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Shock and awe as “Idol” Johns is sent packing

April 11, 2008

johns1.jpgBoy, was he surprised.

“American Idol” delivered its first major shock of the season on Thursday with the ousting of Aussie hunk Michael Johns. The studio audience gasped when host Ryan Seacrest said Johns was being sent packing, and even Simon Cowell said he would miss Johns, who he called “a very very nice guy.” The remaining contestants, who should have been celebrating their own guarantee of another week on the show, appeared positively grief-stricken.

Carly Smithson, the Irish singer whose rendition of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” bombed on Tuesday night, broke down in tears. Seems she thought it would be her to get the axe this week, not Johns, particularly after raising her hand when the camera focused on her, Johns and Syesha Mercado — the show’s bottom three vote-getters — and Seacrest said one of them would be going home.

But no one was as taken aback as Johns himself, who after struggling to regain his composure told Seacrest he was “definitely surprised” and had enjoyed singing Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” He had never even landed in the bottom three before. Mercado and Smithson both had.

Perhaps the biggest blow, though, was not the elimination itself, but the way it was done. After telling Johns that he received the lowest number of votes, Seacrest made the point that during the same week last year — the week of the show’s charity event, “Idol Gives Back” — the show opted not to send any of the contestants home. Then, he delivered the news that regardless of that fact, Johns would indeed be leaving the show and would have to summon the will to perform one last time.

Seacrest must be drinking the Cowell Kool-Aid lately, because that stunt was just plain mean.

At the same time, though, the brutal offing of the boy from Down Under served as a reminder to fans of just how ugly and ruthless the competition gets in its final weeks.

But isn’t that what we watch it for?


I, too, was totally shocked with the results from American Idol. Michael Johns is definitely an up and coming star while the girls who stayed should have been eliminated much earlier. I am not a professional judge but I do know a good (or bad) voice when I hear it. We certainly have not heard the last of Michael….Go for it!

Posted by NMH | Report as abusive

This was unacceptable! And Ryan’s comment was really manipulative, what a shameful moment for the show.

Posted by SMB | Report as abusive

Stone the bl..dy crows! Fair dinkum it was not! As Paula (I think) said on the night, you can now concentrate on your new career. Good on ya Mick. Full steam ahead now. We can’t wait to hear more of you.

Posted by Conscientious Observer | Report as abusive

I was totally shocked. I have watched this show from the beginning & have never missed one. I thought the entire process lacked any class. Why would anyone bring up last year unless you were going to do the same this year? I loved Michael – he was awesome – the Dolly Parton song should be recorded ASAP. Best of luck Michael. You were a classy young man – wish I could same the same for the host of Idol. If Ryan didn’t write the script, he should be ashamed of himself for going along with it.


I was shocked as well!
This guy should have made it to the finals!
I believe the votes are fixed, & I will not watch another season. Remenber Daughtery…………
How could he loose to Taylor Hicks (WHO?)
The show is just not ready for a rocker they want POP!
All of the contestants are good but Michael was above average, You will be missed Michael but I know you will come out on top & I hope Gene Simmons will help you.

Posted by K.Moore | Report as abusive

Very Fun Times Will come soon. Victory will be at hand.

Posted by 101ers | Report as abusive

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