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Cowell calls “Idol” final a “knockout” for Archuleta but was it?

May 21, 2008

archuletathumb.jpgAfter all these months, is it really going to come down to “the Chosen One” after all?

David Archuleta, the teenage crooner whose satiny voice and babyfaced looks have stolen the hearts of teenage girls, was all but crowned the winner of this season’s “American Idol” by judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson on Tuesday night. Playing on a boxing theme the show took on to highlight the showdown between two guys named David, Cowell called Archuleta’s performance “a knockout” of his older rival, rocker David Cook.

But was it really that cut and dry? After four months of performances by scores of wannabe pop stars, dozens of dramatic contestant ousters and hundreds of millions of votes from “Idol” viewers, will it all come down to the 17-year-old who was dubbed the one to beat way back when there were 24 contestants?

It seems, after Tuesday night’s show, that the answer is yes. While the judges praised both Cook’s and Archuleta’s three performances each, they clearly favored Archuleta. It’s almost too bad, given that going into the finale, the outcome appeared far less certain than in recent seasons. Last year, for instance, Jordin Sparks’ victory over Blake Lewis was virtually set in stone before either one of them sang a note.

dcook.jpgCook, however, has been a serious contender this season, delivering solid rock performances week after week that recalled Season 5 contestant and current music sensation Chris Daughtry. Also, like Archuleta, Cook never landed among the show’s bottom three vote-getters all season.

Still, the quality of Archuleta’s singing and his appeal among the show’s teenage viewers is undeniable. And, having been raised watching “Idol,” his song choices were almost always impeccable.

At least Cook seemed to take the competition in stride, proclaiming on Tuesday night that the “competition’s over, we’re just having fun.” Translation: I know I’m going to be set up with a record deal whether I win this thing or not.

So get ready. There are less than 24 hours to go before we find out whether David Archuleta really is, in fact, “the Chosen One,” or whether fate will instead side with a scrappy Missouri bartender who shares his name.


David Cook is very very good performer… just that David Archuleta was the one who looked willingly giving his very best to all audience and he is just 17 years old. Vocal wise both are good, perfectly delivered tonight, there were no obvious pitchy issue… David Archuleta is still the memorable one..

Posted by angky | Report as abusive

David A. is the best singer since Frank Sinatra or Judy Garland. He deserves it. He not only sings a song, he becomes the song. A true artist

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

Although David Archuleta did an almost perfect performance, he was, however, totally predictable. He stayed within in his comfort zone, singing every song slow and melodic, which showed absolutely no versatility. Every song was sung identically; only the words had changed. David Cook, on the other hand, proved himself to be three dimensional singer, truly showing that he is indeed the “American Idol”.

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

David Cook is undoubtedly a fantastic rock artist BUT David Archuleta’s haunting voice melts the heart of every girl when he sings. He has the makings of the next evergreen of the new era. Need I spell out who will be crowned the next Idol?
PS I’m a David A fan from Singapore

Posted by Maureen Chua | Report as abusive

David cook is amazing,no doubt it.He’s got a voice like Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.But I’m still in love with David Archuleta..sigh. His dreamy voice can get me and other girls my age into a totally different mood.According to me,he is the 1 with the voice of the year,the voice of the generation-so he should win!

Posted by Juhi Sharma | Report as abusive

What is three-dimensional about David Cook? He will always be a rock singer and nothing else. He is as predictable David Archuleta. So, I don’t see why Cook his being dubbed the original one over and over. They both stick to what they’re good at. I am a David Archuleta fan. Last night, he brought it and came to win. David Cook seemed like he had just given up. I don’t know if he wants to lose or if he really believed he has the win in the bag and didn’t need to work very hard. Either way, he doesn’t deserve the AI title. David Archuleta is one-of-a-kind and deserves to win!

Posted by medirin | Report as abusive

David Archuleta has been my favorite the whole season,although I have to admit I like David Cook too. When the night was finished though I voted for David Archuleta. His performances were stellar and I found myself holding back tears. I am just so proud of how hard he’s worked and I firmly believes he deserves the title of American Idol winner.


I clearly feel that David Archuleta was the best last night and voted for him, but something happened. Every so often they stated the vote was for David Cook. This was not a misdial as I put the Phone number on my speed dial and most of the time it went to David Archuleta but several went to Cook and it shouldn’t have. I have been trying to contact someone at Fox about this but can’t get through. I am wondering how many other people this happened to. So did my votes go to David Archuleta as they should have or were they given to cook when he was not the one being voted for

Posted by Bea Rose | Report as abusive

The thing is that people keep saying that David can’t sing more than a few songs and those are predictable.. Well.. stop being so jealous! We as people all do what we are best at, so stop judging. Both Cook and Archuleta are good BUT Archuleta does have better vocals than Cook. They are two very different cannot really compare them. They will both be successful, so just relax.

Posted by A | Report as abusive

Hi angky here again (located in Singapore)… I m rooting for my list good singer only “)

Unfortunately… I won’t buy David Cook CD as I have enough legend rockers (such as Queen, Guns n roses),
David A…. absolutely had been in my list since he sang in Hollywood week. He has huge time ahead, is just 17 years old. Btw, he reached high D in singing yet it was warm tone, I’m still amazed by his voice…

Just my opinion: During the final 2 performances, they seemed like, have set up to make David Cook will be the winner by 1. Make David Cook’s fans get angry so they will vote like crazy for him… from Simon’s judging especially… 2. Why didnt they sing the same song? So voters won’t feel guilty to vote the best…

Anyway David A songs are still ringing… looking forward for his CD.

Posted by angky | Report as abusive

It’s apples and oranges here, folks. If you prefer rock music, you will favor David C. and if you’re into a more “easy-listening” sound, David A. is your man. The bottom line will be which David has the biggest following in the VOTING public. My prediction is that since David A. is most popular with the younger listeners, he will prevail tonight. Young girls, in particular, like nothing more than sitting with a phone to their ear, so the 4 hour voting spree would not be a problem for them and that’s what it will take to get the votes needed for a win. Of course, David C. will not walk away a loser…some say he will fare better if he DOESN’T take the coveted crown tonight because of all the American Idol red tape that winners must adhere to. My season-long preference has been David Cook since I find him much more versatile and an all around better performer, but there’s no denying that David Archuleta can sing. Maybe David A. will be a better fit for the win tonight…he is young enough to mold into whatever the recording executives want…altho, they may have to bind and gag his old man in order to get to him!!!!

Posted by Robin | Report as abusive

David Archuleta was FANTASTIC and very REAL !! his emotions did not effect his songs! David Cook Fell APART !!! Cook was very cocky early on , saying that he was in it for fun now, because the compitition was over.
I feel he did not perform like a true Idol, in comments or performance. David Archuleta deserves to win it all, He is a TRUE IDOL !!

You have my Vote David A. …. Trudi


David A. does sing the same all the time. David Cook is a rocker and every song he sings is a rock song or he makes it into a rock song. Come on people. They are doing what they are best at. It is true. If you like rock you will vote for David C. if you like easy listening you will vote for David A. It is totally a preference thing. They are both great but people need to stop calling David A predictable. David C. is just as predictable with his rock voice. David A. wins tonight is my prediction and I hope I am right.

Posted by Connie | Report as abusive

Part of me doesn’t really want David C to win, because no good things have ever happened to past male winners, and I believe he is going to release an album anyway. But I still cannot resist voting for him last night…BUT i could hardly get through!! for 2 hrs after the lines were open! we’ll see who wins tonight… but I am more interested to see, whose albums will sell more! HA!

Posted by Sarah H. | Report as abusive

By far, David Archuleta should win. He is true and genuine. Cook, although a great performer, comes across arrogant. He made a comment last night about the competition being over. He performed like it was over too. Archuleta is by far the beeter vocalist, and Idol is a singing competition.


If I have to hear one more rant about how amazing Archuleta is I’m going to go mad. Sure the kid can sing but it’s so sugar coated and boring! And he’s not a performer, not like Cook. David A. hardly connects with what he sings and he’s NEVER done anything as original to a song or an arrangement as Cook. Cook at least takes risks. Archuleta as far as I’m concerned will be great as the next Pixar/Disney theme song boy. Cook on the other hand might end up doing something NEW rather than singing songs as if he were born in the ’50s.

But, in the end it doesn’t really matter who wins because any of the last 5 contestants can have a professional singing career now, if they want it. It’s now all a matter of who tries the hardest and who will sell.

Posted by Marianne | Report as abusive

I have to agree, David A. is very predictable and boring, he is definitely right for Disney – Maybe playing it safe, will make him the next American Idol, but David C will be much more successful down the road.

Posted by Missy | Report as abusive

I agree with posting from Marianne. If I hear anymore about David Archuletta, I will surely scream too. He can sing…at Disneyland, but he’ll never amount to David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. I think the AI judges have falsely built up his singing capabilities due to his popularity with the b-boppers. B-boppers might bring AI and 19 more money with David A. than David C. If this is what they are doing, they are clearly wrong. David C. ROCKS!

Posted by Lonnie | Report as abusive


Posted by A | Report as abusive

It’s so funny to read the Archie bashers rants. They love Cook because of….what? Screaming? Sorry rockers, time will prove once again that SINGING is what it’s all about, and in that department, well, need I go on? Archie is a singer, and will mature into an even better artist because he has what it takes to be a success: an ability to sing a song and woo the ear of a listener. Cook is a second rate rocker still living in the fast disappearing 90′s rock era. His future in the business is likely to be a lounge act in a Vegas casino.

Posted by Fernando | Report as abusive

Well now that the wondering is over … I am truly surprised that Cook won . We will see who actually does better. I think Cook will do fine, and I am sure they will both get a very nice contract. I was extremely pleased that they BOTH recieved a Ford SUV. I think David A. was very gracious in his loss. I can’t wait to buy his first release, and at his age he can only improve !


well, if some of u guys think that david.a’s singing is always the same, then wat abt david.c? he is continuously singing rock songs and he shout when he sings(even thought i feel david .c is good but dis is just an opinion if u guys think archuleta is singing the same type of song weekly)

anywayz, both of them r great and we can’t compare them bcoz david.c is a rocker and david.a sings ballad but i still prefer david.a


Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

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