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Madonna’s French kiss a media miss

May 8, 2008

madonna1.jpgMadonna is at it again. At a gig this week in Paris to promote her latest album “Hard Candy”, the 49-year-old lip-kissed an unidentified woman on stage, drawing comparisons with her infamous snog with Britney Spears five years ago at the MTV Video Awards.

Some in the media were less than impressed. Britain’s Sun tabloid, the country’s top-selling daily, called the stunt “a bit old hat”. Rival newspaper the Daily Mirror ran the story under the headline “Desperately seeking attention” and opened its piece with the words: “Move on Madge!” Having said that, it should be pointed out that the publication nonetheless saw it fit to feature a large picture of the embrace on page 3.

Does the “Queen of Reinvention” need to reinvent again, or has she done it so many times that there’s nowhere new to go?


It is great! MADONNA is the queen!

Posted by didier | Report as abusive

She put the mircoscope on Britney’s career with that kiss 5 years ago, and now you could see ethier one of their careers with a teliscope. lol

Posted by Porter | Report as abusive

Time to let it go Madonna!! She is an old hat…ha,ha,…spend some time with your kids.

Posted by sikir | Report as abusive

She has made enough money hwy does she
need to keep acting like an old-slut just
to make more and be more famous?
Its time she stepped down with grace
and excepted her age just like every other
‘normal’ human being. I feel for her children
who have an absolute f***er of a mother

Posted by Jessica Rowle | Report as abusive

Jessica R. i totally agree with you

Posted by monica | Report as abusive

Hi – We’re a bunch of international commentators who have nothing better to do than sling mud at one of the greatest performance successes of our lifetime. We are bored with ourselves, and think foisting pity on a bunch of pictures we don’t even know – well, they ARE children, aren’t they.

Posted by Joey T | Report as abusive

Come on, Madonna is an institution – she’s amazing, even at 49!


I think she’s desperately seeking attention, her whole career seems to be some kind of ultra slow motion car crash taking place over about 50 years. I for one can wait to see the degrading finale in which something so disgusting as to be beyond imagination will take place at a future MTV awards. Possible involving lizards and Paris Hilton.


Dear Madonna, She is an icon. She is just letting everyone know she is still around. Hopefully for a long time yet. For those that can’t appreciate her for what she has done and that she is not the normal average person, it’s ok not to appreciate the finer things in life. She may be old hat be she is still amazing. I’d be happy to have half her ‘intestinal fortitude’ when I get to her age. And how exactly should she be acting at her age, stiffled, submissive, boring… only coming out of the house for special occasions. Is that what society expects of a 49year old woman? Only to be a part of life outside the home when some people believe it suits? I thought this was the 21st century. At least Madonna has shown that women can still be women even though they don’t submit to ignorant oppressive and backward attitudes of those in some parts of society. Viva Madonna!

Posted by Conscientious Observer | Report as abusive

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