America’s many religious groups agree on one thing: the sinking economy must be the government’s top priority, according to a new analysis of a recent survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. You can view it here.


It found that stengthening the nation’s economy was regarded as the most pressing issue for the government by 83 percent of white evangelical Protestants, 88 percent of white mainline Protestants and 85 percent of Americans unaffilated with any religion.

It doesn’t say what white evangelical Protestants, a key base for the now opposition Republican Party, would like to see the government do to address America’s economic woes.

They tend to be economic as well as cultural conservatives but there is a growing “evangelical center” which has expressed support for President Barack Obama’s efforts to kick-start the economy with his massive stimulus package and reform healthcare. 

And like many Americans they are also feeling the pain of the recession.

Unsurprisingly, America’s religious groups remain divided on other social policy issues, according to Pew’s findings.