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Lesbian buzz over Lindsay Lohan

June 4, 2008

lindsay.jpgFor a week, celebrity and gossip magazines have been buzzing with talk that Lindsay Lohan’s “friendship” with DJ Samantha Ronson is more than just friendship. They are having an affair, according to the gossip mill. The current talk was fueled mostly by a picture published last week of the two kissing while attending a Cannes film festival party.

Pictures of Lohan sporting an engagement ring last week in Cannes set off speculation the 21-year-old starlet could be heading to the wedding chapel with Ronson. But beware, it’s not the first time Lohan has stoked public interest by wearing something shiny on her wedding finger. She also did it a couple years ago, back when her constant companions were mostly of the male variety. 

Amid the media firestorm — several reports had her being offered $1 million to admit she was a lesbian – Lohan’s parents have said a few things about Lohan’s close ties with Ronson. Mom Dina Lohan has said she just wants her daughter to be “happy.” For her part, Lohan isn’t talking, and her spokeswoman has pushed back at the gossip by describing speculation about Lohan’s sexual orientation as “gross.” The spokeswoman did not return Reuters call or an e-mail for comment on Tuesday.

Just this past Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards here in Los Angeles, reality show star and bisexual Tila Tequila – not one to be shy of publicity – reportedly called on Lohan to come out of the closet.

But is Lindsay, who turns 22 years-old in July, really a lesbian and does it really matter what her sexual orientation is? Does she risk the loss of an already troubled career in Hollywood if, in fact, she is? And is it anybody’s business who she is kissing? We’re curious to know what our readers think.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


Personally, I don’t believe it matters who Lindsay dates. I think she is a very talented girl and that she hit a rough patch and is trying to get herself back on track. I don’t think it matters if she is dating a female or male, as long as she is healthy and happy. I think people should just let her be and if she is in fact with Samantha then she should have the option to come out when she feels she’s ready. Not when Tila thinks she’s ready. I am a big fan of Lindsay’s and that won’t change no matter who she dates.

Posted by tara | Report as abusive

I think that is totally fine she probably got sick of dealing with loser guys and decided to find love elsewhere. Otherwise this is just an adventure, everyone has their own story to write…..

Posted by Ashrika | Report as abusive

it doesnt matter who she dates as long as she is doin good and is happy. she doesnt have to admit anything cause its her business they shouldnt hold that against her she is very talented which the media doesnt want to admit everyone deserves a chance to be who they are and to move forward.


I don’t think it matters if she is a lesbian or bi or just experimenting…People who like her as an entertainer might be curious, but we wouldn’t stop liking her if the rumors turn out to be true. No it’s really not any of our business, but when you’re in the public eye, it just becomes something people want to hear about.

Posted by Emily Johnston | Report as abusive

Why would anyone give a rat’s behind what goes on in the distorted world of Lindsay Lohan. She has successfully taken a career that had serious long-term potential and destroyed it with her wrecked life style. For myself, I could not care less what happens to anyone who self-destructs so publicly, and has the audacity to try and make money off of their self-destruction. Go ahead Lindsay – do more stupid things that will keep you on the covers of magazines, but are certain to end your potential to earn any money. You young lady are getting exactly what you deserve.


personally i don’t care if she is gay or straight. its her life … let her live it.

Posted by m thompson | Report as abusive

Why would Hollywierd care if she was gay or not. It has not stopped performers like Melissa Etheridge or Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi, Kate Clinton or wanna be’s Angelina Jolie or Anne Heche, heck even Grey’s Anatomy has a lesbian couple now. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt this will be a career breaker for Lohan. It actually might move her to the “A-list”.

Posted by KC in KS | Report as abusive

As mentioned previously, the number of gay/bi people coming out and living in Hollywood, specifically, the industry, has increased drastically and will continue to do so. Sexuality has nothing to do with the business, but in Lindsay’s case I can’t help but wonder if this is not some sort of publicity stunt. She has hit rock bottom, people refuse to work with her, and all the media attention she has been getting over the last year (at least) has been negative. Perhaps this is a way to remain in the papers, tabloids and on websites while attempting to disengage from the negativity her and her family has been publicly going through.

Posted by Florian | Report as abusive

she could be with a woman today and a man tomorrow or vice versa.

hopefully she’ll live it proud either way :)

Posted by dd | Report as abusive

i think its awesome – go lindsay. if im honest, i hope she is a lesbian, it makes her much more interesting to me as it turns me on immensely !! :)

Posted by will smith | Report as abusive

It shouldn’t matter, ever, the sexual orientation of another. Why are we still stuck at this point?


Who cares? The way people sleep around in Hollywood, ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ is becoming pretty ambiguous.

Posted by libby | Report as abusive

I think Lindsay has made a lot of bad decisions in the past but is now coming out with the truth. If people talk about how bad she is well she ain’t bad in God’s eyes. He made her for a reason and she was put on this earth for a reason. She is very talented and is very special in my eyes. It shouldn’t matter how people think about other people it matters how the person feels about herself. If people judge other people by what they do they are not thinking right. God has a plan for Lindsay and it will show sooner or later. God loves everyone in this world. If he didn’t love us he wouldn’t have created any of us. May God Change Each And Everyone Of You.


This pretty much proves that being “gay” or “bi-sexual” is a verb and not a noun. Having sex male or female does not define what/who someone is. She is a female – a female who apparently is promiscuous with both sexes. This whole idea of people “being” gay is so rediculous. peopel are male and female. Who they have sex with does not define them (unless you want to define them as immoral)

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

OMG!! just when you couldn’t find her any sexier. That is hot.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

This is a dumb career move. OK, I could really care less who she sleeps with, but whoever is advising her had better get her to keep this on the down low…her career is in a fragile state now, she will lose her core fans w/one more straw on the camels back…lets be realistic: its fine when a pretty starlet teases tthe lifestyle, it gives them an edge…but making it an announced lifestyle choice…well, it only worked for Ellen…Rosie O’Donnel? Anne Heche (of course she only did it for publicity)? Porsche? Jody Foster (FINALLY coming out)? they no longer have the mystery or the edge, they’re just confirmed lesbians and no one’s really interested…now, get me a hot starlet who’s bi-curious? that, i can sell

Posted by dean | Report as abusive

I agree. What does it matter? Why is so much emphasis placed on a person’s sexual preference? The only persons that would need to know are those that are interested in them as a lover or potential partner. I can’t wait for the day when it’s ok to walk up to some guy you think is hot, or some girl, and be able to ask them, without offense, “I think you’re hot. How bout getting some coffee?” Why can’t it be that easy? Randy is right! Being Gay or Bi-sexual doesn’t define who you are as a person. He likes guys, so what, he’s still cool! She likes chicks, so what, shes still a bitch. You get it?

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

Why is it that when two people of the same gender date one another, they’re “having an affair,” but when two people of the opposite gender date one another, they’re just “dating”?

Posted by Katelyn | Report as abusive

Apparently you are all in LA-LA-LAND. Why do you think Oprah doesn’t come out? The fact of the matter is Lohan will turn off a large percentage of her diminishing fan base and lose money by coming out. In Hollywood, box office totals and ratings/sales are the only thing that matter.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

It’s interesting to know who she’s dating when it comes to women b/c it lets other LGBTQs know they aren’t alone at coming out of the closet. Just because she is kissing a girl this week, doesn’t make her a lesbi. Could just mean she’s bi. Then again, who cares if she is. Doing a few movie scenes with a woman means more money for her. Couldn’t hurt for her to be either. Right?

Posted by Patty Su | Report as abusive

This world is bisexual and don’t want to admit it. That’s why theres so many homophobes. They are scared to like it because it’s good! So many rules in society. Dress like this, eat like this, marry this person, dont be friends with that person, sit like this, have this job, make more money to work harder, to have less life, to worry about what people say and think of you, and dont have sex with the same sex because we dont have enough social rules in the world and we need to control who people have sex with too.

Posted by Bi-stander | Report as abusive

She is cute. I read another blog that Lohan and her gal pal were in Miami on Vacation together. Good stuff. iving/2008/08/girl-girl-action-south-bea ch


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