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Kind Cowell kills Carly in another “Idol” shocker

April 24, 2008

smithson3.jpgThat’s it. The next time Simon Cowell actually likes a performance on “American Idol,” he should just keep it to himself. No one tunes in to see him say anything nice, anyway.

Carly Smithson’s elimination on Wednesday night’s show simply defied any rational explanation, even in the cruel and unforgiving world of reality TV. For the first time in weeks, the Irish diva on Tuesday night received uniform praise from all three judges for her passionate performance of “Superstar” from the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Composer Andew Lloyd Webber was the show’s guest mentor.

The praise from Cowell was enough to make Smithson, who last week accused Cowell of being too hard on her, whip out a blue T-shirt that read “Simon Loves Me (This Week).”

But besides Smithson’s standout performance, rival contestants Brooke White and Jason Castro were both panned up and down both on the show and in the blogosphere, including right here on Fan Fare. One of them surely appeared headed for the axe on Wednesday.

cowell1.jpgSo what happened?

During Wednesday’s episode, Cowell took a stab at explaining the results, saying White had shown herself to be human by stumbling over the beginning of her performance of “You Must Love Me,” from the film “Evita.”

And Castro, he said, was “charming” even though his rendition of “Memory,” from the musical “Cats,” was an agreed upon disaster. Admittedly, Castro saying “I didn’t know a cat was singing it” in his pre-taped interview before his performance is likely to go down as one of the highlights of this season.

On the “Idol” forums, some fans tried to explain Smithson’s departure by saying the show had become more of a popularity contest than a singing competition. Others said the choice of “Superstar” was a controversial one that may have alienated some religious Christian voters. One fan, however, really got to the root of the issue:

“Carly didn’t get enough votes.”

For the full elimination night story, click here.


Cowell should be deported

Posted by B | Report as abusive

i think it was wrong but …..

Posted by bill | Report as abusive

Carly was a great singer, just not liked by Simon in particular nor by the public. I think those tatoos were what put America off her and the sight of her husband didn’t help either

Posted by merle | Report as abusive

I thought Carly’s tshirt idea was hilarious. I was going to make one myself, but then I found them online. How funny!!!

I also noticed David Cook had a tshirt in his back pocket. Maybe it was the Paula Loves Me (every week) shirt.

Posted by Brianna | Report as abusive

Carly may be a good vocalist, but I don’t connect with her performances (same for the Davids). Jason is entertaining and that’s why I watch TV!!!

Posted by Sheri | Report as abusive

I personally did not think that Jason’s performance was a “train wreck” or a disaster. I enjoy his performance every week. I actually liked Memory and I like him. A lot of the others are boring! My two favorites are David Cook and Jason Castro.

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

Get real….Simon’s comments have nothing to do with it…he either likes or dislikes individual performances each week….it’s all about the fans… she didn’t have enough common sense to cover her tattoos from the beginning and who wouldn’t be turned off by her husband’s face!! I’m glad I don’t have to watch her phony behavior any longer.

Posted by Marylee | Report as abusive

There are too many tweens out there voting for the loser. BROOKE WHITE. No, really. There’s a huge following on voting for the worst one on the show. That’s the only reason dreadlocks and pouty baby are still there. Those two are undoubtedly the worst ones still hanging around. Now you know the reason. This is about having a GOOD voice isn’t it?

Posted by Stella | Report as abusive

I love Jason Castro’s voice. He is unique – and we have many famous unique voices that are successful ie. Bruce Springstein, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, to name a few. I find David A to be boring with a capital B. I watch American Idol to listen to Jason every week – by the way – I am 50 and have gone on line after every performance of Jason’s and listened several times. I really enjoy and love his voice -

Posted by M. HAYES | Report as abusive

Jason Castro obviously has no talent. Never liked his voice at all. While Brooke White’s voice range is limited to one genre only. Both should have been eliminated by now.

Posted by Sheila | Report as abusive

I, too, am a big fan of Jason’s. Last week was his worst week, but he’s had many great weeks before that. He is different, has a great style all his own, pure and lovely (non-diva) vocals, plays guitar and drums and he’s goofy! He’s the modern-day loveable hippy!!! Can’t wait to see how he does with Neil Diamond this week. Should be great.

Posted by kimconmom | Report as abusive

That was a wrong song choice. Granted she’s strong vocally but how about considering the feelings of christians…

Posted by Eunice | Report as abusive

Since when has art (that includes music) ever considered religion before doing anything? Is that how Beyonce Knowles became popular? How about Marilyn Manson? Or even old-school successes such as KISS, or Madonna for that matter. If Idol contestants are being judged by their religious consideration, stop the contest and send them all home now, because it IS NOT being considered. Jeez…oops, sorry if I offended anyone. But really, “consider the feelings of christians…?” Please.

Posted by rukiddingme | Report as abusive

When are these Idol contestants going to start considering the feelings of Jews? I mean, oy!

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

If the winner of the Grease competition could sing “Superstar” and win it without the controversary,
Why couldn’t Carly sing it on American Idol? I admit I was wishing in the beginning that she would not wear so many sleveless shirts, because I wanted to focus on her singing and not be distracted by her tattoo.
Remember that is her and her husband’s business also, and was gently promoting it by remaining to show it week after week.
Based on the 6th place, I am sure she will have a career.
Look at Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Kellie Pickler (who won 2 CMT awards last week) who did very well even after not coming in 1st.
I think that she should put “Here you come again” on her first CD, if Dolly will let her, because that was a stunning performance.
She has a beautiful face and stunning blue eyes too, I think that Revlon should take a good look at her.
Rock on Carly! I will be awaiting the CD.

Posted by IdolFan | Report as abusive

every body that is in the top eight will have a good to top music career after the show ends. it has now become a popularity show not a talet show. i wish well to all the finalist. people stop being mean. we all wish we were thier


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