(Television commentator Bill O’Reilly checks himself in a mirror during the 2004 Republican National Convention, at Madison Square Garden in New York, September 1, 2004. REUTERS/Lisa Miller )

Having written two biographies about Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, political commentator and television host Bill O’Reilly and his co-author, Martin Dugard, focus on the rise and crucifixion of Jesus in their latest book “Killing Jesus.”

The best seller does not attempt to convey any particular religious message but rather describes the ascendance of Jesus in the context of a brutal Roman regime.

Reuters spoke with O’Reilly about the book’s subject, its sourcing and why he decided to focus on strong leaders.

Q: What made you decide to choose Jesus after writing about presidents?

A: The theme among all three books is strong leaders, and I was looking for a follow-up to Kennedy. It came to me that this was a good thing to do, and it does not get more complicated than that.
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