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“Give back” those two minutes of our lives, David Cook!

April 9, 2008

davidcook2.jpgOh no he didn’t.  Unfortunately, oh yes he did.

Rocker David Cook bombed on “American Idol” Tuesday night with an unfamiliar song and cocky performance that made it seem like he believed he had already wrapped up the competition.

Cook chose “Innocent,” a song by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, to sing on a night when contestants were told to choose music that inspires them. The night’s theme was intended as a preview for “Idol Gives Back,” the show’s charity special that airs on Wednesday.

Cook, wearing a white military-style jacket, strutted around without his signature guitar, finally sauntering through the audience while he sang. But judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell were decidedly uninspired, with Cowell calling it “a teensy weensy bit pompous.” Only Paula Abdul liked it.smithson2.jpg

To make a bad performance even worse — cringe-worthy, in fact – Cook ended it by raising a palm scrawled with the words “give back” up to the cameras. The judges praised him for that move, but Cook already appeared completely deflated after their criticisms of the performance.

It was clearly a rude awakening for Cook, who has become a favorite with the show’s fans in the last few weeks.

Another weak performance was Irish diva Carly Smithson’s take on Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.”

Smithson, who had a stellar run on the show at the beginning of the season, is clearly struggling. Cowell, who called her performance “angry,” said she may even be vulnerable to elimination this week. If that does happen, Smithson would be going home before Kristy Lee Cook, the leggy blonde country singer who has narrowly escaped the hatchet for several weeks running.


It is utterly unbelievable to say that David Cook is arrogant. How does one measure arrogance anyway? By observing? And who has the universal set of standards to determine the levels of arrogance? The article totally sucks. David Cook is a talented singer, humble, SMART, compassionate, is a human being like all of us. The fact that he choses a song which is inspiring to him (it has deep meaning for him and it catapulted the Canadian group’s exposure). David Cook is the man to look for and to vote for. His talent is undeniable. I cannot wait to buy his CD.

Posted by Arnita | Report as abusive

Before anyone calls David Cook arrogant after that song look at the background and listen to the original version of the song. If no one noticed that he screamed out the part that goes ‘and wished she never heard of cancer’ the fact that the song means a lot to him, then thats just sad. He has a lot going on in his life right now and I bet that he is really having a tough time being so far away from his brother right now. So please before you call such a talented person arrogant, think about where they are coming from and the point that they are trying to make. David Cook really is a great guy.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

I don’t get it… “”Give Back” those two minutes of our lives”… seriously? Have we really gotten to the point where we would use the title of a show that’s goal is to raise money for charities as a way to bash one of the contestants? That’s pretty low. And God forbid that someone show confidence when they perform. David is clearly comfortable on stage and confident in himself, he loves to perform… isn’t that part of what we would want and look for in an American Idol?! And he has an amazing voice. Then people are calling him out for balding… this is ridiculous. We see such a limited part of each contestant’s life and seeing them on stage a few minutes a week and reading tabloids does not mean we know the person. I honestly think that David appears to be a good guy who cares a lot about his family and seems to really care about his fans. I love him and am rooting for him.

Posted by Erin Tarpey | Report as abusive

Jody: Well said. Why the cruel attacks behind the anonymity of the computer? Do you feel so bad about yourselves you need to unfairly attack others?

I am and have been a David Archuleta fan and my heart was breaking for him as he and his family faced the hateful and inaccurate attacks week after week. Then David Cook came on strong and he faced the same ridiculous attacks.

Lets face it. They are the TWO MOST GIFTED in the competition, so they will receive the majority of the PASSION AND HATE. Unfortunely, it was obvious to me from the inspirational week that both of them are taking it to heart. They seemed exhausted. I would like to tell them to stay strong, they will both be there in the end. And I believe it will be a great finale.


I just don’t get why people say he is arrogant. I don’t see it. I have never seen it in him. I think he is very appreciative after every performance and every time he is found safe. I have loved every performance of his.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

David Cook’s performance did NOT come across as pompous or insincere. But he did seem to be struggling. Oftentimes when people are struggling, they put up a facade of some sort in the hopes of covering their vulnerability. To me, that’s what seemed to be happening. Give the guy a break–he’s a human being.

The disappointing thing with his performance of “Innocent” was that he made a rookie mistake: he chose a song he loves INSTEAD of one he could sing well. The opening part was too low–yes, he can hit the notes, but he can’t put the appropriate emotion behind his low register because all the effort goes to hitting the notes. Many of the other contestants have made similar errors in judgment. So, again, give the guy a break.

You don’t have to like his voice–even though I personally find his voice amazing. That’s simply a matter of taste. But when you attack the man himself, you just make yourself look mean-spirited. And no one wants to listen to a mean-spirited person.

Posted by mk | Report as abusive

David Cook is the best this season has to offer. I liked Michael Johns too, but he’s gone now. I think David Cook is very gracious and he doesn’t back-talk the judges like some other contestants do. I wasn’t crazy about the “Innocent” song, but he delivered it very well as always. He never has a pitch problem and he knows how to arrange a song. Simon calling him pompous is like the pot calling the kettle black. God bless David and I hope he wins.

Posted by Nan | Report as abusive

Jill, that is called stage presence. David Cook has it and some other contestants should learn it. They look like gaulky ducks on stage. David is in it to win and good for him. I never fault a person for putting their best foot forward at all times. That’s the only way a person can get ahead in life. Good luck to David. You go dude!!!

Posted by Nan | Report as abusive

I’m thinking David Cook might actually have set the bar too high for himself, after a long string of terrific rush-right-out-to-itunes-to-buy-it-the-n ext-day performances. Really, he turned in a good performance of a poor song choice (one that was chosen from his heart without regard to how it would further him in the competition). Would anyone have even noticed if, say, Michael Johns had picked the wrong song and gave a not-quite-fantastic rendition of it? Michael after all has been doing so poorly for weeks that we only take notice when he finally turns in one good performance (the blues number he did on country night). Even the fan favorite David A has set the bar fairly low for himself, continually only doing the same kind of song well and having some major stumbles along the way. Yet David C. has one performance that isn’t up to his usual sky-high-makes-headlines-the-next-day in his whole run and guess what? It makes headlines the next day. Why? Because it’s a shock. And I actually really love him all the more for this little stumble. It proves he’s human enough to sometimes make the wrong choice when following his heart. Our Lady Peace isn’t my favorite band by a long stretch, but there’s something about this guy choosing to sing his favorite song by his favorite artist in spite of the fact it was not the smart choice that really resonates with me. I think the reason that so many people are shocked at David C’s off-night is evidence of how brilliant an artist this guy really is. At the beginning of this season a lot of people were saying ‘He’s good, but David Cook is no Chris Daughtry’. Well more and more I’m beginning to think maybe Chris Daughtry is no David Cook (Actually I’m kidding; they’re both brilliant and would love to see them on tour together… hopefully it will happen soon after David C. wins Idol).

I also think he got unfairly tagged as ‘arrogant’ early on by a comment from Simon and now that reputation has somehow stuck to him despite ample evidence to the contrary. The guy is obviously a humble and genuinely nice guy (he doesn’t even try to self promote his good deeds to get points with the audience; I stumbled across an article online that explained the orange wristband he wears and why). He just is not afraid to take charge of the stage when he’s performing and fearlessly performs with passion. That kind of confidence and true heart is intimidating to petty people who are afraid to live their own lives with passion and so spitefully and jealously cry out ‘how dare he!’ I feel sad for people like that, and I hope David C. continues to ignore the petty insults and pour his heart and soul into every performance.

Also for Jill and her malicious, spiteful and hateful anti-David comments: I honestly don’t see David C. as balding (maybe I’m just not looking close enough? I swear I really don’t see evidence) but really I don’t care and I don’t see how it matters. The dude is awesome, looks terrific on stage and his brilliance shines through on every performance. I don’t see how his hair plays into it, and your comments reflect very poorly on YOU, not on him. You sound like a very ugly, miserable and unhappy person, and I pity you.

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

Oh dear god… Never thought I’d say it, but you people that support, or defend, David Cook sound like your straight out of a southern baptist cult. You can cry all you want that he is not arrogant or pompous, but your just lying to yourself because you don’t want to believe that you’ve been suckered by an egomaniac with no self confidence… sound like an oxy moron? Unfortunately, there are David Cooks EVERYWHERE! Just go into any hipster/Emo hangout in your town. Same attitude, same clothes, same style, same vocal inflections… just another eddie vedder wannabee… and above all, same haircut!! With the exception of David Cooks artful balding combover. PATHETIC!
If you have any brains or even just a little common sense, you’ll see that he has lived in that world for a very long time… obviously he’s gotten very good at hiding his lack of self confidence and getting you all to believe he’s a talented, unique, and sensitive artist.
Any self respecting rocker wouldn’t be caught DEAD on American Idol. They could win this pathetic show a million times over, but they’ll never get any respect. Not from real music fans… just from radio listeners. There’s a HUGE difference.


Wow, there’s some hating going on here. Caring and love have nothing to do with cults. Cults are controlling and full of greed and malice. I mean, if you don’t like him, y do you even care so much? Is it your goal to get everyone else to hate him? Just because you don’t like him, no one else can?
You act like you know him front to back, but you’re just making judgements (hmm religion?). Oh and saying that he has no confidence isn’t enough? you have to make fun of his appearance “balding combover.” Do you have the right to make fun of someone else? Are you perfect? It’s much easier to knock someone down than it is to pick them up.

Posted by Shawna | Report as abusive

Though not a fan of much of the generic musical talent showcased by AI (save a select few), I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to witness a real star in the making -David Cook! What an amazing, engaging performer with the most beautiful voice and tone. I’ll be looking out for this fellow. From what I have read he is also a down to earth, good man. Makes me proud.

Posted by Pepper | Report as abusive

Those of you who think David Cook is arrogant are so off-base. In high school and beyond, he has excelled at many things: forensics, performing in musicals, and playing baseball come to mind. I have NEVER seen him behave in a cocky way. Whatever you see in him on American Idol that makes you think he is arrogant is a misconception and a misperception. David is personable, humorous, and friendly. The only arrogance I see is your harsh judgment and insistence that you alone have insight into David’s personality from a few hours of television viewing!

Posted by kathy | Report as abusive

I am just Cook’s fan, watching him since audition, far from his country. We should admit, in the very very beginning, he is a bit snob. (like many people with brain). Most of the time people will say the same thing about me. LOL LOL. But after those “alright Now” moment, when he claimed himself as a “wordnerd’, and he with simon who shot him with amck “having no kharisma”, He changed. He becomes very humble, never argue back, and admit that he is like going into a rock school with AI. He confessed that he didn’t know a lot of things he thought he did before AI. I guess, he is very human after all. Need to go through things and that makes me even like him. So you guys in US, vote for David Cook!! He is a real “music” it is. He is the only contestant in 7 season, who always think ‘what can I do to please and surprise the audience’. He has fan base in many countries in Asia too, including where I am

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

I like David Cook. I like his outlook on things, and the way he remains open to whatever may come. I love the way he said that he may be like Bice or Daughtry, but he doesn’t really know ‘coz people may see him as Fantasia and such, which kind of shows how much substance he has. ^^ I’m happy that the Idol title was handed to him, even if it’s just a title.

On his being a “self-respecting rocker”, though… I doubt we really need stereotypes to listen to music. I would worship anyone who can tell me what “real music” is… What’s a “rocker”, anyway? And why wouldn’t it be “caught DEAD on American Idol”?

I believe Cook’s business is his own. Whatever his musical style is will either be bought or not bought, but really… How can anyone not deserve respect?

On musical styles and “copies of copies”… I think everyone has influences. The world is really old; whatever you find “original” is probably already an innovation you probably never thought someone already put into realization. If Cook sounds like someone else, then think, “Why do we have genres?”. Of course, he will sound like someone else. He sings in a particular style someone already thought of naming so we can “classify” these things and “define” it. Like someone talking about “real rockers” and such stereotypes and definitions that lead to othering. At least, Cook was decent enough to try and look for non-popular versions of a version that would keep things interesting and, most likely, spotlight the art and the artist that realized it.

Besides, I think what he did is “research” and not just “copy”. There’s a difference. Researching allows you several options and thus, several bases. Copying is criminal if you don’t give rightful credit to a work’s master.

Posted by Cole | Report as abusive

june 7,2008
The finale was a long time ago but still reading about DC. I have to wait for his cd’s to come out. I hope for his long career in music and that his God-given talents will be shared by many.

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