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“Idol” Kristy Lee Cook rides off into the sunset

April 17, 2008

klc.jpgYou have to hand it to Kristy Lee Cook.

The 24-year-old country girl and latest “American Idol” casualty hung on to her slot on the show, apparently by the skin of her teeth, week after week after week. Despite seemingly endless attacks from the acid-tongued Simon Cowell, who predicted early in the competition that she would not make it past tenth place, Cook repeatedly appeared to defy the odds.

As Cook herself noted before her offing on Wednesday night, she sure proved Cowell wrong, coming in seventh place this season. Heck, she even lasted longer than that Aussie hunk Michael Johns. Who could have predicted that after sitting through her gruelling “Eight Days a Week” performance all those weeks ago?

So, it’s back to Oregon for Cook, where she already has her next challenge cut out for her. Forced to sell her beloved horse to pay for the trip to the “Idol” audition in Philadelphia, Cook told a fan who dialed into the show on Wednesday night that she wants to buy him back. The problem is, the man she sold it to doesn’t want to sell it back to her.

horse.jpgAfter delivering the news that Cook would no longer be part of the show, host Ryan Seacrest asked the man, on live television, to sell the horse back to her. A teary-eyed Cook also appealed to him for sympathy.

“Can I go ride my horse now?” she said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Call us crazy, but something tells us that the woman who not only proved Simon Cowell wrong, but also survived the show’s “bottom 3″ three times before finally getting the axe isn’t going to let one little person get between her and her horse. But maybe that’s just us.


Good Job Kristy, See U On Tour…
Hope U Get Ur Horse Back.

Posted by Curtis | Report as abusive

I wish Kristy Lee Cook the best. She achieved a lot on the show and should be very proud of herself. I look forward to hearing her sing on tour. Best of luck to you in your career Kristy! I hope you get your horse back!!


what jeans was kristy wearing on the nite she got voted out

Posted by ann | Report as abusive

Kristy, You are a beautiful person, inside and out. You are going to go far. I hope to hear you singing on an album some day. You do have what it takes to be an Adol! Don’t give up your dream!

Posted by Maci | Report as abusive

Thank you all for your support and positive comments towards Kristy. She truly does have a good heart and is a good person inside and out. She has gotten better every week; it would have been fun to see her next performances. We’ll see her on tour, but I have a feeling that won’t be the end of it. She has a very promising future ahead of her.

Posted by Sonny | Report as abusive

Throughout Idol’s season, I have always felt that Kristy Lee was a better singer than she sometimes got credit for. While I did not expect her to win this season, I did expect that at least two other contestants would leave the show before she did. You can just never be sure of what will happen when you have the public as your judges. Admittedly, Simon has been rough on Kristy Lee this season, however I do have to say that in my opinion, Simon is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to the music industry. There is no doubt that his commentaries on Kristy Lee were at times tough to handle, but I’m sure Simon looks deeper than the average Joe, when it comes to judging contestants. This being said, I am sorry that Kristy Lee Cook was voted out as quickly as she was. I had hoped to see her around for a few more weeks. It would be satisfying to see her get a recording contract in spite of this, and those who have watched Idol for a few seasons know that many contestants who have left the show early, have done well afterwards. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive


Kristy Cook was clearly the most talented of all
the contestants and the only one with true star potential.
The problems- 1- Randy only likes hip hop types.
2- Paula likes anything and is discredited by most.
3- Simon is generally correct in his opinions but he hates anything with a country flare. (typical UK)
The judges taint the entire process. Get rid of them…

Posted by Bud Thomas | Report as abusive

Good Job Kristy Lee,I would buy your CD’S in a heart beat. You did an amazing job on American Idol. Hope you get your horse back.

BC Canada

Posted by sharlene harper | Report as abusive

Good Jobe Kristy Lee,I would buy your CD’s in a heart beat. You did an amazing job on American Idol. Hope you get your house back.


Kristy Lee should have been voted out long before she did… no way is she a better performer than the Aussie..
She is a good singer and very cute- just not great.

Posted by suzy | Report as abusive

I was sorry to see Kristy Lee Cook leave and looked forward to hearing her sing each week. Now I will only look forward to David Cook singing and Jason Catro’s singing. I really thought Kristy Lee had a good chance of at least being number two, if not winning. I hope she signs a contract and goes into country music. She is as good or better than a lot people in the industry. And I really hope that man lets her have the horse back. She definitely should have stayed and not left last night….I now wish I had not fallen asleep and stayed up to vote!

Posted by Jana Deffes | Report as abusive

Thank goodness Kristy was voted off before the talentless humbug Brooke. The critics would have ripped off poor Kristy Lee Cook if she had stayed longer. Other than an original, sometimes abrasive voice, Brooke is a total pseudo. I was hoping Kristy would not become the whipping girl if she stayed and Brooke had been voted off. Kristy, wish you all the best, you came across as a sweet girl!

Posted by humbugbrooke | Report as abusive

It is about time she gets voted out! Really, she wasn’t that good. Very inconsistant. Just hope she gets her horse back!

Posted by Joey | Report as abusive

Many people will never know the sacrifice Kristy made to be on American Idol. Those who have had the pleasure of being “one” with a good barrel horse know the connection can be almost spiritual. Kristy is a very talented young lady who showed grace under fire, she is a class act with a tremendous amount of talent and will no doubt go on to achieve the stardom she deserves.

Posted by Dissapointedfan | Report as abusive

Kristy Lee Cook is one heck of an AMAZING singer and person. She was voted off long before her time and I was sorry to see her go. But with that being said, I have no doubt in my mind that she will do very well for herself in her career. And I hope she can get her horse back. I will defintly miss the star potential of miss Kristy Lee Cook. AI’s Loss Is Someone Else’s Gain.

Love You Kristy. You Should Be So Proud Of Yourself.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

Kristy Lee Cook had a dream, and she made a big sacrifice to see it through. She may not have won, but kudos to her for knowing what she wanted, and going after it. Too many of us defer our dreams, never to get another chance. I think she had a great voice for country music, and I will miss her. I signed an e-card that is going out to her:

Posted by countrygal | Report as abusive

I was curious about her jeans as well- she looked great on Wednesday night and those jeans were too cute!! I think Kristi did a great job and is probably one of the biggest “come-back” singers ever on Idol. She proved herself worthy of her spot in the top 10!! Hope someone signs her for a record deal. Texas loves her!!!

Posted by Carleen | Report as abusive

Kristy…What a disappointment to see you eliminated on American Idol. Simon was too harsh and blew it on recognizing just how talented you are. Thanks for making Simon feel uncomfortable Wednesday night because he’s been gunning for you all season. Kristy, it doesn’t really matter that you were eliminated because you have a great recording career ahead of you. I’ve downloaded all your songs from itunes! Great job…can’t wait for your album.

Posted by Charlotte Selldin | Report as abusive

Kristy Lee Cook had on the NEW Laguna Beach Denim and I saw them at and click on there laguna beach denim, they have one style up, but I called them and they said its on back order and they should have them in 2 weeks and they run for $259 something.

They have swarovski crystals on them, the website has one jeans with a Fleur De li instead of the Cross Kristy had on.



sorry about your good barelracing horse u know about not getting him back. i am 11 and i barel race,polebend and jump.i have 9 horses 4 pintos 2 palaminos and 3 arabs. they are all realy good horses.i was reading a website with u on it but it wasnt good they were saying you didnt sell your horse because u were on a horse!i am a HUGE fan of yours my most liked song of yours is 15min. of shame i also wanted to know what your website was called because i was listing to the raido and i heard u say u had a website about horses all i heard was klchorses so i was just wondering i wanted to check it out. i wish u would have won americanidol u have a wonderful voice. your story of u calling that guy that u sold your horse to made me cry.that guy is such a jerk i would have let uhave your horse back will u tell me your horses names i want to know mostly about your good barelracer and all of your horses breeds i love horses and to know that ther is a singer who loves them as much as me and could talk about them all day makes me so happy keep in touch!!!!!!!!! your #1 fan madison

Posted by madison | Report as abusive

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