(Khairat el Shater at Tahrir Square in Cairo March 4, 2011/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany)

Egypt needs to start functioning again and prevent army rule from dragging on too long, the Muslim Brotherhood said, calling for the swift implementation of constitutional amendments to restart political life.

A month after a popular uprising forced President Hosni Mubarak from office, politicians from across the spectrum have begun to debate whether a new constitution is needed to breathe life into political institutions.

The Muslim Brotherhood can rally support quickly and would benefit from a quick election. It says it would take too long to draw up a new constitution that included all parties’ desires, so amending the current one is the only way forward.

“Constitutional amendments are the most suitable, not the most ideal solution for this transitional period that cannot drag for too long,” Brotherhood deputy Khairat Shater told Reuters in an interview late on Thursday. “A new constitution is most ideal but that will take up to a year.”

Presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei has called for a new constitution instead of temporary amendments and suggested that army hands power to a presidential council that would oversee a new constitution and elections.