Rocking in Pennsylvania at “Christian Woodstock”

July 7, 2008

creation1.jpgMOUNT UNION, Pa. – It was muddy, it was loud and there were a lot of smiling, happy people offering free hugs and praising Jesus.

Egypt to press ahead with adhan unification – but quietly

July 1, 2008

A muezzin calls Muslims to prayer, 20 August 2007/stringerIs Egypt’s Ministry of Religious Endowments planning to blindside people by quietly implementing an unpopular project to unify the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer?

Singing and dancing welcome pope on DC streets

April 16, 2008

Crowds welcome Pope Benedict in Washington, 16 April 2008/Jonathan ErnstThe Washington Post carries an interesting story today examining how American Catholics are split when it comes to music — many older parishioners are partial to folk-style songs written in the 1970s, while many younger members want Gregorian chant and other older forms of music.