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New “Idol” controversy over David Archuleta’s dad

May 13, 2008

archuleta.jpgAnother new week for “American Idol;” another new controversy for the No. 1 rated U.S. TV talent contest. And again, the uproar centers on David Archuleta’s dad, Jeff.

Numerous media reports over the weekend said Jeff Archuleta has been told by the show’s producers that he can no longer help David prepare and has been banned from backstage. Fox, the network that airs “Idol,” has declined to comment on those reports.

Media stories speculated that Jeff Archuleta was admonished for insisting his son change the lyrics to “Stand by Me,” which David sang on the May 6 episode. The problem is, when he changed the song to add a verse from Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls,” it cost the show’s producers more money because they must pay for music rights when contestants sing songs. In effect, the producers had to pay for two songs, “Stand by Me” and “Beautiful Girls,” when David sang only one.

Various reports say that Jeff Archuleta had been told David could not use the verse from “Beautiful Girls,” but he told his son to go ahead, anyway. None of those reports could be confirmed. 

Still, Jeff has been in hot water before for apparently choosing David’s songs, and there was some speculation that Jeff drove his son so hard, he made David cry. Last month in Us Weekly magazine, Jeff Archuleta said accusations he was an overbearing “stage dad” were simply wrong. “There was absolutely no truth in any of the stories about me yelling at David, making him cry, or withholding water from him. That was crazy!,” Jeff Archuleta told the magazine.


Archie broke the rules despite a warning and he and his dad need to go!!!!!!!!


Are you still writing this crap, bob? The story is like 3 days old! Enough already!

Posted by lala | Report as abusive

David, keep on going…let the world know the music in you!!!! Focus on the possitive, be yourself. Best to You.

Posted by betty | Report as abusive

I love David Archuleta. The controvery is a tough one to swallow. I know he has it in him to win this competition and I hope he does. I love the song Paul Abdul picked out for him!


You say, “Numerous media reports.” Which all go back to a single media report(TMZ) which goes back to one discredited AI staffer. The AP is also credited for corroboration, but they are merely repeating what the source said to TMZ (without crediting TMZ). They have no source of their own. You call this a “new idol controversy.” Boy, you guys sure missed the scoop on this one! I’ll be sure to check Reuters every time I want to know what the news was 3 days ago.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Fair enough Paul and lala. But for several reasons, we simply couldn’t get to it over the weekend. For our readers who hadn’t seen it, I felt obliged to post.
-bob tourtelotte

Posted by bob tourtellotte | Report as abusive

Do we really need another wannabe rocker with a beer gut and a comb-over as the next Idol? What ever happenend to the concept of ‘teen’ Idol. The rules need to change to filter out 29 year olds, marrieds, and those with kids. David A. fits the Idol concept perfectly.

Posted by Jeannie | Report as abusive

Sounds to me like some media people are out to try and influence people to vote against David Archeleta and they are willing to say anything (true or not) to accomplish that. There are unjustifiable accusations being made because some “influential” people do not want him to win.

Posted by Jenny Murphy | Report as abusive

Little David is a pleasant singer, but, he is nothing special and very boring. He certainly doesn’t eclipse David Cook, yet, the way Randy Jackson acts, he already has a back deal to produce him. He criticizes everything David Cook does, stabbing him in the back, week after week, because he knows he’s head and shoulders (literally) above the very mediocre smiley-kid with the mean dad. The fact that Jeff, his dad, is so empowered, makes me believe that he knows David has already been picked. This show is a farce. I have been cured of my addiction to Idol, and can’t stand the thought of how stupid they think the public is, and what mediocrity they are rewarding by picking this strange icky kid to win the title this year. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but, I know I won’t be watching next season if that stepford kid wins. Why bother wasting my energy another season when all the talented contestants are trashed, and they pick someone from the start who they believe they can market. Market to who though? Once the contest ends, who in the world wants this middle of the road, boring strange kid to sing for them? No moi.

Posted by Gene | Report as abusive

Everyone knows the media is a bunch of bull, and who cares?? David is 17 yrs. old and respects his dad, which is admirable. I will say that his dad, if any of this is true, and could hurt David’s chances, should butt out. This will only make David more nervous and less secure in his singing which I think I perfect!!!!


wow, people are so narrow-minded….. I think both David’s are incredibly talented, although totally different, singers and either could fit the bill as the next American Idol very nicely…. the question is what does “America” want: a new male teen idol (which the market is currently lacking) or another talented gritty rocker (that sounds very much like all of the other gritty rockers out there right now)… I enjoy hearing them both sing, which I prefer depends on the week, their music choice and my mood…. but they are both wonderful… and for those critics of American Idol, I have a work of advice: SWITCH CHANNELS!!!!!!! There are about a hundred other things available for your viewing pleasure… GO FOR IT!!!! To both David’s I say: GOOD LUCK! I am certain you will both have much success in your career, REGARDLESS of the outcome of this program!

Posted by me | Report as abusive

Millions of people enjoy WATCHING American Idol and don’t want to switch channels. I, for one, would like to see the integrity of the show restored. And I don’t think that will happen unless the sponsors are flooded with phone calls and the producers lose their support. At this point I don’t even trust the correct results would happen if David A comes out ahead. I wish AT&T’s Randall Stephenson, Coca Cola’s E Neville Isdell and Ford’s Alan Mulally would be bombarded with phone calls from angry viewers who don’t enjoy seeing a minor exploited! Admit it, Nigel, the only reason you caused the big controversy about David’s dad is to give Cook a better chance. Just like he took the Aerosmith song away from David A. and gave it to Cook, and refused Syesha strings and allowed them for Cook. I don’t dislike Cook but be fair, treat everyone the same and let the chips fall where they may without manipulation. Sorry, but this should be called PRODUCERGATE… to achieve his desires at the expense of a really talented kid who should receive a character award for his response to all this trouble the producer’s have caused him – and his family. SHAME ON YOU, NIGEL! At the expense of a 17 year old kid. CPS should arrest you.

Posted by jra88 | Report as abusive

i love david u haturs need to shutup ight

Posted by Jennie | Report as abusive

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