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Brooke White just couldn’t get it right as “Idol” heats up

April 23, 2008

brooke.jpgShe started. She stopped. She started again. And still, “American Idol” contestant Brooke White never seemed to get it together. In fact, does anyone even remember the rest of the performance?

White, the 24-year-old blonde songstress who has won viewers’ hearts with her bluesy voice and down-to-earth style, is almost sure to be among the show’s bottom three vote-getters this week after stumbling over the beginning of her performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “You Must Love Me.”

It was the second time this season White stopped singing and restarted a song from the beginning, this time because she forgot the words to the ballad originally performed by Madonna in the film “Evita.”

Surprisingly, White took the most heat from perennial contestant cheerleader Paula Abdul, who said bluntly:

“You must never start and stop.”

Jude Simon Cowell disagreed with Abdul, saying the move had been “brave.” But, he also warned White that “it completely threw you… you are going to be very disappointed when you watch this back.”

White’s face, with her lips pursed together and head cocked to the side, said it all following the performance. She has already been in the show’s bottom 3 twice this season, most recently last week. And with the show down to just six contestants now, there are few left who could break her fall. (Except for maybe Jason Castro after his grueling performance of “Memory” — Randy Jackson put it best when he called it a “train wreck”)

Lloyd Webber, the show’s guest mentor for the week, also must have been disappointed by White’s poor showing. Earlier this week, he told the “Los Angeles Times” that he had been “really quite impressed” with White. “I got something out of her,” he added.

Whatever it was that Sir Andrew “got” out of White during the show’s rehearsals, it sure eluded her on Tuesday night. Sorry Brooke, but the Bottom 3 looks tailor-made for you this week.


The contest is for the American Idol. I take that as the ideal American. Guess what? Brooke is not the most talented singer in the contest (David Cook has that locked down by a mile) But I vote for her every week because she personifies what I picture as the American Ideal. She has stage presence, talent(personally, I love to hear her sing), a great sense of personal values (a BIGGIE),charm, personality and a smile that America has fallen in love with. She comes across as a typical girl next door instead of looking like a polished (read as phoney) professional performer. She stumbled last night (not perfect -what real American is?)but where me and most of the world would have run and hid our faces, she took a breath and carried on. Courage and strength that exemplifies the American spirit should count heavily in a contest for the “American Idol”.

Posted by Heyward Robbins | Report as abusive

Wow! That was REALLY well said! I completely agree, and that is also why I believe that Taylor Hicks was crowned a couple of seasons ago.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Amazing how Brooke gets written off every week & lambasted for not meeting the expections of the Elitest … she is real & her performance was totally Brooke even with the miscue … having seen her past performances before Idol on You Tube & seeing her in the AI Environment – Brooke’s comfort zone is not “Judgement Day” but a true love of Music & when she is relaxed & in her element she is great. I predict that she will survive AI & become the best from this year’s show. She will probably go home tonight & make plans to attend Kristy’s wedding … She is overwhelmed by the ego driven pompness of Ai & meeting her Idol’s like Sir Andrew. My personal belief is that Brooke is better than Idol & needs to make a graceful exit to plan her tour & CD. Good Luck Brooke

Posted by Nsmith6719 | Report as abusive

I HATE BROOKE WHITE! I have hated her for WEEKS! I hate her singing. She does NOT have a good range, and she is the most lack-luster singer ever on American Idol. If she weren’t cute, she would never have made the finals. If SHE ISN’T sent packing tonight, the show is FIXED.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Kelly – you may not care for Brook White because, like many things in life, music is very much all about personal preference. However, do you really have to be so rude in your expressing yourself? Re: I HATE BROOKE WHITE!

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

Brooke white’s version of that song was more beautiful than the original. Although Carly stole the show (yes, despite the producers pimping the front runners and the judges trying to pull down the really deserving singers) Brooke’s heartfelt performance really connected with the audience. Especially after a super fake trademark performance by Sayesha-I’m a fake-mercado and a very surprising tumble by jason castro. I hope the voters make sure brooke stays and Sayesha, who deserved to be the first one cut goes home soon (I think they should have kept Asiah Epherson instead, twice the voice, million times the personality). Anyway, here’s to Sayesha getting what she deserves…..tossed out into the garbage where she belongs.

Posted by truth | Report as abusive

I vote for Brooke every week and last night was no exception. Brooke is a REAL person who emulates what REAL Americans are. Brooke has courage and is not afraid to be herself. She is not the “cookie cutter” star but rather someone with values and standards that America is in need of. Success is not in never falling but in rising every time you do fall.

Posted by Paulette Black | Report as abusive

I really love Brooke and also believe that she personifies everything that the music industry usually isn’t. HOWEVER, one thing even an amature singer knows is that once you start a song you just can’t stop and start over. It’s one of the first lessons that I teach my 9 year old piano students before their very first recital. If you screw up just smile keep going and do your very best on the rest of the song. I belive that Brooke will be a star…she’ll have a great carrer but I really don’t know if she’ll make it another week on AI. I wish she would because I truly enjoy her but it may be her time

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

And to Nsmith6719: If Brooke White is “overwhelmed by the ego-driven pompness” (whatever that word is) of the entertainment industry, what business does she have being part of it? It only gets worse. “Plan her tour?” She’s obviously going to be on the AI seat-filling (not) tour.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

I’ve always been a Brooke White fan however I feel her performances have been getting weaker each week. Before I place a vote I always base it their most recent performance. I believe based on that said she will be sent home however has a great future ahead of her.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

While Brooke does not have the best voice on AI, she does have a pleasing and distinct quality to her voice and a very natural manner. Her problem, in my opinion, is that she does not pick the best songs for her voice.
I hope she will have another chance, as I believe she deserves it.

Posted by Jo | Report as abusive

I was amazed at the strength of her voice and she had the necessary depth of feeling. I hope she stays but if not, she’ll be around for a very long time anyway. Perhaps in Sir ALW’s next production. She’s wonderfully gifted.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

Brooke very well may be a very sweet person and have very high principals. However this is a talent competition and her voice lacks range. Her emotional interpretation of songs is on mark but she is not in the league of the other contestants vocally. I would rather American Idol remain a talent competion as opposed to the personality contest that it has become. The votes seem to go to the “puppy dog cute” and the “little miss sunshines” She sings, but she is not a singer.

Posted by Dawna | Report as abusive

If the AI contest was truly judged based on talent then neither Taylor Hicks nor Ruben Studdard would have won. Brooke White is not the best singer, but she is very good in her element and has the best chance of making it outside of AI. David C has his talents as does David A, but I don’t believe that either one of them has the stamina to survive. I think that Carly is talented, but she has already had a contract and I don’t think that is fair to the other contestants. Sayesha is also very good, but I don’t think that she has the personality to hold the title. I like Jason, but not his choice of music. Anyone could win, but I am betting that it will not be based on talent alone.

Posted by Jeanette | Report as abusive

Brooke is a sweet young woman with a nice voice and a winning personality and I surely prefer her to Jason Castro but she pales in comparison to David Cook, David Archuleta, Syesha and Carly. I hope she has a great career but she cannot possibly win this competition.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

Dawna, well said!! And to all of those who praise Brooke to be everything that stands for America…well, if being a Holier-than-thou Puritan who’s in over her head without a clue about it, and has to act like everyone’s parent is representative of what being an
American is all about…’s no wonder the world hates us.

Posted by Aloewishus | Report as abusive

Brooke White has shown that the pressure of this competition is simply too much for her. If you look at her earlier songs, she was having fun. Now her face is tense every time she’s on the stage. She may be a sweet young woman, she may be pretty, but not everyone is up for this type of competition. Some people thrive on it, some people don’t.

Posted by Alicia | Report as abusive

Brooke is one of the most heart-felt singers I have ever come across. She knows and realizes that she doesn’t have much of a range, but she picks her songs according to how she will feel when singing them. That is a true artist people! Vote for the one who knows what she’s singing and connects with those she is singing to. Brooke is an absolutely incredible person with an amazing future. I voted for her hundreds of times yesterday because she deserves it.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

I hate to say it but Brooke was just bad this week her and Jason both will be in the bottom 3 Sayesha should have been gone the last 2 weeks so I hope this is her week but Brooke’s confidence has been striped and she sang like a given up soul not sure if she can come back after this week dreadlock boy is just so done for me these 3 have little hope left on the show
So WHYNOT send them all 3 home and get on with the final 3 and see where they can go from here.

Posted by whynot | Report as abusive

Brooke White is by far one of the best performers on American Idol and I have been watching her since the beginning! She has something different then the usual Teany Bopper Singers do! She may have messed up last night but she has done EXCELLENT when she has been able to picks songs that are in her element. She has been singing professionally her whole life and even if people decide not to vote for her she will DEFINITLY be going places and I guarentee we will see much more of her!!!!

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

It’s not her fault. I think everyone keeps saying she stinks, but she doesn’t. Do you remember her version of You’re So Vain, Let it Be, and Love is A Battlefield? Those were amazing and everyone knows it. I think Brooke was EXCEEDINGLY brave to make that move. And also, if she hadn’t stopped, the performance might have been STELLAR. She would have “RAWKED da house, dawg!” as Randy would put it. So you know what? Leave the girl be. We don’t want boring David Archuleta to win just because he has the grandma and teen votes, and we don’t want to see Jason since he is “a train wreck” and we don’t want to see snobby Syesha. Honestly, Brooke and David Cook are the only ones worth voting for. Leave Brooke be.


Brooke is what i think, america needs to look up to! she’s brave, smart, and cute! i love everything she does with her music and I think she will go very far in life!!! Go Brooke!!!

Posted by Gracie | Report as abusive

Brooke White is not that good. And I agree with the other post that this is a ‘talent’ competition. When Brooke is out of her safety zone on stage her limbs sway around and her body rhythm seems out of sync with the music or song she is singing. Brooke’s singing is okay, but so is mine when I’m in the shower or bath; I believe Brooke White is not the American Idol winner of this years talent competition.

Posted by Morgan | Report as abusive

What ever happened to AT THIS LEVEL, YOU CANNOT FORGET THE WORDS? I like the term “I lost the lyric” instead of “I forgot the words” – was that suppose to make it ok?

Posted by BonBon | Report as abusive

I love Brooke and I voted for her. I hope she doesn’t get sent home tonight.


Brooke White is TERRIBLE. She is so phony and that makes me angry.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

I just don’t understand how Brooke has fans who out numbered Carley S fan base. Who are her fans???? She fumbled twice! Yes she has a great voice but she’s no American Idol.

Posted by amalyn | Report as abusive

Does America believe they are technical judges in a talent competition. If it were about being technically correct the show would be dominated by opera signers. The best american artists have one thing in common. A distinctive style and integrity. That connection with that message in the music, so that others might feel that also. Integrity meaning that which is not broken. I guess that someone like Andrew Lloyd Webber (I guess might be known for spotting talent)said that “if she can keep it up she may be something that we have not ever seen before”. I know her and can say that she is truly that person that has lived by stated principles.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Seriously, Brooke is sooooo phony! Trying to be all cute and sweet.. Gosh! Come on guys! She has got to go!!!

Posted by sara | Report as abusive

For all those who vote for Brooke… “WAKE UP!!!” This is a singing/talent competition! Are you guys blind?? Can’t you all see who’s real and who’s just a fake!

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Brooke is so irritating and nauseating!

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Brooke can sing, but unfrotunatley she really doesn’t have the range, instinct, confidence (her need for a blanky ‘instrument’) or emotion to stand up to the rest of the talent. One of the most basic rules in music is that you never stop and start a piece. Human? Yes, but with true experience and talent (that so many claim she has) this is something that should have been worked out years ago. It’s one thing to have this happen once, but to have it happen twice; that’s about 15% of the time. That’s far too high for a professional or an American Idol.

As for those who think she’s high and mighty and someone to look up to, that’s fine. But, I don’t think she’s any more to look up to than the rest. She’s been spun as the “good girl.” This doesn’t mean the rest of the contestants don’t have the same moral ground if not more! How do we know who she truly is and what her moral fibers are? Personality wise, we see what they show us. This is why people should be judging 95% on TALENT, not personality.

With this in mind, Brooke should have been voted off weeks ago. There is no question Brooke should have been AT LEAST in the bottom 3 tonight. Voting people through because you ‘like them’ and not because their talent is better than the rest is setting them up for failure in the future.

Posted by Mruphy | Report as abusive

Oh Please!!!! Brooke is the perfect example of the all American girl???? People, why are you so nieve???? She’s as phoney as a three dollar bill!! Making all those stupid baby faces to the cameras and judges…Does she think if she acts like a deer in the headlights every week that she will be spared? Come on, she knows she’s way out of her league. I have no idea how she got this far. She reminds me of someone from a weird religous cult. You know, those people who are terminally happy, but also creepy. Andrew Lloyd Weber said that Brooke was a natural actress. He’s right. She’s been putting on an act since day one. Remember this is a singing contest, not an “I feel sorry for Brooke” club. That’s how she thinks she will win, with your pitty votes. Don’t let her pull one over on you. Let the real talent claim the prize.

Posted by Mae | Report as abusive

In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Obviously she connected with the audience and made it, which is what singers are supposed to do. Maybe it was actually HOW she came back No, she doesn’t have THE voice, but how many singers selling recordings have THE voice. Most rappers and punk singers have the talent (and attitude AND morals) of an alley cat.

For those fools who think AI is or has ever been a true talent competition… grow up. Why do you think they call it American Idol, not “America’s got Talent”? Despite assertions to the contrary by Simon, talent is only part of the equation and it was never meant to be anything different.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Oh, and for those who use words like “hate” or “anger”, please… turn off your television until you can get some help to get your issues worked out. Being angry and hateful about people on a television show isn’t normal and you need some serious anger management help and reality therapy.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

For those of you saying that Brooke is a fake. How would you know? Is it possible that there are still people out there that are both happy and “good”? Look back at great american artists, they have not always had the best voice. They simply connected with what and how people felt at that time. People connect with people they believe in. Those of you using words like hate would not at all understand where someone like Brooke comes from. She has always been that person she is portrayed on the show. It is just so rare that it is hard for someone who lost that so long ago to believe it still exists. Andrew Llloyd Weber said that she is a natural actress in that she connects with the feeling in her music.

As far as real talent, she is a great songwriter. Seems the artists that have longevity have possesed that gift.

Don’t hate the singer for keeping her innocence.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Brooke is phony.

Posted by tgales | Report as abusive

hahahaha I love Brooke!!! and love how she WASNT in the bottom 2…. she is amazing and has definitely won my heart and my votes!!!

Posted by Cram | Report as abusive

It’s amazing how quick some of you are to judge Brooke as a phony. Someone already said it above, but we see only what the AI people show us. Don’t judge someone you don’t know beyond their singing abilities. As far as her “deer caught in headlights” “baby face features” “not strong enough to be there” comments, yes, some people respond better under pressure than others. No denying that, but this is a HUGE contest where the pressure is HEAVY. She doesn’t get out from under it…except the one night they are judged. The next day, it starts all over again. I think her facial expressions are her emotions. She nearly cries from that stress. Don’t knock her for it. She IS real! She’s not hiding behind some smiling facade. She is showing you herself. That makes for a great singer. Her songs come from her heart. She is incredibly talented. You don’t have to love her or vote for her, but give her some respect. This is tough business and potentially tougher than being on-stage on tour cutting CD’s. You’re not about to be cut because of the others singing along with you in those other situations. So, congratulations Brooke and I hope you go far with your career. All that to say, I’m sorry to see Carly go. She has an incredible voice and talent. This is never easy…being near the end of a competition where you have come to “like” the people. I do hope Carly goes on to have a great career!

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

SIMPLE. Brooke is manipulative. Those puppy-cute facial expressions surely won America. She obviously is not a singer. She can carry a tune but my goodness listening to her struggling with her vocals is TORTURE. And with that incident about starting and stopping, it wasn’t bravery at all. It only showed her personality of being a stuck-up person as she has always been the way she would talk back to the judges. That night, if she was down to earth like she is believed to be, she would have went on and spared the musicians and the audience the hassle of her having to redo everything. She was acting like a ‘primadonna cum director’ to me. She showed no respect to the producers of the show. If she had enough sensibility in her, she would have not done that. She is so FAKE to me. opinion only.

Posted by Tanya | Report as abusive

The one guy made a great point in that we should not say that we hate people. With that being said, watching Brook really annoys me and I do FEEL that she is not as sweet as some of you tink she is. At first, I too thought she was a breath of fresh air and feel that she is talented enough to be on AI. However, she is not better than Syesha or Carly. I also feel that her true colors came out a couple weeks ago with her body language during her critiques and her constant and might I add extremely annoying interjections… I was saying to myself, “SHUT THE HELL UP”. The week she messed up, she stood there frowning, with her head cocked to the side and bit on her lips the whole time. I wanted to smack her. In my opinion, I don’t see how an “all American girl” is not able to take LEGITAMIT criticisms with the some pride and dignity.


To be honest,i dislike brooke white.She’s so immature.She even cries alot feeling no shame at all like needing a sympathy from everyone.Take a look at ramiele,kristy,and the other ladies that had been voted off.Yes,they cried too but not that kind of as pathetic like the needy of a ‘sympathy looking’ face like brooke did,recently.Who cares if she’s good at playing at any instruments.This is about singing,people,and pitying her is unfair.How about the others who’d been kicked out but still got a very good voice too to listen?And who cares about her appearance.Singing is the priority,here.So what,if she’s good at her stage perfomance but what about the singing?It sucks,anyway.The other ladies who had been voted off had been more been done much more better than her.And who cares if she had been a nanny?What is this,an Oprah?Her personalities & all that i had stated above about what other people think of her,are all above nonsense!She completely screwed everything up!Make mistakes alot and dislike accepting comments from the judges and also,like to make that kind of dissapointing face and lips pouting out.What that does mean when she’s behaving like that?She also like to pointed out she’s this and that.Man,she’s the worst,lady singer of an AI7 i had ever seen!And i meant it!And then again,not all of her songs are so/very appropriate to her.She just loved to force her high note out and then lower down her voice back and again that even i couldnt hear some of the lyrics she sang a.k.a not so very clearly.Ok?And that’s so,so lame or just too,boring.Syesha is okay though,not that i like her but to compare it to brooke,forget it.To me brooke just nothing.She didn’t improved that much.And if syesha will be voted out next time,so what,it might not be her best luck but i m sure she could be a star one day,who knows when there’s a record company wants to deal with her.’coz you know what,she almost sound ‘nearly’ like a pro,and that’s,to me.At least,Syesha works and tried hard eventhough if one day she were to be kicked out.Even so far,the 3 judges voted her,song were so good.To be frank,previously,when i saw brooke everytime she looks like she wanted to be the center of anyone attention.That’s to my point.Overall,she sucks anyway eventhough she didn’t go.If she go,then i m sorry to say this but she should and must deserved it.

Posted by KT | Report as abusive

BROOKE WHITE ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! i have no idea why she is still on the show she has no talent compared to the other remaining contestants.she has taken carly’s dream because there is no doubt that carly has more talent in her finger than brooke has in her whole body,but yet carly was sent home. we need to vote according to who has the most talent,and if we do brooke will definately be voted off. if she wins, i will never watch the show again and i feel bad for the other contestants who are much more talented if they continue to go home. simon babies her and tells her she did okay just because he likes blondes. so simon get a clue.


Posted by lucy | Report as abusive

I’m a white 26yr. old male. I think Brooke White is
a total FAKE. And I can’t stand the stupid facial expressions she makes all the time. Yes a few songs sounded good.
but honestly believe she is a fake. She is a acting and those
facial expressions give it a away. Shes trying to hard. But
I can see through it because i know lots of girls her age and
thats how a few of them act in public but deep down they
are a different person. I was so happy when she got
her walking papers and enjoyed watching her cry. But
she turned her back at the end and walked away ryan
to the rescue where is all the stupid puppy eyes at now
Brooke! I’m going to sleep well tonight, Americans finally
got sick of her fake routine the end Oh by the way you missed
your sisters wedding for what?

Posted by Mike T | Report as abusive

your a terrible person and a fake yourself how could you get pleasure out of someone elses pain?


Anyone who think Brooke had good vocals and was
a good performer is nuts.
She stayed well past her welcome and ability.
She takes the prize for her exit.
She acted like a child.
She is a no talent who will never be
heard from again!!!

Coulnd’t be happier..The pity train
named Babbling Brooke has FINALLY wrecked!!

Posted by smart | Report as abusive

i just read what you wrote about Brooke White and it is not true at all!! How could you say that about her.

Posted by Brianna Lindahl | Report as abusive

Everybody who says something about Brooke forgetting the lyrics must be forgetful themselves, because they aren’t or have NOT said ANYTHING about David A. forgetting his words! In my opinion, he looks & acts so immature! Brooke should still be on American Idol! Despite the negative comments some people still like or want to give Brooke, she is THE BEST & she will go far! I am getting her cd before American Idol & I can’t wait to get the next 1 she does! I just wish the American Idol Tour was coming close to me, but, it’s NOT! I hope to get to see her perform someday/time & get to meet her & have my picture made with her & get an autograph from her! If you ask me all the guys that made it to the Top24 are just a bunch of wannabe fags! I think American Idol should have been cancelled when Brooke was sent home! I’m beginning to think it is rigged because she was THE BEST! Brooke is My Idol FOREVER & ALWAYS! Brooke White is #1! THANKS!

Posted by April | Report as abusive

i can’t stand watching brooke and jason sing. ALWAYS THE SAME– BORING, ANNOYING, NAUSEA-INDCUING. they ruined the contest for me. that they were on the show for aslong as they did was one of the grossest injustices ever. i dont believe america needs another girl-next-door who acts cute with her cutesy vocals. so bad taste. jason is another pain in the arse with a dreadful voice and bad hairstyle. they should be booted from the beginning. I REALLY CAN’T STAND THEM!! BRING CARLY, MIKE AND KRISTY BACK!

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

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