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UPDATE: Britney Spears, back on TV

March 24, 2008

UPDATE: Since this was post on Monday, word comes from CBS that U.S. britney.jpghousehold viewership for “How I Met Your Mother” was up 9 percent for Britney’s appearance from one week before.  Monday’s show lured 10.6 million viewers overall, which was its highest total this year. Among adults 18- to 49-years-old and adults 25- to 54-years old, the show had its highest ratings in its three-hear history, CBS said.

MONDAY’S POST: Britney Spears’ latest attempt to bring some normalcy back into her life goes on full public display Monday night when she appears on U.S. television sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” She plays a receptionist in a doctor’s office who has eyes for one of the show’s characters, Ted, portrayed by Josh Radnor.

A few video clips can be seen on the Web site of broadcast network CBS which airs the TV show. In one of them, Britney is holding a book titled, “The Power of Me,” and for awhile she certainly did have a lot of power in show business.

britney3.jpgIn fact Spears, 26, was named the most powerful celebrity in Hollywood by Forbes magazine in 2002 after earning $39.2 million in one, 12-month time frame. But ahh, how the mighty Britney has fallen.

Since her 2006 breakup with ex-husband Kevin Federline, Spears has spent time in rehab, lost custody of her two children and most recently was hospitalized twice for psychiatric evaluation.

Her father has now taken control of her personal and business affairs, and her life would seem to be back on track. Late last year she was frequently photographed in Los Angeles wearing pink wings and talking in a fake British accent. Now she is back to blonde and smiling brightly in the video clips on

Whether Britney’s fans will continue to support her remains a key question in her career. In late October, she released her most recent album, “Blackout,” and it quickly hit No. 2 on record charts. The first single, “Gimme More,” also was well-received. So, her fans do not appear to have abandoned her — yet.

Monday night’s “How I Met Your Mother” is the next test on her road to a Hollywood career recovery.


Britney needs to concentrate on being a mother & leave the Hollywood scene alone. She’s an AGING trainwreck, who looks much older than she really is. Those babies need their mother. I lost all respect for her as a human being a long time ago. She treats her children badly.

Posted by Samantha | Report as abusive

> Britney is holding a book titled, “The Power of Me” …

Britney can read?!?

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Britney-Dear Heart,
Take care of yourself and keep your chin up. We are not perfect and if others were on display I am sure there are skeletons in their closets as well. Love yourself and love your children.
We all fall, it is a matter of-if we pick ourselves back up.

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Britney did a wonderful job. I’m so happy for her!

Posted by Kaitlyn | Report as abusive

Britney has had a lot of pressure. She is a child in a womans body. Her childhood was way too advanced for to have actually had one.
I hope she finds her way out of depression and back on her feet, she deserves it as she is a hard worker.
Those of you who comment negatively….have you never made mistakes?

Posted by beth | Report as abusive

how would you feel if you got bugged, followed, and everyone told lies about you?
wouldn’t you go crazy if nobody EVER left you alone??
seriously give her a break. she tries and tries but everybody just keeps bringin her down.
is that the way u would wan to be treated???

Posted by Cristina | Report as abusive



Hollywood as swallowed this girl up whole and spat her out.Fair play to her she has shown great courage to come through it but she is only a siding away from another train wreck.She needs to get out of that alien environment asap as it doesn’t suit.You can take the girl out of the trailer park,but you cant take the trailer park from the girl.


i dont like her because shes always doind a nonsensical things


Juvelyn Cortes: i dont like her because shes always DOIND A nonsensical things

Says the person who can’t spell. :\

Posted by LOLWUT | Report as abusive

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