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Has “Sex and the City” changed your dating habits?

May 28, 2008

sex-and-the-city-girls.jpgAlthough the TV series “Sex and the City” was a fictional account of four women’s working and love lives in New York, a majority of singles told a survey that it had influenced their dating habits.

A survey by dating Web site Engage found that eight out of 10 singles believe the popular HBO series that has now been made into a movie had made it more acceptable for women to have fun dating and worry less about finding a committed relationship.

The poll found 43 percent of singles believe the series had made it more acceptable for women to be unfaithful in their relationships while 55 percent of single women said the show influenced them to “date like men”.

“”Sex and the City,” along with the introduction of dating reality shows like ABC’s The Bachelor, socialize dating,” said Trish McDermott, vice president of Love at Engage, in a statement.

“Suddenly, everyone was talking about the dating choices others make — like breaking up via Post-It notes — and learning vicariously through them.”

The survey of 250 singles found 36 percent of respondents borrowed ideas from “Sex and the City” and used them in their dating life. Do you?


I think what Sex and the City really did was not to alter the way women date but to empower them—To have the power to choose between rent and couture without giving second thoughts about what others have to say and to be able to share their lives out in public instead of putting it in a diary under their pillows.Just a thought:As I was watching “Sex and the City” Season 3 on DVD (my nth time to watch it), I can’t help but wonder why Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda didn’t care about having their personal lives broadcast on Carrie’s column. Even if Carrie was considerate enough to use pseudonyms, it wouldn’t help much. Alias or no, these girls are having their brunch conversations broadcast across the entire island. I find it insanely interesting.What do you think SATC addicts?visit


“Sex and The City,” has influenced a generation of go getting women. We are, for all in tense and purposes effected by the sense of women’s liberation. We know how to work like men, date like men, and even, have sex like men. Your hardcore conservatives find those inspired by a show like SATC, or even one such as ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” very provacative and innapropriate. The fact is, the writers behind these shows had every intention to empower people. and that’s that.


like those figures on the show I realise Im getting old but unlike them I aren’t that desperate neither am I getting any younger nor can I possibly afford anyone else except me they just don’t get that yet but it should be aired


I personally find it disgusting watching these atrocious middle-aged nymphomaniacs. parading about trying to get laid at every opportunity they can. It actually makes me feel sorry for men, these women are portraying it as being ok, to be that shallow, and as though they never really care about anyone. In reality no one finds their perfect partner, there are always things that you have to put up with about the person you love and I myself being a middle-aged woman in manhattan am sickened by the whole thing!

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It was just fun. I could never take it seriously. Then again, I’m nothing like any of them.

Posted by eileen | Report as abusive

Well, I have to say that iN someways it has, I think women in general were put in a box on how or what she should be when going out on a date, I have my Samatha’s days, and defenitively had to pull the Miranda thing too. Not so much Charlotte, though a combination or her and Carrie works really well when feeling like, you need to pull your lady like. The bottom line is the show was an eye opener for me and my friends, I like that sex is not such a taboo thing, and that sleeping with a man on the first day, does not constitute to want a relationship with him… just pure un-adultery, steamy, naughty sex, and be able to tell him to leave and to bother to call, you know whats funny, they always want more, and attribute that to my attitude about the whole experience… The show “ROCKS”

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Hey all…check out this quiz on This gets past the shallow exteriors and into the hearts of these women. Find out which one you are most like!

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I just had the chance to watch again the episode from season 4, “Belles of the Balls” and looked at it from a whole new perspective. Although, I do believe “Sex and the City” has helped society accept the idea of single successful women, in the end it seems that the women still continue to embrace gender stereotypes. While initially the episode does portray the men as engaging in womanly characterizes, in the end their identity as men is redeemed. Even more it seems in this episode that the women comprise themselves in order to help the men in their lives feel more empowered. I enjoy watching the show because it does engage in the evolution of the image of single women, but I think specifically in this episode the women surround to the men in order to make them feel empowered and “manly”. Samantha proves herself wrong after she breaks down and cries because of work, something she had prior ridiculed men for assuming women did. I would like the women to have held more true to the idea of being single, successful, and their actions uncompromised because of men.

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Hi, I am doing a project on Sex in the City as part of my A level media exam. I would like to know if anyone has any views on how Sex in the City has changed modern feminism? Thanks x

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

Can someone please help me out. I started dating a girl who is infatuated with everything about Sex and the City. I know next to nothing about the shows. This girl refers to me as Teddy Bear – Is there & what is the connection? Was there a character in this show that was referred to as Teddy Bear and what can you tell about what he did or didn’t do and how he fit into the main characters lives ?

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