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Jamie Lynn Spears to turn 17 pregnant– and engaged!

March 27, 2008

jamie.jpgOnce upon a time in America, kids grew up, dated, got serious, got engaged, then married and had kids. Now, it seems they just date, get pregnant, then get engaged — at least if they are Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s little sis, who turns the grand old age of 17 next week on April 4.

Word comes from Us Weekly magazine on Wednesday that Jamie Lynn, who stars as a high school student on the Nickelodeon TV network’s popular “Zoey 101,” is now engaged to her ‘long-time” boyfriend Casey Aldridge, the father of her as yet unborn baby.   

Jamie Lynn shocked her fans and celebrity watchers back in December when she revealed she was pregnant.

This is not the first report that Aldridge popped the marriage question, but it does source the  news to a family member, Spears’ cousin Tina Robinson.

“They probably weren’t expecting (the proposal) to be, like, right now, but with her being pregnant, that really pushed it up,” Robinson told Us Weekly.

Yes Tina, probably did.


alls i can say is i am a young mum i was 15 when i got pregnant an young girls can look after babys as wel as older people there might be the odd 1 tha carnt cope but its the same with older people some of them carnt cope if ya ask me young mum have got more energy 2 play with there kids so all u skanks shut your mouths an leve the poor girl alone

Posted by danielle from liverpool | Report as abusive

I think that Jamie Lynn Spears is not as bad as her sister but still should have not gotten pregnat at the age she did. I also want to voice my opinion that she should not get married because marrige at a young age ushally never works out. She just should date him for a couple more years and then get married when the time is right and them and the baby have settled down. Also if you get married at such a young age you have to settle down fast and never get time to experience and adventure being a kid and doing stuff everyone else got to….


omg. this girl is crazy! i mean, shouldn’t you get engaged[at least] and then get pregnant??? i thinks she is very pretty, but she SHOULD NOT BE PREGNANT!!

Posted by briana | Report as abusive


Posted by GOD-IS-LOVE | Report as abusive

Like a lot of people say, she IS too young to be having a baby. BUT i have seen 12 year olds pregnant…and it was an accident, but i am SURE she is going to be a GREAT MOTHER!!!! She’s just going through a tough time and needs support. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

Posted by Lexie | Report as abusive

in my opinion everyone makes mistakes but being in the public eye as much as she is wouldent you think she would of been more aware of her actions and used precautions to not get pregnant??????? at 16 when u have a tv show that children watch?,

Posted by Armani | Report as abusive

In response to some other comments:

\”Jamie Lynn hang in there girl it will be better soon!\” – Alia

Are you kidding me? Be better soon? Is 18 years soon? Don\’t make it sound like pregnancy is the hardest part. These nine months of her life will be NOTHING compared to what is next.

\”It’s not like she WANTED to get knocked up at 16….\” – Jen

It\’s called birth control.

\”and the sad thing is not one of you is promoting teen abstenece, your disapproving against teen pregnanct. half of you have probably had sex and just not gotten pregnant. just because you use a condom or birth control doesnt mean it cant happen to you… trust me\” – Nichole

Nichole, it\’s called adoption, or abortion. Your argument is just as bad as your parenting skills will be. If someone is not responsible enough to take a pill every day at the same time, (which is about 100% effective at preventing pregnancy), she may not be responsible enough to make babies.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive


Posted by kk | Report as abusive

Jamie-Lynn can still be a role model, but instead of it being for a wide audience of pre-pubesent girls and young teenagers it can now be for pram faced underage girls who have had the same ‘accident’.Why they could even name the baby after her ,making a nice alternative choise to calling it Britney.
Go Jamie !!!

Posted by Cy Nical | Report as abusive

To all you people saying we should just leave her alone- YOU’RE INSANE! She’s a celebrity. She will never be left alone. Now, I’m not saying it was the wisest choice of her life to get pregnant at 16, but it’s not like it’s uncommon. Personally, I think y’all just need to chill and stop freakin out about her havin a baby! And who the hell actually thinks Jamie Lynn Spears is gonna read these comments? People stop addressing them to her!

Posted by Brittany | Report as abusive

and paul.. you have some serious freakin issues if you think that birth control is 100% effective! 98% AT BEST! And besides, even TAKING birth control you can get pregnant.

Posted by Brittany | Report as abusive



ok so jamie got pregent big deal im happy for her even though shes young.i feel so bad how her fans been taken it.many teenagers get pregnat and the news doesnt make a big deal out of it,so dont judge her and make a big deal.i think they should leave tht family alone for a while,so tht jamie and brit can come back heathly.JAMIE IS GONNA MAKE A GOOD MOTHER(CANT YOU TELL).SHE IS HAVEING A TOUGH TIME SO LEAVE JAMIE ALONE!


Well…I think tha ya/ll should have waited but i think that ya’ll r gonna make it. I know he really cares about u and u feel the same about him. I just know that your baby is gonna be very healthy. btw… i am a huge fan of zoey 101.:) Stay strong.

Posted by Tori | Report as abusive

JAMIE-LYN i love u and ur big sis stay how u r dont change ur life for anything or anybody and dont listen to anybody do u first people that say bad things and have problems with u only r haters and jealous dont even give them a chance to put u down if u luv the boy and u think its best for ur baby for u guys to be married do it girl i got pregnant when i was 16 and now i am 21 i have been with the same boy since i was 15 and he was 17 and he is my babys dad and we have 2 babys we r fine and our kids r going to go to school and we r really good off u and ur sis r fine keep ur relationship strong with britt u need each other i hope she gets better i luv u both stay the same bye bye


I would be more supportive of her if she were making smart decissions after this happend…getting married is not right. Shes doing it because shes pregnant, not because she loves this guy. I dont trust him.


having the baby is one thing but getting
married. seriously.
her show zoey101 is gunna be gone.
so thats gay.
shes 16,and everyone knows that he cheated
on her((already))


Hey it think that whatever makes Jamie happy is her business and no one elses… if she wants to be with this guy then everyone needs to lay off of her and leave her alone

Posted by Samantha | Report as abusive

i think it is great that she is engaged but she might of gotten pregnant just a tad too early. But she is coping with it really well and i think it suits her being pregnant, but one thing is i hope she stays with the father (Casey Aldridge)

Posted by Holly | Report as abusive

I think it’s a good idea to get pregant at least after the age of 25 – but sigh…..teen pregnacy sure increased over the last few years! I’m really suprised that out oif all of those “dirrty” – coff coff – c.a. celebrities – jamie would be the one.


i am 17 and im due in october.i am still with the babys dad and we are very much in love! i dont work and have never had a job.although he works full time and supports me ad will also support the baby! im not too young and niether is jamie-lyn so leave her alone people she obvisly noz what shes doin like me!!!!


i think that it is cool for her to be having a baby!

Posted by kortni vaughn | Report as abusive

I’m sorry but doesn’t this seem a little odd to anyone? I mean you really have to question the parenting skills for Jamie and Brittany. What goes on in that house-hold that makes it ok for 16-year olds to get pregnant? One would think that she would have learned from her sister! oh well! I guess she is just as stupid.

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

we’re not in the stone age anymore, people get serious at a younger age. She’s been with her boyfriend for a long time and she’s big enough to make her own desicions. Birth control might sound like a simple solution but it doesn’t always work! I had a baby in January and I turned 18 a couple of months ago. I was really shocked when I found out because I was on the pill and I was scared but I got my head round it and having a baby is the best thing thats happened to me. Jamie has enough going on at the moment without people she doesn’t know critisising her for having a life.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

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