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Britney: Is she back “In the zone”?

March 14, 2008

britney-2.jpgWhen a California court granted Britney Spears’ father control of her business and personal affairs on Feb. 1, the troubled 26 year-old pop star had just been released from a Los Angeles hospital after being held for psychiatric evaluation.

It was the second time in one month that her britney-3.jpgmental state had been questioned by doctors, so there was little question at the time as to whether the court was acting in her best interests. That control — legally known as a conservatorship — has been extended until July 31, and a host of attorneys have been brought in to make decisions for her and audit her business deals.

britney-1.jpgYet, this week news has surfaced that Britney is back at work. She released a new video, and is rehearsing and taping an episode of U.S. television comedy “How I Met Your Mother.” Less than 45 days since she was first considered legally unable to make her own decisions, she’s evidently okay to take a job and function on a TV set. One has to wonder just how sick she really is. Put another way, is she back “In the Zone,” which was the name of her 2003 record.

New details may emerge about her mental state at a hearing set for this coming Monday, March 17. It deals with a temporary restraining order against her former self-styled manager Sam Lutfi , who was the man controlling her life until her January hospitalizations. Some people think he is to blame for her problems, but others source her problems to her current handlers including her father. 

What will be said at those hearings is anybody’s guess. But for now, Britney says in a statement she is “having a blast” on the set of “How I Met Your Mother.” And to be sure, it has been weeks since the Louisiana native has been photographed outside her home in Los Angeles wearing those pink wigs and talking in a British accent.


I think that people just need to leave the poor girl alone so she can get her life back together. With everyone constantly around her and in her business, it’s no wonder why she is having troubles.

Posted by Tara | Report as abusive

So Wonder-Woman is going to do a spot that doesnt involve crotch-flashing or cringe antics? What a history-making moment for the world.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

I’m glad she’s back on track…even if that means having a guess spot on a tv series. I think her dad and mom are helping Brit refocus herself. In the past month you haven’t seen her making an ass out of self or having any more break downs. She needs to stay focused, get her kids back, kick her ex husbands ass and make him pay his lawyer bills, get ride of the crazy men in her life (now povy bf and so called manager), move on with her life and career. I’m not a Britney fan what so ever but her music on her latest album is pretty good and I wish her nothing but the best

Posted by Jennie | Report as abusive

I find it interesting that the article states:
“Less than 45 days since she was first considered legally unable to make her own decisions, she’s evidently okay to take a job and function on a TV set. One has to wonder just how sick she really is” I find this rather presumptuous. Rumours have abounded that Ms. Spears is bi-polar, which her behaviour seemed to suggest. 45 days of proper medication and therapy is plenty of time to be back in the “zone” as the writer puts it. Being on meds for 2 weeks and she would have been a whole lot more level and rational. While her recovery is not earth shattering news, it is comforting to know that at least her two little children won’t be without a mother for too much longer.

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