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24 interviews, 1 morning, 6 movie junkets

May 19, 2008

ford3.jpgWelcome to the world of the movie junket. Ever see “Notting Hill”, where Hugh Grant waits around in a swanky hotel waiting for his few minutes with the stars of a new movie?

It’s a reasonable representation of the “junket”, a rather unflattering but nonetheless apposite term to describe the short TV interviews studios organise to give news channels crowd.jpgand agencies access to stars. The reason: news media need soundbites for their stories.

 Today was another “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” day on the junket front, and the blockbuster which had its world premiere in Cannes has taken over the 7th floor of the plush Carlton hotel for the last few days.

Overhearing actor Jim Broadbent asking “how many more?”, I learned that there were seven, four-to-five minute slots left with 17 already done, and that was all by lunchtime.indy-cast.jpg

Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett and crew all did their best to sound fresh and new at the end of a gruelling few days of media over-exposure, and bleary-eyed reporters waiting in crammed rooms and corridors shared the usual grumbles about life in Cannes.

steven2.jpgIt could have been worse. One early round of interviews here took place before the film was even shown, and despite the size of the operation on Monday morning, I was out of the hotel in under two hours, six “junkets” in hand.

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