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French law up in smoke in Cannes

May 14, 2008

cannes20085.jpgCannes jury president Sean Penn defied French anti-smoking laws on Wednesday, lighting up a cigarette at a news conference at the start of the Cannes film festival.

Joined by French actress and fellow jury member Jeanne Balibar sitting next to him, Penn needed little persuading after one of the journalists present asked facetiously whether people with medical needs would be allowed to smoke.

Smoking in public buildings has been banned in France since 2007.


A small step but an encouraging one from Mr Penn.
Their is hope for us all.
This mantra must be stopped.
Mr Sean Penn, your’e my hero.

Posted by machinehappydays | Report as abusive

Outside of a few acting roles, Penn has always been a silly, snarky child of privilege; despite delusions of depth, he continues to prove how shallow he is. What a dork.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Thank you France for the law against smoking: those who choose to smoke have made that choice to do so – those who inhale second-hand smoke have been FORCED to smoke. Who then is a victim of smoking’s terrible consequences: the one who chose or the one who was FORCED?? The answer must be OBVIOUS – especially if you do not smoke.

Posted by Harrison | Report as abusive

You other options to choose. Kicking the habit of smoking is not easy for everyone. There are other alternatives to make it gradually work. But some of them if they prefer not to quit, they give you the same satisfaction you get but less the disadvantages you get from a traditional cigars.


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