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Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid muse on movies, reviews and Red Bull

April 15, 2008

quaid-parker-1.jpgSarah Jessica Parker and Dennis Quaid recently sat down with Reuters to talk about their new movie “Smart People,” and along with discussing their approach to acting, the two stars gave us a wide range of comments on topics from movie reviews to their love – or not — of Red Bull.

– On reviews: “I don’t read them at all. So they matter, clearly,” said Parker wryly.  “I stopped really caring,” said Quaid, adding “The art of film review has passed.”

– box office: “I try my best to pay no attention because you just simply cannot control it,” Parker said. “It’s not like worrying about being good, which you can actively participate in.”

quaid-parker-2.jpgBut a less-serious minded Quaid interjects: “It means EVerything!” And while he was clearly joking, he admitted “I’d be lying if I said it meant nothing. When you do something, you want people to go see it. I’m the kind of person who on the day the movie’s coming out, I’m checking the weather reports.”

– awards and honors: “I never thought about anything in my life but a Tony award,” Parker said, referring to Broadway’s highest honor. “That’s all I really wanted actually, if I was bold enough to say so, and anything else, all of this has, honestly, been a freakin’ cherry.” (She is holding a cherry.) 

“It’s nice to be nominated, but after the fact of getting one, they don’t mean as much as before you get them,” is Quaid’s take.

– politics: Quaid offers, “I’m one of those who kind of believes that it’s really not in a politician’s best interest to have actors speaking out for them.” Still he adds, “I like Obama, I really do. He could be what we need to really shake everything up.”

– on the merits of Red Bull: “You’re such a kid!” Parker exclaims with a mix of admiration and mock-horror as Quaid grabs and lustily drinks a can of the super-caffeinated beverage. “I cannot beLIEVE you’re drinking that, yuck,” she shudders, adding “I’ve never even tasted it. I’m scared of it!”

But as Quaid pours, hamming it up for her with “ahhhhs!” and groans of anticipatory pleasure, curiosity gets the best of Parker. “Can I just smell it?” she asks, then after taking a whiff: “Oh, it smells like bubble gum.”

A satisfied, and presumably energized Quaid, informs her authoritatively: “It works, though, oh yeah. It definitely does.”

“Oh, my God,” is all Parker can say.

–Reporting by Chris Michaud


Where is this movie playing? When is it out? I’d like some more concrete information than I see in this. To call it a “puff piece” would be to elevate it’s impact!


i like Sarah Jessica Parker she’s a fashion icon and a good actress as well…i think this movie is great….


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