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Indy movie avoids critical mauling, but…

May 18, 2008

cannes20088.jpgSo, we finally saw the new Indiana Jones movie, which is the biggest show in town at the Cannes film festival this year.

There was a scramble to get into the packed press screening, with reporters waiting up to two hours to ensure a spot, and reviewers were sending out their opinions on the internet within an hour of it finishing.

OK, there was warm applause at the end of the screening, which for Cannes’ fussy reporters and critics is good going for a family blockbuster. But it also has to be said that the cheers at the start of the movie were far louder than those at the end.

This makes me think that once the euphoria and hype in Cannes settles down, and more considered opinions are printed, we are actually going to get a much more mixed reaction that at first seemed the case.

Not that this matters much to the movie’s box office prospects. Even critics who were less than impressed expect that the popularity of the original films and the anticipation that has built among movie goers will ensure a huge commercial return.


I am still unclear on the point of showing films like those in the Indiana Jones series at Cannes. This “Hollywood epic” apple being dragged in among the “pure art” oranges of Cannes is reminiscent of Christians being fed to lions in the Coliseum.

Your article’s title implies a hair-raising escape from critical execution on charges of Artistic Meritlessness thanks to an anticipated commercial-theater rescue by those Ford unapologetically describes as his “customers”.

We have the spectacle of Commercialism and Art circling one another, snarling and drooling over Indy’s still-breathing body…

I suppose whoever planned this assumes that audiences really haven’t changed in two thousand years.

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