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Paula puts nail in Syesha’s coffin as “Idol” heads to finish

May 14, 2008

syesha.jpgNot many “American Idol” viewers expected to see Syesha Mercado make it past this week. Let’s face it, a face-off between the two Davids, Archuleta and Cook, has been considered a foregone conclusion for weeks now.

But notwithstanding the near certainty of a David showdown, it was still a shock to see Paula Abdul administer Mercado’s death sentence on Tuesday night’s episode.

The perennial “good cop” judge, who at least tells the contestant that they “look beautiful”when she doesn’t have anything nice to say about a performance,¬†told Mercado at the end of her third performance of the night that she was probably not going to make it to the show’s finale next week.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be good enough to get into the finals of “American Idol,” Abdul said of Mercado’s rendition of Gia Farrell’s “Hit Me Up” from the movie “Happy Feet.”

Abdul tried to atone for her comment afterwards, adding: “I love you, though.”

archuleta1.jpgMercado’s second performance of the night, a cabaret-inspired version of “Fever,” was also uniformly panned by the judges, with Simon Cowell saying she missed her chance to prove that she can be a contemporary recording artist and would probably regret choosing that song¬†tomorrow.

Oh well, hopefully Syesha will be taking comfort in the fact that Paula loves her while she packs her bags tonight.

Truth be told, the night wasn’t stellar for the Davids, either. Cowell said Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer,” which the show’s producers chose for David Archuleta to sing, was “something you would choose for like a 90-year-old,” while the 17-year-old’s performance of Chris Brown’s “With You” was “a little bit like a chihuahua trying to be a tiger.”

davidcook2.jpgDavid Cook, meanwhile, got lukewarm reviews from Randy Jackson on all three of his performances. Cowell and Abdul were kinder, with Cowell declaring at the end of the show that “David Cook wins the night.”

That may be true, but the season’s biggest battle is still to come. Davids, it’s time to step it up.


am i the only one who thought it sounded like Syesha said ‘fever when you lick me right’ during the song fever? Sounded like she said that in one of the lines…..i DVR’d it and kept rewinding it and it sure sounded like that’s what she said!!!! i was like OMG!!!

Posted by dogmom | Report as abusive

Go David Cook!!!!!!


David Cook was tops yesterday. His final song gave me chills. He sang it really well. The song Simon chose for him was also great. Equally though I enjoyed David Archuleta’s performances as well. Unfortunately I think Syesha will be the odd one out.


David Cook is okay. But he has proven he can do things with arranging the music differently and all of that. However he is not spectacular and he has the same over pronunciation of words during his singing. And very often shouting the ending of each song. He is looking more and more predictable. So i’m not a follower of him. I do think Syesha has been getting better with each week. I think the judges are haters and want to hear either POP or ROCK and want seem to push the contestants towards adopting a ” STYLE” Syesha doesn’t have a style she is well rounded. David Arch is just meek and sounds the same with tone on any song he sings. I can predict how his whole performance will go the minute he steps on the stage. MONOTONE bland love song or slow ballad melody. He is cute don’t get me wrong and the young girls love him, but i don’t think he is a SUPERSTAR. Maybe just every 14 yr old girls heartthrob. -IMHO

Posted by Erin | Report as abusive

Syesha choses great songs and is a real singer like David Archuleta. David Cook’s songs sound all the same. I like his voice, but I don’t like his song choices and all the screaming.

Personally, I don’t know what Simon or the other judges see in David Cook. To me, he sounds like too many other contemporary screamers out there. I really get sick of listening to all the screamers out there today. American Idol had too many screamers this year, and I really lost a lot of interest in the show because of that this year.

Syesha is NOT a screamer. She is a real singer. American Idol can’t survive if the show turns out to be a screaming contest.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

Rick is absolutely correct. Cook is simply a rock and roll screamer, and a not particularly good one at that. Poor Sayesha, she is more actress than singer, or perhaps more chanteuse than singer. Archie is simply the best vocalist, hands down. Those who hate him simply don’t know much about singing. Likely due to too much high decibel screaming in their everyday lives.

Posted by Fernando | Report as abusive

Arch is great. Syesha is cute. The other David is “just OK”…


David Cook is the best contestant to be on the show ever. He can sing anything as well as put thought into the arrangements instead of blindly copying the original. Now thats talent.

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