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Cry? No way! Jason Castro exits “American Idol” laughing

May 8, 2008

castro.jpgJason Castro may not have shot the deputy, but with a swift but painful rendition of a Bob Marley classic, he annihilated his hopes of becoming the next “American Idol.”

Now ask him if he cares.

The dreadlocked, easygoing Texan was sent packing from “American Idol” on Wednesday night in what was arguably the most jubilant exit of any contestant ever.

Admitting that his inexperience had gotten the better of him during the previous night’s grueling performances of “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Mr. Tambourine Man,” Castro appeared visibly relieved to have the pressure of the competition behind him. Having to perform two songs in one week, he said, was tough to handle.

The 20-year-old college student, who all season long seemed to take the pressure of the show less seriously than his rivals, even said he had appreciated one of the barbs sent his way after he had forgotten some of the words to “Mr. Tambourine Man.”

“Somebody told me that I shot the Tambourine Man yesterday,” he said, laughing. “I thought that was pretty funny.”

Later, host Ryan Seacrest pointed out that Castro appeared to be relieved.

“There’s three songs next week,” Castro responded. “I don’t know what I would have done.”

Castro then launched into his final performance on the show, laughing and joking his way through “I Shot the Sheriff” one more time.

All in all, Castro’s gleeful exit was a welcome change from the tears and melodrama that often accompany the ousting of an “Idol” contestant.

Still, without Castro around to remind us that dude, this is just a TV show, the competition is bound to start feeling more serious. After all, we are down to just three singers now, all of whom are formidable contestants with their eyes laser focused on taking the “Idol” throne.

Miss those dreadlocks yet?


THANK GOD JASON IS GONE! Talk about NO TALENT. Yuk YuK Yuk….that pretty much sums up EVERY performance. Nice guy and all I\’m sure but he does NOT know how to sing AT ALL. Hope you didn\’t quit your day job.
Let’s all pray David Cook wins, well maybe David Archuleta but he is the same every week, never changes, always the same. David Cook is going to be the next Chris Daughtry, even if he doesn’t win Idol. Chris didn’t win and he is doing fantastic as he deserves. they should not let teeny boppers vote under 18 because someone is cute…GROW UP!


Jason, it was absolutely time for you to go! Is this AI a popularity contest or a real scout for music talent? He was good but, there were others who were eliminated that i honestly believed were better singers than him..David Cook to me should win. Archuleta has a good voice but he is not a risk -taker and plays it safe in my opinion every week.

Posted by thelma | Report as abusive

Glenda- I think you should take your own advise about growing up! You shouldn’t bash people. It ruins your character and its just a t.v. show- dont watch it if you have nothing nice to say. P.s. There will NOT be another Daughtry – There is only One Daughtry. :)

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

Miss Jason Castro? I won’t even be watching American idol anymore. No one else is any fun to watch – what boring, over-ambitious, Disneyesque wanna bes those remaining three are!!

Posted by Bea Foxworthy | Report as abusive

Bob Marley would have been proud that Jason sang one of his songs and Bob Dylan probably feels honored that he sang one of his. My time and my music were in the 60s era, and Jason brought back the sweet memories of coffee shop troubadours with his unique sound. I loved all the songs he sang, even when he killed the tambourine man :D I hate to see him go. His sweet demeanor and his gentle toughness when trampled by the arrogant Englishman who needs to go home, the dingbat, and the boy from the hood, are amazing. He was more of a gentleman than I would’ve been a lady. Blessings on you little hippy brother. May your future be bright and beautiful!

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

Well, I’ve had mixed feelings about Jason the whole time. He was not my favorite, but I did enjoy some of his performances. I never thought he was as terrible as he was judged to be at times. I did not think the Bob Marley song was that bad. It probably is very difficult to do/learn two or more songs in a week with everything they have going on and they probably have little time for sleep. Anyone who is on that show would have to have lots of energy and stamina. I might buy one of his CDs. For my taste, he was almost always better than Archie.

I have to admit that his exit WAS definitely different if not kind of refreshing compared to the usual sadness or shock.

I just enjoyed Michael and Carly both a lot and wish they could have been in the Top 3 along with Cook. Having said that, I am happy for Syesha.


Carly has the best voice, she is better than Syesha. David Cook was cocky early in the competion and learned that it isn’t cool to talk back, so now he seems a little phoney to me. David A’s songs sound the same. After Imagine it was down hill for me. I’ll miss Jason, he is genuine and just what AI needed. I’m sure he realized early in the competition just as most that D&D will be in the finals. Someone like Jason singing show tunes is kinda wierd. He will do great singing his own songs. The best AI exit ever. No crying just happy to have made it that far. I was hoping Jason would make it just one more week, the show will be a drag without him.

Posted by PC | Report as abusive

its cute that jason castro idolizes and even tries to dress like bob marley… syesha bores me ..david cook is nice and super talented but slightly down syndromed looking and david archuleta well he may be peering outta the closet…. jason was friggin hot, sexy eyes , sexy lips yum …..

Posted by realjamaican | Report as abusive

jason was the most unique there had his own style and was something different that AI hasnt had before, he was so laid back. so sad hes gone i didnt think he would win but i was hoping he would make it to the final,i was only watching because of him dont care who wins now jason was my favourite and still is hope he gets a career out of this! and i loved his exit, he makes me laugh!

Posted by bernie | Report as abusive

He is a cool guy, happy and free maybe he wasn’t in to being molded into person he does NOT want to become.
I’m guessing of course… If my theory is correct he’s smarter than some would give him credit for…
I will miss Jason Castro :) God Bless

Posted by Ms MeeMee | Report as abusive

I would have like Carley to have gone all of the way…
She is unique and nice and has a powerful voice.
The factor that Carley was missing was the emotion in
the song… She Belted it out, but was she actually feeling the words.
Like Fantasia when she sang “Summertime” Can you say fricken chills. OMG that was great!!!
Just want to share… Blessings :)

Posted by Ms MeeMee | Report as abusive

It seems to me like he was holding back tears during his last performance. He could have sung other Bob Marley’s song..I shot the Sherrif? Hmm seriously, what was he thinking…

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

I thought he handled himself well.


Today, 27 years after Marley’s death… His soul lives on..

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Good on Jason for getting as far as he did. Just because he didn’t win doesn’t mean anything. He’ll use this experience as a stepping stone to something bigger and better. (I wonder what he’d look like with a short back and sides haircut?) He may have missed his lines but I reckon he hasn’t missed a beat. Good luck Jason.

Posted by Conscientious Observer | Report as abusive

Jason C did a great job , w/ no more experince that he has, give him some time time to get used to singing and he will be fine. I was present at one of his first performances at Lake Pointe Church in front of about 5000 people. I knew then that he would be successful.

Posted by btnct | Report as abusive

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