After all the pre-broadcast anguish,  the  "Big Love"  episode depicting a Mormon endowment ceremony went ahead as planned and appears to have generated more relief than outrage.

The TV show about a polygamous family has long been a thorn in the side of the growing Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ  of  Latter-day Saints, although the Church refrained from getting drawn into a battle with cable channel HBO over the particularly controversial March 15 episode.

For those who did not cancel their subscriptions to HBO, and who watched Sunday's episode, many thought it portrayed the sacred Mormon ritual with respect. "I think (actress) Jeanne Tripplehorn did a great job of showing how important this ceremony is to Mormons. She really hit a home run with that scene, " wrote "Marigoldmama" on HBO's "Big Love" forum.

One HBO forum poster admitted signing up to the premium cable channel service just to see Sunday's episode, although that person seemed to object more to the "contrived and dumb writing on the show" than the endowment ceremony scene.

Over on -- the social networking forum for Mormons and those interested in learning more about the religion -- "aspenmgy" judged the episode "pretty lame" adding "they got it right but it still felt so wrong."