Pakistan a rogue state receives great amounts of money from the US and probably the EU. It needs to stop NOW.The barbarity present and endless terrorist attacks on India mounted form Pakistan make that nation a rogue state. Giving them foreign aid is insane. Of course, there are many insane politicians in the west but hopefully sanity will prevail and the waste of precious resources should stop immediately as it goes to build nuclear weapons, armaments and killing innocent people as this story so amply shows.Otherwise the lunkheads of whom there are many in our state department will prevail int he tired old mentality that has gripped them for nearly a half a century.

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Religion is the root of all evil in the world. I say pox on all your houses.

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The barbarians of Islam do not promote nor protect this religion, they have the rest of the world look on it with a tin eye. If non-Islamic countries would treat Muslims the way they treat non-believers Islam would not exist in those countries. Christianity got past their Inquisition period, Islam has not. Far more Muslims die at the hands of other Muslims due to their extremism than any attacks from non-believers.

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Someone should remind this cop that God is a fairy tale.

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Let us remember, Islam is a peaceful religion……

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George W. Bush tried to create a democracy in Iraq when he invaded and overthrew Saddam Hussein. It seems that “W” didn’t know the Muslim mindset; they don’t like or, even understand the concept of democracy. George didn’t even know the Sunnis and Shiites were enemies. He just thought there were “insurgents” coming into Iraq after the 2003 invasion.

Oh well. Three trillion dollars and 6,000 dead Americans later, do you think that George has learned anything? Not really. Proof of this is his recent visit to the NBC-TV news studios where he said that, ISIS has to be destroyed because, “they kill innocent people”. Oh really George. George invaded Iraq on phony “intell” and killed about one million (innocent) Iraqis along the way; not to mention the 500,000 children who died because of 10 years of sanctions installed by George’s father, H.W., after the Gulf War on 1991.

One of the stories George used to try to talk the French president into joining the collision was, “Gog and Magog were running wild in Iraq”. (You have to be a “Born Again” to understand it).

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This has “religion of peace and tolerance” written all over it.

Posted by Cranios | Report as abusive

Can’t we just sit back and let these morons kill each other off?

Posted by MLB007 | Report as abusive

Religion of Peace, huh?

Posted by mstrdiver | Report as abusive

Savage. Barbaric. Medieval. Primitive. Abhorrent. Obscene.

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What can one say about a failed state like Pakistan?
Pity any who live there – there is no hope where there is no rule of law.
Blasphemy is such a slippery concept – weilded by men (always men) with no integrity to entrench power through terroizing minorities and opposition.

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Longest day I ever had was a layover in Lahore another in Karachi followed by another in Damascus. Hate was palpable. Airlines would not allow us off the plane in Damascus, as if we were eager??

Posted by huff | Report as abusive

Like some have said and that is who would want to go to some third world toilet of a country?

Posted by Nathan1P | Report as abusive

The religion of peace strikes again…

Posted by lehigh69 | Report as abusive

Typical ignorant muslim. Savages.

Posted by lgcamp | Report as abusive

The words intolerance, authoritarian, savage and backwards spring to mind.

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