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“Idol” David Archuleta: Will he work it out?

March 12, 2008

How the mighty has fallen.david-archuleta.JPG

Tuesday night on “American Idol,” 17-year-old David Archuleta officially lost his place as the singing competition’s frontrunner. Not only did the Utah native forget the lyrics (always a kiss of death on ‘Idol’) to The Beatles’ “We Can Work it Out,” he never recovered from the mistake. Judge Randy Jackson dubbed his uninspired performance “very forced,” while Simon Cowell bluntly called it “a mess.”

To make matters even weirder, Archuleta said in his pre-recorded interview that he had been nervous about having to choose a song from the Lennon/McCartney songbook because he “wasn’t too familiar with the songs.” Seriously.

For Archuleta, the performance was a dramatic about-face. Just two weeks into the competition last month, the Los Angeles Times dubbed Archuleta “the Chosen One” and said “the competition is on the brink of collapsing in the face of a talent who lays waste to all before him.”

Unfortunately for the baby-faced Archuleta, his fall from grace happened to coincide with a downright shocking reversal of fortunes for a 22-year-old Californian contestant who goes by just one name: Chikezie.

The affable Chikezie had been shrugged off by many as a bore, narrowly missing elimination last week. But on Tuesday night he bounced back with a passionate performance of “She’s a Woman” that started with a bluegrass twist and morphed into an all-out rock song. The judges were floored, with Jackson asking “Who knew?” and Cowell saying Chikezie had changed in just a week.

One fan on the ‘Idol’ message boards summed it up best:

“Chikezie was HOTT tonight!”


Rebecca, how could you not notice? His facial expression during his mess-ups were ridiculously revealing, even if you didn’t hear them. I think he was wayyy too nervous to even think about putting his own spin on the song. Maybe his forgetting the lyrics could be interpreted as artistic interpretation…

Also, to those saying to give him a break because he’s the only one still in school, three hours a day is not significant enough to excuse not knowing the lyrics.

But, Rebecca, you are right. He is INCREDIBLY adorable and will win because of said adorability.

Posted by Sara | Report as abusive

Heh, he got overconfident knowing his rabid fanbase would support him even if he sucked. Forgot the lyirics three times, horrible performance othewise. . .

The sad thing is it won’t hurt him. Makes a mockery of the competition.

Posted by Chad | Report as abusive

First of all who ever writes this…..WHAT DO YOU KNOW! David Archuleta hasn’t lost his place in this compitition! If you didn’t notice David was still BETTER than half the compitition in his mess up. His voice is dynamic, mature, passionate, and sensitive. Plus the boy is seventeen, give him a break. He messes up once and the media or middle aged still living at home low lifes (like you) tear him apart? Come on…you know jack because you have NEVER done it. WALK WHAT YOU TALK! David you are a wonderful singer, don’t lose confidence and show them what there workin’ with. seriously SCREW YOU!!!!

Posted by Fawn | Report as abusive

Of course everybody makes mistakes. That is the inevitable universal truth. But one thing is sure – David has his fans behind him. Remember the famous adage, success is getting up every time you fall. He will definitely be able to get up from this one night mess as Simon called it. The good thing is – we will be watching out how he is going to be better out of this. It is always comforting that we have our weak spots, yet the strengths will always be the mark of who we are. And I truly believe David Archuleta will make it to the top. Even without winnning it, he is already a winner – touching lives of many people and when he becomes the winner – he will even have the taste of greater success, even with the memory of one bad night in his performance. We all learn from our mistakes, remember. And come to think of it, he might have earned more votes than ever because people have compassion and understanding to a great guy like him. More power to you David and never, never, never give up!!! Win the battle!


Hey guys…

Anyone who’s outside of the US who wants to vote for this guy… try Skype. I voted over 50 times last night. Another choice is both should work.. for skype.. identify your country as the US. Peace out! The guy’s gonna be better next week. I can assure u of that.

Posted by Jeremy L | Report as abusive

Frankly, it’s pretty sad that the only way for the other contestants to actually win the title is if David messes up this bad. The only thing THAT proves is that just based on talent alone, David wins hands down. Considering he’s only 17 and not familiar with the Beatles, has had strep throat for the whole week, and is living up the high expectations of everyone as well as being singled out by the other contestants as the one to beat, he took everything pretty well. He even apologized to Randy for letting everyone down. Give the kid a break.

Posted by Linha | Report as abusive

Remember David’s audition when he forgot the words to John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World”? He still made it through and he’ll make it through this situation as well. Many professional singers/musicians forget lyrics or play wrong licks when they perform live. Even if he doesn’t win AI, he’ll be able to continue his musical career. In my opinion, he’ll be more successful than any other former AI winners or contestants.

Posted by Sonny | Report as abusive

David Archuleta is very young and very inexperienced and not the best singer on the show. That being said, his fan base is apparently gonna keep him in good stead for awhile, but if he keeps up these very bad mistakes, he could be in trouble very quickly.

Posted by David Harper | Report as abusive

Just a little FYI: Anyone who has been watching AI from the beginning knows that there have been some sicknesses thrown around (remember Seyesha?) I have it from a close source that David has a pretty bad case of strep throat. Anyone who has ever had this KNOWS how it can affect a persons well being as well as their ability to function on a normal level. Think of all the numerous entertainers who have canceled tour dates due to “Extreme Fatigue.” Only this poor kid is fighting for his chance of a life time and can’t call in sick. Just goes to show how human he is and I think we’d all do some good in cutting these guys some slack! After all, we KNOW he’s good.

Posted by Misty | Report as abusive

I’m not here to bash people for their opinions or put down any contestant who isn’t my favorite. I’m here to say that I’m 48 and I adore David Archuleta. I was one of those folks who dialed frantically on Tuesday night to keep him in the show, because I’ve seen an unusual level of talent in him and I love his voice.

I’ve heard from several sources (folks who attended rehearsals) that David did well with that song in rehearsal. He simply melted down on stage Tuesday night, and if you’ve never had a similar experience you are quite lucky. He is 17 and under tremendous pressure … more than the others (schooling, keeps being told he’s the frontrunner, age).

I can’t wait to hear what he does next week. Bet he nails it.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

I think that David will pick it up and do alot better the next time. Give him a break!! He’s only seventeen and he wasn’t familiar with the song. He has the most amazing voice and he is sooooooooooooooooo……………adorable!!!!! I think that he should win this competition because he is a billion times better than anyone else in it!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Traci | Report as abusive

first off im from england:)
i think david is amazing, best male singer on AI since elliot yamin, being 17 i could not imgaine goin up on the stage doin that every week!
i went to a gig last week (kate nash-big in england) and she fluffed up her lines!
so what?! no one is perfect, especially singing songs that are unfamiliar to you

david is brilliant and has a raw talent

gay jabs: cant a good looking bute boy have a good voice without someone being jelous and labelling him gay? no!

david A to win (vote for me as i cant!)

love from england!

Posted by charlotte | Report as abusive

>>To make matters even weirder, Archuleta said he…“wasn’t too familiar with the songs.” Seriously.<<
What kind of nonsense is this? How familiar are you with Frank Sinatra’s 194os repertoire? David A. is a truly wonderful intuitive musician who, at the age of 17, already possesses quite specific tastes and knows what he likes, and can deliver it. He also possesses most honest approach to performance of anyone on that stage. He is only lacking in chronological time accrued!

Posted by marc s. | Report as abusive

David Archuleta & the Media:

Wow… the media LOVED David Archuleta at 1st…

but Wow, how they LOVE to pounce on the ones they love when they fall… they were WAITING for him to fall, and hated seeing “Great Archuleta”…

They pretty much pushed him into sucking if you ask me, as long as he’s reading all the stuff we & the media are posting.. many people hate David for the very reasons we love him… so.. screwed if u do, screwed if you don’t..

However, David will have to get used to being picked on, get used to media pressure, paparazzi, etc… He’s probably intrigued by glitz/glammer, but I wonder if he knows the dangers of fame?
Oh well, I love David, I’ll enjoy his music even after idol,
and as long as he stays true to himself, works hard, and remembers what’s important in life, he’ll be fine…

Don’t become a male Britney spears david!

Posted by Jenny | Report as abusive

OMG u guys are tripping over one mistake that david did what is wrong with u people dont tell me u never forgotten the lyrics to a song before and besides he confess that he was not familiar with the sings david is still the best. And besides even he does not win he is going to became a star and everyone will love him not only because he is cute hot and young but because he has amazing vocals anhe will always be remember he will come next week and better because he is still the best and he has something that the other contestants have he is love by the girls because he is super cute,hot and as girl love his smile

Posted by Nelly | Report as abusive

Yes, David did mess up, and he knew it was coming, but why do people have to make it such a big deal? Shouldn’t they support him and saying things like, ‘Good luck, David, we still believe in you’? I mean, everyone knows he’s the most liked, so why are they trying to make people against him? I still want him to win, no matter how many times he messes up. He will be great.

Posted by Heyam Yas | Report as abusive

Okkay let me start off by sayin i am a HUGH archuleta fan. I think he has amazing talent and he is an extremely unbelieveable singer. Even though he did make one mistake, i truely think he deserves a second chance…he IS AMAZING!! =) when hes cds come out i will definitly buying them, and i will do whatever it takes to go to watch him in concert. he is awesome and really cuteee =))) andd i do believe that he has the potential to become the next american idol of 2008!!!

GOOD LUCK DAVID! andd keep shooting for ur dreams.
i know youll be greatt. Just remember you have millions of fans out there watching youu. (me) of course. but you are always my #1 idol. Much lovee and hope for your future. i wish u the best of luck =)))
Love your BIGGEST fan Jasmine. xox

Posted by jasmine | Report as abusive

all i got to say is david YOUR AMAZING! and i know your gonnna be the next american idol of the 2008 year. Keep on shooting for your dreams. You truely are my number 1 and i am your biggest fan. GOOD LUCK DAVID. yea. by the way the names jasmine. dont forget it!! =) I LOVE YOU DAVID ARCHULETA! YOUR ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

Posted by Jasmine | Report as abusive

I love him!! And all the good things people said about him is true.

I know he is gonna win and if he doesn’t…then shame on american idol.

by the way did i mention i love him??


Posted by Somegirl | Report as abusive

He is the most amazing young man. What talent. He is so humble and yet so wonderful. He listens to what the judges say and does great with even the not so nice things.

Posted by lorelei | Report as abusive

David rocks and one f up does not a loser make. He’s 17 why would he know the Beatle’s catalog. Hellooo.



David’s is STILL THE FRONTRUNNER with over 10M votes out of 29M cast on Tuesday.


it’s signed, sealed and delivered.

Remember, this is a contest based on voter calls and David’s Fan Base is unbelievable…

Like I said… it’s all there!


Nichola is so quick to judge. I think this was a calculated move on his part. It only makes him more human and more likable. I think he has time to coast in the next 2 weeks and then he’s going to blow your socks off. He’s going to be it yo!

Posted by edvin | Report as abusive

A lot of teenaged girls on here are saying it’s not a big deal that he does not know the Beatles and the Beatles suck anyways. Can I just remind everyone that his stellar performance two weeks ago, “Imagine”, was written and sung by a Beatle, John Lennon. So I guess it’s ok to know the Beatles if he does well, but not if he totally screws up. Grow up, people. You teenage fans and him need to grow up and realize that as a singer, there is no excuse for not learning a song in a week. That’s his job. It’s a competition for a record deal. Take it seriously or move out. End of story.

Posted by Kat | Report as abusive

hi, im a fan of David Archuleta, I still believe he’s still the one to beat,he still has the best voice among them.

I’m from the Philippines and unfortunately can’t vote, so, young boys and girls from America, pls vote for him.


I am a David A. fan and the parent of two children near David’s age. My younger daughter has been a Beatles fan for a while, only because her music teacher did an entire unit on the group. My older daughter, very near David As age, is a huge music lover. Huge. She only ‘discovered’ the Beatles after the recent “Across the Universe” movie. Her dad and I are fans but you know those teens and their ‘tudes: if my mom likes it, it can’t be good. There’s a lot of music out there. Give the kids a break for not recognizing what is undoubtedly a legendary band. They’d probably have discovered them eventually.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

This guy is a gold mine for the recording business. A cute face, attitude and a great voice that millions of young girls (and some boys) adore. Whether he wins are not it will not effect his singing career in the future.

I would love to have 1% of the take!

Posted by Maleko | Report as abusive

okay, so seriously, give the dude a break. It’s not like he messed up and just stopped center stage. He did keep going! He’s so amazingly gorgeous too. But besides his outrageous voice, it’s his humble attitude that really catches me. He’s not all like “I can sing, I’m on American Idol, I’m the best”. He knows that it’s a competition. Let’s just say we’ll all be seeing David Archuletta singing on the finale of American Idol! That’s all :)

Posted by leeann | Report as abusive


Posted by Z | Report as abusive

Ok well this is for Kat.
umm how many times have you forgotten something?
thats what i thought.
He made a fricken mistake.
the only one hes made all season.
so you can just stop talking and then everyone will be happy.
David is amazing and im sure wayyyy more mature than you will ever even think of being.
As you said he did sing “Imagine” perfectly.
No one could ever sing it better than he did so no mistake can ever take that away.
He is still the front runner in American Idol and will be for the whole competition i am predicting.

Posted by Alex Hossler | Report as abusive

I think it’s hard to remember that all the American Idol contestants are human. David was probably performing on the biggest stage of his life- I’d be scared to death too. He’ll get used to it. My friend’s sister went to the rehearsal taping and said he did great and didn’t forget the lyrics. He was obviously extremely nervous. He also had strep throat last week.
I think all the AI contestants are extremely talented. They wil all have their off days-it’s called being human. Whether or not he wins AI, I David has a large fan base and I think he will be successful.
Remember, he is more than 10 years youonger than some people on the show, and it’s natural for him to be nervous.

Posted by Dani | Report as abusive


I didn’t realize that out of 29 million votes tuesday night David received 10 million of them. That has to be unprecedented especially for someone who had an off night. I guess his fan base panicked and went wild voting for him basing everything on his prior track record. He truly is a gifted person and has such a luvable personality how can you not like him?

It is also nice to see this blog has intelligent constructive and mature comments about David. There is another Archuleta blog out there that is an absolute nightmare that I have decided not to go to anymore since it has gotten way out of hand with the most absurd comments.

Anyhow David… keep on truckin and don’t ever give up singing … you are an absolute gift to the world.

Canada has your back!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

i think this performance was for a reason; now he is gonna work twice as hard and he’s gonna own it!!! this way its not like he’s gonna lose momentum like they were predicting..he’s gonna have to climb back to the top WHICH HE WILL…he’s not going for a long time!!! and i hate chikeze. david archuleta is gonna own it on tuesday and then EVERYBODY is gonna love him again. even if he gets voted off american idol..i swear they are gonna lose so much ratings and he comes out with a CD its gonna ROCK THE BILLBOARDS. i have a feeling about this..haha its like i have espn? hahahah

Posted by Alejandro | Report as abusive

david will keep on rockin’ and he did not save chikeze! i wil mail this to both of them! so i hope u feel bad! The bottom three WILL be David C, David A, and Carly! David forgot the words! SO WHAT??? We have had alot of great idols forget the words!!! And david will be around for a while so watch out! We got ur backs guys!


I mean, everyone loves him. If you don’t, someone’s gotta knock some sense into you.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

david is still the best idol ever, and always will be. everyone makes mistakes. he’ll bounce back on Tuesday. his performance was still great even after he messed up.

Posted by vanessa | Report as abusive

Omg!! Well, (4 those who missed it on thursday) david archuleta DID NOT go home on thursday… not that I thought he waz going 2. I LOVE HIM!!!! He has SUCH a good voice! I love singing myself, and I know talent when I see it (im only 13), but I, like, voted for him four times. (On other peoples fones including mine…) David will make a HUGE comeback, and every1 will LUUUUUUVVVV it!

Posted by Gabriella | Report as abusive

like he said b4 his performance of shop around” what a feelin’!”..b/c there sure is everytime he sings and everyone who’s trying there best to get as many votes for DAVID A…keep on doing ur best and keep trying as much as u can

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

Comments on here suck wind.

All I can say is go for it David…

You are talented!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

David you have a voice of an angel and those songs that you sang last week were awesome. Everyone of D.C. fans thought that you were going to win and got really nervous. I was crying when I heard that u didn’t win. Your still my Idol and the 44,000,000 other peoples idols! David You rock! Best of luck!


David i was in tears when you didn’t win i voted and when i say voted i mean voted I voted for u at least 200 times until 12:00 cause that night you were awesome simon couldn’t have said it better himself. You rock! And your still my Idol and the 44,000,000 other peolpes Idol! Best of Luck!


He’s a great singer!
Congratulations …

Léo Brasil…


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