German churches and trade union both claim victory in strike case

November 21, 2012

(A sign reading ‘Arbeitsgerichte’ (Labour courts) is pictured in the late evening in Hamburg September 1, 2012. REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen)

New Anglican head Welby mixes conflict resolution role with business skills

November 14, 2012

The Bishop of Durham, and the newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, smiles during a news conference at Lambeth Palace in London November 9, 2012.  REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Chancellor Merkel urges German churches to agree on Luther anniversary

November 5, 2012

(Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks at a news conference at European Union (EU) leaders summit in Brussels October 19, 2012.  REUTERS/Yves Herman)

Strong Swiss franc forces Reformed church group out of Calvin’s city Geneva

November 5, 2012

Geneva, dominated by St. Peter’s Cathedral, 6 February 2007/Tom Purves)

The Swiss city of Geneva has a long history of affording refuge to religious dissenters, most notably the 16th-century reformer John Calvin, but the strong Swiss franc currency has made it hard on his followers.

German Catholics wary about major Luther festivities planned for 2017

October 31, 2012

Martin Luther, painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1529

It’s rare to be invited to an event five years off and even rarer to bicker about its details, but Germany’s Catholic Church finds itself in that delicate situation thanks to an overture from its Protestant neighbors.

German Jewish leader deters anti-Semitic attack with gun

September 28, 2012

(Berlin’s New Synagogue, 21 April 2010/Sarah Ewart)

A leading member of Germany’s Jewish community had to point to a gun he was carrying to ward off a young man shouting anti-Semetic abuse, the latest in a string of racist incidents in Berlin that has shocked Jews and city authorities.

Top German court backs Catholic Church against religious tax opt-outs

September 26, 2012

(The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, Germany, 18 November 2011/Templemeister)

German Catholic activists rap decree excluding church tax opt-outs

September 25, 2012

(The cathedral in Fulda, where German bishops are holding their autumn plenary meeting/ThomasSD)

German bishops get tough on Catholics opting out of their church tax

September 21, 2012

(Detail of the western portal of the cathedral in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany, 24 April 2011/Beckstet)

Austria OKs circumcisions after multifaith appeal

August 1, 2012

(Boys in traditional attire attend a ceremony a day before their circumcision ritual at Eyup Sultan square in Istanbul July 8, 2011. REUTERS/Murad Sezer)