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Aiport survival for Bear Grylls attracts swarms

April 28, 2008

Outdoor survival guru Bear Grylls said he attracts wildlife even when he’s trying to relax at airports.

Grylls, star of the Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild, said he practices yoga to prepare his mind and body for the challenges of the show like wrestling alligators, rock climbing, and eating raw grub and lion kill.

He got into yoga years ago while recovering from a parachute accident in which he broke vertebrae while he was in the special forces for the British military.

“Now I just do loads of yoga,” he said.  ”I love my yoga.”

Evidently, when he needs to do it most it can attract swarms. “I do it in airports when I’m traveling around places and a group of whackos always comes round and joins in.”

How about you? Ever try yoga while waiting for the plane?



Well, not quite tried yoga, but I do pilates stretching exercises at airports, during intermissions at the theater, and of course on airplane corridors (towards the rear of the aircraft). It was suggested after a stroke that I do something to keep my circulation moving at all times. Pilates does stretch and does tone and loosen up the muscles and joints in the body. What is even more interesting is that, like Outdoor survival guru Bear Grylls, people gravitate. At first a few shy ones will gently come closer and start to stretch. After a few moments, others will join in. And soon, the entire intermission crowd in a theater seems to be shaking their limbs!

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