German police raid scores of radical Islamists’ homes, ban Salafi group

By Reuters Staff
June 14, 2012

(Police cars are seen parked in front of a house during a nationwide raid against ultra-conservative Salafist Islamist extremists in Frankfurt June 14, 2012. REUTERS/Alex Domanski )

Right-to-die movement sees gains as world ages, but opponents active

June 13, 2012

(Euthanasia campaigner Dr. Philip Nitschke poses for the photographer with his 'suicide kit' after a Reuters Interview in London May 7, 2009. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth)

Post your pro-pontiff postcard to “sad” Pope Benedict now

By Reuters Staff
June 7, 2012

(Pope Benedict XVI looks on as he leads the Corpus Domini mass in Rome's Basilica of St. John in Lateran June 7, 2012. REUTERS/ Max Rossi )

Sin has led to Middle East unrest, says Saudi Arabia’s top cleric

May 7, 2012

(Islamist protesters wave flags with Koranic inscriptions during a protest in front of the Tunisian television headquarters in Tunis April 24, 2012. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi )

Salafis attack and injure 29 German police in clash during anti-Islam demo

May 7, 2012

(Salafis in Germany cite freedom of religion to allow them to distribute free copies of the Koran, as here on Potsdamer Platz square in downtown Berlin, April 14, 2012. Other Salafis later attacked Bonn police trying to keep order when far-right protesters invoke their right to protest against them. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz)

One in seven thinks the end of the world is coming soon: poll

By Reuters Staff
May 2, 2012

(People look at the strip of light on the sculpture of a serpent on the north (left) side of the Mayan pyramid El Castillo (The Castle), in Chichen Itza, in the southern state of Yucatan, Mexico March 21, 2009. REUTERS/Argely Salazar)

from John Lloyd:

Anders Breivik’s disgusting sanity

By John Lloyd
April 20, 2012

To watch Anders Breivik, in the news clips available of him in the Oslo court where he is being tried for mass murder, is to see a smile on the face of an animal much more terrifying than any beast: a human fanatic, whose own mental processes have produced a monstrous creature. That smile is so normal, appearing so naturally in his conversations with his defense lawyer Geir Lippestad. It seems almost…carefree. Indeed, Breivik does seem free from care. “I would say,” said Lippestad on Wednesday, in the precise and fluent English all Norwegians seem able to speak, that “he’s always in a good mood.”

German Christian Democrat raps Salafi plan to distribute free Korans

By Reuters Staff
April 11, 2012

(Cover of a Koran -- N.B. not the free version to be distributed in Germany,29 April 2005 /Crystalina)

Turkey’s top Muslim cleric raps Saudi view on Arabian Peninsula churches

April 6, 2012

(Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic church in Doha, the first Christian church built in Qatar, before the first Mass celebrated there on March 15, 2008. REUTERS/Fadi Al-Assaad )

European far-right groups seek to build anti-Islamic network, meet protests

By Reuters Staff
April 2, 2012

(A member of the English Defence League takes part in a demonstration of far-right protestors in Aarhus, March 31, 2012. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer )