Tiger Woods promises to wear Buddhist bracelet forever

tiger woods

Tiger Woods pauses while delivering a statement after admitting cheating on his wife and taking a break from golf, 19 Feb 2010/Sam Greenwood

Rehabilitation and religion were the two themes Tiger Woods was most open about discussing in his first television interviews Sunday since revelations about his marriage infidelities emerged last November.  Woods has long been connected to Buddhism through his Thai mother and he said his detachment from the religion had been behind his fall from grace.

“Going against your core values, losing sight of it,” he said when asked how he lost control of his life. “I quit meditating, I quit being a Buddhist, and my life changed upside down.  I felt entitled, which I had never felt before. Consequently, I hurt so many people by my own reckless attitude and behavior.”

Woods wore a thin Buddhist bracelet, which he showed to Golf Channel viewers and said he would be wearing when he returned to golf at the U.S. Masters on April 8.  “It’s Buddhist, it’s for protection and strength and I certainly need that,” he said.

Given a number of celebrities in the U.S. have “discovered” religion at times of crises, Woods may find some skepticism about his readiness to be publicly associated with Buddhism now. But he discussed it in a video and text interview with Reuters in March 2008. He said he practiced meditation and went to a temple with his mother every  year.

from The Great Debate:

Tiger Woods remains a wounded superstar

– Charles S. Feldman is a journalist, media consultant and co-author of the book, “No Time To Think-The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle.” The views expressed are his own. –

Before watching the Tiger Woods statement, because much had been made of the fact that he would be reading from a script and that the few pool reporters present in the room in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida would not be allowed to ask questions, I was prepared to open this review with a pithy remark such as:  "It was the farce heard round the world!" or something like that.

I even found initial support for my pre-Woods statement attitude by looking at a map CNN briefly displayed showing the distance between where Woods was going to be speaking before what was often referred to as a mostly "hand-picked" group, and the hotel where most of the press corp would be watching the "event," unable to perform their customary function of probing and challenging any of the remarks Woods would make.

from Left field:

Woods takes first step on road to redemption

Slug is GOLF-CHAMPIONS/By Kevin Fylan and Tom Pilcher

Tiger Woods's decision to take an indefinite break from golf will be a real worry for a sport that has relied on the drawing power of the world's best player for so long but it might prove to be a necessary first step on the player's own road to redemption.

"He'll figure it out -- we've always been a forgiving society," major record holder Jack Nicklaus said before Woods announced his decision to take a break.

Well, even a forgiving society likes to see a little contrition and the tone of the statement Woods put out on Friday was certainly much more contrite and conciliatory than the spiky defence of his right to privacy in his only previous comment.