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May 9, 2008

cannes.jpgfernando.jpgFive days and counting.

Showbiz hacks the world over will be sharpening their pencils (and fingernails), pouring over screening schedules, brushing up on blogging banter and taking plenty of deep breaths before heading for the Riviera resort of Cannes to cover the film festival which kicks off on Wednesday. Someone’s got to do it, I guess.

The first scheduling crunch comes on the first morning, no doubt a sign of things to come. “Kung Fu Panda”, a martial arts animation movie from DreamWorks, plans a stunt outside the swanky Carlton hotel on Wednesday morning at exactly the same time that the festival screens the opening competition film “Blindness”, by Fernando Meirelles of “City of God” fame. One promises to be fun yet silly, the other harrowing yet rewarding, summing up life in Cannes during the 12-day festival perfectly.


“What’s interesting is that Italians have still never processed their fascist past, and I think that is borne out by the election of the mayor here in Rome,” Weissberg said, referring to Gianni Alemanno, a former youth leader of a neo-fascist party.

“It is topical particularly after the Italian elections. In the past, there have been films about Iraq. Now I think it’s the Italian political scene that will be the object of analysis.”
Italians have still never processed their fascist past ?

You are so incult! That’s just a stupid affirmation of an ignorant.

Do you know the 25th april ? The italian constitution is antifascist!

Do you know the story of postwar Italy ? Italians have processed their past a “little” more than the american people!

For exemple, post facist such as Alemanno or Fini declared Fascism had been an “absolute evil”!
And do you know the great italian cinema: the neoralism of Roberto Rosselini ?
many many other films are about fascism, the best :
Bertolucco (1900) Ettore Scola (une giornata particolare) federico Fellini (amarcord) Pier Paolo Pasolini (salo) De Sica (Finzi contini garden) and manu others

The italian cinema (much more than others) has often talks about the italian politic scene…Remember the caiman of nanni Moretti (cannes…2006, Mr Weissberg know really the cinema ?).

And Alemanno, the new mayor of rome is less fascist than Bush, Giuliani, Mccain or even Hillary Clinton!

Weissberg should take care of american politic scene!

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