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Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones sell Clinton sex tales

June 10, 2008

bill.jpgGennifer Flowers and Paula Jones say they are just “two chicks chatting,” but in using the Internet to hawk stories of their relationships with former President Bill Clinton the women are dishing about old scandals with a new platform.

At, the ladies promise to talk about “the opinons on politics, sex with Bill and their perspective opinion of the presidential penis and how both feel about Hillary Clinton.” And yes, they do say “…perspective opinion…” But will anyone shell out $1.99 per tell-all segment?

The two women occupied the center of sex scandals that surrounded Clinton in the early 1990s. Flowers’ story was flowers.jpgthat she had a long relationship with Clinton, and Jones accused him of sexually harassing her in a hotel room.

Their Web offering comes at roughly the same time that U.S. magazine Vanity Fair has drawn fire for publishing an article that portrays the former president as jetting around “with a skirt-chasing, scandal-tinged posse,” Flowers and Jones may just grab some of the spotlight.

Actress Gina Gershon has blasted Vanity Fair over the article, which stated that aides recently worried the former president was getting a little too friendly with the star of “Bound.” The magazine refused to publish a retraction. 

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


Didn’t Paula Jones get a settlement from the court? And didn’t Gennifer Flowers make money on a book deal. The purpose of doing all this is what? It has to be money, because revisiting this over and over and over is scorn woman with nothing better to do but start trouble.

I wonder if they know life goes beyond Bill Clinton and they need to move on with it. Is this what we teach our daughters? When something happens to you because of a man you have to keep at it until you suffer public humiliation and damage your own soul in the process?

They have set their legacy in stone. It is one thing to be hurt and be compensated, another to continue demolishing yourself and another person for the sake of money.

Posted by Linda Grindel | Report as abusive

GROSS. They should both be ashamed.

I’m sure You-tube will be host to all their “chats” within hours so at least they’re not going to make money off of 20 year old tales that no one cares about.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Prurient dirt bags, you consented to the liaison and are now trying to cash in…some more. Disgusting culture we have that scumbags like you make the news.

Posted by roberta | Report as abusive

Since Hillary stayed with Bill think of the embarrassment she is going through all over again! These women are pitiful and have no shame or they never would have put themselves in the position of adultery to begin with.


These 2 old used up sluts need to go back into whatever hole they were hiding in and stay there. They can’t stand that after Bill used them for sex, he managed to stay with his wife and that he didn’t leave Hillary for one of them.

Posted by Ben from Baltimore, MD | Report as abusive

Two incredibly ugly women who could never measure up to the intelligent woman that Hillary Clinton is are out beating a dead horse. Who cares what they have to say? Listening to them talk would be the equivilent of talking with my dog. Amusing at times, but totally pointless and incoherent. They need to get over themselves and find a better way to pay for the poisonous chemicals they routinely get injected into their quilted bodies. This is a pathetic attempt at pulling in negative attention on the Clintons and, I hate to break it to them, but their are 18 million Americans, myself included, who won’t appreciate the kicking of our former candidate when she’s down. Why not put that kind of energy into doing something good for our country? Wait, I forgot, that’s what Hillary Clinton’s job. Hmm…

Posted by Cannon | Report as abusive

Paula Jones face it. You gave it to the President and he enjoyed every second of it. Admit what you did and move on. A number of women could say no to him but you are not one of those women. Your whole personality and dress says “take me I’m easy”!!!!


There are just some people who can never shut those supposed-to-be ‘private matters’.


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