A reader has pointed to an agreement that Pakistan's Jamaat-i-Islami, the main Islamist political group, signed with the Chinese communist party during its trip to Beijing a few days ago.

The two sides, according to reports in the domestic and foreign media, agreed to collaborate in the fields of justice, development, security and solidarity.

They also promised not to get involved in each other's internal affairs which according to the report on CBS News was effectively an undertaking that Pakistan's Islamists will stay away from activities of separatist Muslims in China's northern Xinjiang region.

While China's concerns about the Islamist fervour sweeping northwest Pakistan spilling over into Xinjiang have been known before, it does seem a bit unusual for the communist party to strike a deal with a religion-based foreign political party.

Or is this the new reality and which China has been quick to realise?

The CBS  story quotes an official from a European NATO member country as saying that the agreement "forces us to think the Chinese are much more sophisticated than what we know".