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Miley’s no Idol fan

April 7, 2008


Tween sensation Miley Cyrus sang up a storm on the “American Idol” charity special “Idol Gives Back” but it turns out the Disney star is no fan of the most popular TV show (apart from her own) in America.

Cyrus, 15,  aka “Hannah Montana”,  performed two songs live at the Hollywood taping of the fundraiser at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on Sunday and recorded a mini segment highlighting the plight of impoverished kids in Kentucky, where her dad Billy Ray Cyrus was born and raised.

But asked backstage whether she was an “American Idol” fan, Cyrus chirped; “The funniest part is that I am so excited to be here but I have never seen it. Never seen even an episode.”

“I think it’s something you have to really get into,” she explained, adding that she has been pretty busy over the last couple of years — what with her own TV show, album, tour, apearance as an Oscar presenter etc.

C’mon Miley! Even bad boy rapper Snoop Dogg, who also appeared on the show to broadcast Wednesday,  said he watches AI  from time to time.


people have their own oppions of shows. im sure not everyone likes american idol and u all need to get a life instead of fighting on here.

Posted by kaitlyn | Report as abusive

ok you people need to let it go im not a fan of the show im just watching because of her and she never said anything bad about the show so get a life people dame

Posted by chelsie | Report as abusive

Okay listen—first of all she never said she was NOT a fan of American Idol…she just doesnt watch it. And come on, I dont blame the girl! Its a gay and boring show. Me and Miley have something in common—we both have lives and dont wait just to see people sing. So get the hell over it you losers.

Posted by Hailey | Report as abusive

I think that it’s good Miley doesn’t watch American Idol. I’ve only seen parts of it and I think it’s terrible. People who could actually be good singers are told they aren’t by three very stupid people. With some lessons, they could be good. Miley is living her life how she wants to and not watching some one else have their dreams crushed. I think everyone should do this. Also don’t trash her because you sit around being a couch potato while she is living big time.

Posted by MileyFan | Report as abusive

I agree with a lot of you folks on here. We shouldn’t get pissed off at Miley because she doesn’t watch American Idol. You know why? Because I don’t care for American Idol. Mostly all it is is people who THINK they have talent. Notice I said THINK they have talent and not KNOW they have talent. I’m even surprised the show has been on as long as it has. And I wouldn’t harp at Miley for not being able to watch the program. She probably puts in a million more work hours in a year than most 15 yr olds. I’m sure between doing tapings for her show, concerts, and rehearsals to do the concerts and her tapings, and special events that she’d rather chill out with her friends and family or go to bed and rest versus watching TV.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

I think Miley is a great actortress,& singer……..i would really like to meet her in person…….i hated what they said about her!!!!!! ps.she is a really great singer….i can sing too i love it but i cant sing like Miley!!!!!


I HATED what they said about Miley…….she’s a awsome singer……great actor too!!!!!!!! ps.I can sing too but not like her,she’s better……way better!!!!!!!!!


I watched her perform tonight, having never seen her show or any of her other appearances. I found her demeanor to be disengenuous (sp?) and her actual singing to be even worse. She looked like a little kid at a sleepover party with her friends mimicking real musical talents. I am appauled and will be surprised if anybody knows her name once she turns 18. I’m not a country fan, but at least her father could carry a tune.

Posted by christine | Report as abusive

Too funny that in the tape that her and her Dad made for the show that neither of them had their seat belts on in their car again. Way to set a great example there, Miles! ;(P And what was with scraping the floor during your performance and the touchy touchy? Are you trying to pull a Britney and switch away from your younger fans? You can do that and not look like a stripper, just ask Hilary Duff! No wonder Nick broke up with you. Ho Ho Ho… GOTTA GO!!!

Posted by Marjorie | Report as abusive

leave miley alone american idol sucks and she is way
bsy how could she find the time so im with miley leave her alone


not every one has time to watch tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


not every one has time to wath tv.


I think this absolutely ridiculous she said to billy crystal that this was a dream of her’s to perform on idol
and she does’nt even watch the show I do enjoy her she’s gorgeous and super talented but I think tonight she just
contridicted herself and looked slutty not for 15 her jeans were too tight and she opened her legs wider then paris hilton on dollar beer night I think she will end up just like the otrhe poptarts/trainwrecks bc it is too much too fast she seems to be a great girl but I think she has a huge wild side that will be seen before and well after she turns 18.

Posted by kevin | Report as abusive

Hey guys this is so stupid!!! Miley is a terrific person! SHE ROCKS!! You people that are trash talking her are being so dumb!! So she doesnt watch AI I don’t ether. Im to busy to watch it, and i’m not famous!!! Think how busy SHE is!!! I love Miley I know she will never do anything to hurt her career!!! She’s way to smart to do anything bad!! And she has wonderful parents who will help her with ANY choices she makes!! I LUV YOU MILEY, I WISH I COULD BE AS GREAT AS YOU ARE!!

Posted by madi | Report as abusive

yo, i’ve never seen it either. as far as im concerned. miley has better ways to spend her time just lyk i do. so see ya fools! Go MILEY!!!!!!!! AI: wat a waste of time!

Posted by vasha | Report as abusive

She was very full of herself. She seem to work hard at outperforming Heart which earned thier way to fame the old fashioned way. We don’t need another hottie, we need talent.

Posted by Yoko | Report as abusive

PS, She’s no great actor. She’s in there with the likes of Jessica Simpson – probably won’t go the distance but she should save her money now.

Posted by Yoko | Report as abusive

so she went to help people and be nice so stop being so rude

Posted by zate | Report as abusive

yeah shes not my favorite singer of all time either, but she can be a good person too from what i can see. and the title IS misleading… it says she isnt an idol fan but she never said that, shes just stating she never saw it

Posted by marabella | Report as abusive

Whoever hates Miley must be really jealous of her. I can’t find a reason to hate her. She inspires so many people to follow their dreams and she’s a great role model,unlike many celebreties nowadays in Hollywood. Stop critizing her and give her a break! To all the Miley haters: I don’t think you would last a day being famous. For once in your life put yourself in her shoes and see how it’s really like being criticized all the time. So what if she doesn’t watch American Idol! Who ever makes up nasty rumors about her must be really bored with their lives. So get a life!!!!!!!!!


Um, who really cares what an akward looking spoiled little brat thinks? I wish she would hurry and have a brit meltdown so i could laugh even harder at this little skank

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

um,miley do u really want 2 turn out like brittany spears i maen come on u should try to be your own person! i think your great in all but i hate when you act like that!you could turn out to be a wonderful person but i think your trying not to be…would you really like to just throw away your life like brittany spears did? please change…ashlyn


dose it really matter? Miley suckes anyways. she has no singing ability what so ever! that preformance was a joke. It must be really easy to make it big when you have a daddy that can get you into the business. News flash people the girl cant sing!

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

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