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Brian De Palma puts a hold on “Boston Stranglers”

June 4, 2008

brian.jpgDirector Brian De Palma, who has helmed suspense and horror film classics including “Carrie” and “Dressed to Kill,” has been hired to make a new film “The Boston Stranglers,” based on the book by Susan Kelly.

De Palma’s new job was unveiled in a statement from Valhalla Motion Pictures, which is run by producer Gale Anne Hurd (“The Incredible Hulk”) and will make the movie.

The “Boston Strangler” murders took place in the early 1960s in Boston, Massachusetts and were among the most grisly and heinous rapes, killings and beatings of their time. Though they were attributed to Albert DeSalvo, who confessed, many people have questioned that confession and suggested the crimes were not his work.

Kelly’s book probes the crimes, DeSalvo’s confession, as well as the actions of his attorney, F. Lee Bailey. It also takes account of the fear that struck the hearts and minds of Boston citizens at the time and the media sensation surrounding DeSalvo’s arrest. The movie makers promise to do the same.

De Palma  has built a career plumbing the depths of murder and fear and their impact on people, and in a statement Hurd said “he has the perfect visual and thematic sensibility” to make movie.

His films have ranged widely from crime thrillers like “Scarface” to action pictures such as “Mission: Impossible,” and most recently he directed “Redacted,” about U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq and the media’s coverage of the war.

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