The Family Research Council, a leading activist group among America’s “Religious Right,” has launched a new TV ad in five key states that claims President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan will lead to publicly funded abortions — a charge disputed by the president’s allies and abortion rights groups.

You can see the new video, Life and Death, below.

FRC President Tony Perkins told reporters in a telephone conference that the ads will run on cable news programs in Arkansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Alaska and Pennsylvania — five states that have significant numbers of social conservatives but are represented by more moderate lawmakers who can be swayed.

The announcement came just ahead of a “phone in” featuring liberal and left-leaning faith leaders — or the Religious Left – and Obama seeking to galvanize support for the president’s bid to overhaul the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system.

USA-POLITICS/Abortion, which is a hugely polarizing issue in America, has become another flashpoint in the escalating battle over healthcare reform, risking public support for an initiative already under attack on several fronts.

Liberal Democrats are threatening to withhold their support after the White House seemed to waffle on its commitment to a public insurance option that would compete with private insurers and offer more choices for consumers.