Pope Benedict urges Catholic Church leaders to put aside rivalries

February 14, 2013

(Priests stand in a queue in front of St. Peter Basilica before Pope Benedict XVI’s special audience with priests of the Diocese of Rome in Paul VI’s hall at the Vatican February 14, 2013. REUTERS/ Alessandro Bianchi )

Discreet papal campaign began before Pope Benedict’s resignation shock

February 13, 2013

(Pope Benedict XVI meets bishops at the end of his Wednesday general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican February 13, 2013. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini)

Shock resignation by traditional pope is fully in line with Church law

February 11, 2013

(Pope Benedict XVI (C) at a consistory at the Vatican February 11, 2013 before announcing his resignation. REUTERS/Osservatore Romano )

With Benedict resigning, can Latin American claim papacy?

February 11, 2013

(Separate file photos of Roman Catholic clergy from Latin America cited as being possible candidates to be the next Pope, (L-R) Brazilian cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, Sao Paulo Archbishop Odilo Scherer, and Argentine cardinal Leonardo Sandri, taken in Rome between 2007 and 2012. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)

Orthodox Jewish revival opens up a market niche for Yiddish news

January 30, 2013

(Men reading the old daily Forverts/Courtesy of the Forward)

The rapid revival of strict Orthodox Jewish communities that has shifted New York City’s religious demographics and transformed Israel’s political landscape has created a new market niche for a 115-year-old Yiddish newspaper.

Lutherans bristle at idea of joining Catholic Church like disaffected Anglicans

January 22, 2013

(The Leipzig Disputation of 1519 between Martin Luther (R) and Catholic theologian Johannes Eck (L), by Julius Hübner) 

German Catholic Church shuts down sexual abuse hotline after demand tapers off

January 18, 2013

(Stephan Ackermann, Bishop of Trier attends a news conference on the launching of a telephone hotline for victims of sexual abuse, in south western German city of Trier March 30, 2010. (Text reads: “victims of sexual abuse”) REUTERS/Johannes Eisele)

French government determined to legalise gay marriage despite huge demo

January 14, 2013

(Thousands of demonstrators march in Paris, to protest France’s planned legalisation of same-sex marriage, January 13, 2013 .The banner reads ” Long live the parity in the marriage, one mother, one father it is elementary” REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

French protest at Eiffel Tower against plan to legalise gay marriage and adoption

January 13, 2013

(French humorist and TV host Virginie Merle (C), also known as “Frigide Barjot” demonstrates against the gay marriage, adoption and procreation assistance in Paris, January 13, 2013. The women with her wear hats from the French Revolution. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier )