Actor Stephen Baldwin won’t be taking any more profanity-laced roles like the foul-mouthed thug he played in the 1990s hit movie “The Usual Suspects.”


But the youngest member of the Hollywood acting clan, who became a born-again Christian a few years ago, has taken on some projects that he sees as more “family-oriented.”

I am doing stuff that is more family friendlyI have a couple of independent films coming out in a little bit,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of a summit of self-styled “values voters” in Washington which is an annual gathering of politically-motivated conservative Christian activists who are a key base for the U.S. Republican Party.

One of the films is called ‘To the Wall’ which is the story of two young men whose dads served in Vietnam together and how they befriend one another and learn a lot about themselves and their past. And then I have a new picture which I just finished recently called ‘Loving the Bad Man’ which is the story of a young woman of faith who has a tragedy happen against her and how she is going to stand up and still try to overcome that by befriending an individual who is a criminal who actually was the cause of the tragedy.”

He also said he has a project in the pipeline to develop a “whacky, crazy, zany, fun reality show that I host.”