Mali Islamists bulldoze more Sufi tombs in Timbuktu

October 19, 2012

(A general view shows the Tomb of Askia, which was built in 1485 for the burial of Toure, the ancient king of the Songhai Empire, in the northeastern Malian city of Gao September 6, 2012. REUTERS/Adama Diarra)

Mali’s Ansar Dine Islamists destroy holy Sufi sites in Timbuktu

June 30, 2012

(Sankore mosque in Timbuktu, December 2006/P Senani) )

Al Qaeda-linked Mali Islamists armed with Kalashnikovs and pick-axes destroyed centuries-old mausoleums of saints in the UNESCO-listed city of Timbuktu on Saturday in front of shocked locals, witnesses said.