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Paging Michael Jackson …

March 14, 2008

jacko1.JPGHas reclusive pop star Michael Jackson managed to stave off foreclosure on his famed Neverland Valley Ranch in California?  The answer, depending on who you ask, is: “Yes,”  “no,” “maybe,” “sort of” or “go away and don’t call here anymore.”

 The confusion began when the Associated Press ran a story on Thursday, headlined “Jackson lawyer: Neverland auction off” that said the self-appointed King of Pop had reached an 11th-hour deal to refinance the property before New York-based Fortress Investment Group foreclosed on him.

The AP story, which quickly made news around the world, was sourced to a Jackson attorney named L. Londell McMillan, who was quoted only as saying, somewhat cryptically: “Neverland and MJ are fine.”

Since then, McMillan has clammed up – refusing to even take phone calls on the matter. His assistant has referred our reporter to Jackson’s spokeswoman and by Friday morning  sounded irritable, asking: “Weren’t you told yesterday to call the publicist?”

Yes, yes we were. Unfortunately, Jackson’s longtime representative, Raymone Bain, won’t take our calls either. Another publicist, who said she worked for Jackson and Sony Music,  phoned to say that all information would have to come from the elusive McMillan. And a very polite spokeswoman for Fortress left a message saying simply: “We don’t comment.”

Meanwhile no documents have been filed with Santa Barbara County showing that the foreclosure had been rescinded or settled. columnist Roger Friedman,  who is known for being plugged in to Jackson’s mysterious financial world, has cast doubt on the story, saying that Neverland was still in foreclosure and would be auctioned off in May.

“Michael Jackson’s reps did not, I repeat did not, make a deal with Fortress jacko2.JPGInvestments,” Friedman wrote on Friday. “A premature statement Thursday by one of his lawyers was incorrect. Fortress agreed only to a two-month extension so that Jackson or someone in his camp can untangle this mess.” 

Later on Friday the AP filed a second story,  largely agreeing with Friedman  that Jackson was still in default but that Neverland would not go on the auction block until May.

And McMillan? The AP says he ”did not a return a call for comment.” 

We’re still hoping that Michael will give us a call and untangle this mess.


I have listened to Micheal Jacksons music since the Jackson Five started and followed his career enjoys his music and I really hope that people will remember that side of him because he was the King of Pop and his music earnedhim that name. I think Micheal was a sad child growing up always being pushed to do better work harder never being able to be just a regular child riding bikes with friends he always had to practice to be the besthis father pushed him and his brothers and sisters hard. Every picture I have ever seen of him he was smiling on the out side but the sadness in his eyes he couldn’t hide. I have offen wondered if he could start over if he too wouldn’t have left the family for a more normal life. I think one of the reasons people thought he was strange was because he enjoyed being a kid that was something when he was a child he couldn’t do so the theme park and all I think washis way of living his childhood over I don’t know if he was guilty of what he was accused of I only know and believe that its between him and God and no one else should judge him let him restin peace and enjoy the music he left so many people with because I really believe his music will live on forever as it should

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