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Tom Cruise rejects “diagnosis” from Dr. Drew as Nazi garbage

June 13, 2008

cruise-and-holmes.jpgTom Cruise is no fan of psychiatry so he wasn’t too happy to get an unsolicited diagnosis from celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky — or so said his representative who compared the diagnosis to the “garbage” of the Nazis.

Pinsky, who hosts the nationally syndicated radio program “Loveline” and appears on cable TV on the VH1 reality show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” was interviewed for the July issue of Playboy, and wondered aloud why Cruise was ”drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology.”

“To me, that’s a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood — maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect,” Pinsky said.

That did not please Cruise, and the actor’s lawyer, Bert Fields, told the New York Post that Pinsky sounded like a Nazi.  

“This unqualified television performer, who is obviously just looking for notoriety, is so grotesquely unprofessional as to pretend to diagnose Tom and others without ever meeting them,” Fields told the Post. ”He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill. The last time we heard garbage like this was from Joseph Goebbels.”

On Thursday, Pinsky’s publicist, Valerie Allen, said in a statement that the doctor ”apologizes if his comments were hurtful.”

She added that Pinsky, who among other jobs is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the Keck University of Southern California School of Medicine, was not making a “blanket diagnosis” about Scientology or Cruise, the star of the movies “Mission: Impossible” and “Minority Report.”


Dr Pinsky was simply generalizing about psychological conditions or states which he thinks predispose one to cult involvement. His observation does not appear to have been a statement, much less a diagnosis, applicable to Tom Cruise in particular.

And, in an recent interview with critic Mark Bunker and ex-Scientoligist Tory Christman, the doctor expressed the exact same belief as reflected in his “wonderings” above, to which Ms. Christman understandably took issue. She explained that not everyone enters Scn because of a feeling of emptiness or a need to compensate for emotional deficits arising in childhood. While that may indeed be the case for some, she also pointed out that others may simply be seeking spiritual growth or self-improvement, as *that* IS what Scn markets itself as offering, at least at the start.

Moreover, because the true nature of Scn, its highly controlling and structured cult environment, is anything but clear to new recruits, what is found upon entry is entirely different from what is found or experienced after several years. Therefore, it would be risky at best to speculate on what one may be interested in when first involved with Scn when the fact that one has even entered a cult is anything BUT known or fully understood at the outset.

Nonetheless, I agree with Dr. Pinsky that his admittedly simplistic stereotype does apply in the case of Tom Cruise and perhaps to anyone who, upon ultimately discovering that they HAVE been “drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology,” not only chooses to stay in, but is also happy or satisfied with such a highly demanding and controlling as well as all-encompassing lifestyle and world-view.

I also think it fair to conclude that those who find their emotional needs met by a cult, instead of rebelling bigtime at the thought and other forms of control characteristic of Scn or of any cult, is clearly reacting to unresolved issues. And, unfortunately, they will only get farther away from actually dealing with these issues the longer they remain in Scn and avoid receiving genuine professional help.

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

I couldn’t see any reason for Dr. Drew to apologize here. But considering it upset someone – it was nice of him to do so.

Pinsky was correct in his observation: Tom Cruise did suffer a traumatic childhood. His estranged father was abusive, and there was the neglect of a father-figure in his life.

And Tom is very insecure about his height & appearance. One example is that he altered his wedding photo to make himself appear as tall as Katie Holmes.

Most of us can acknowledge that what actually angered Tom Cruise was Dr. Pinsky’s use of the term “cult”.

Which (sorry Scientology) even though you have a “church” status in the US; Several of the world’s courts & governments have deemed your organization otherwise.

It’s why the protest incidence with the arrested UK teen was dismissed. Because their court records listed Scientology as a dangerous cult and he simply used that “not a church” quote from those records.

People with childhood traumas or mental illnesses are often drawn into cultisms. So no matter how angry it’s made some people … What Dr. David Drew Pinsky said, was correct.

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

What rubbish this Prinsky spews. The arrogance he tries to hide behind that synthetic “smile” is why so many people distrusted such “medics” long before Cruise said a word about psychiatrists. What a clown.

Posted by claus | Report as abusive

It wouldn’t please me either, to be publicly psychoanalyzed. Who is it that the Medical profession serves, if you please? What next, psychiatry is going assign us our religion?

Posted by Terryeo | Report as abusive

No wonder the psychiatric profession is discredited. You can’t “diagnose” someone you’ve never met. Maybe we should watch TV and see if Jay Leno had a bad childhood which made a lock of his hair turn gray prematurely.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I found this comment particularly over-the-top:
“What next, psychiatry is going assign us our religion?”
And this one seems to come from nowhere:
“No wonder the psychiatric profession is discredited.”

Once again I see scientologists posting this gibberish as though it were fact. For a cult that likes to complain about the anonymity of its most recent critics (necessary–by the way–to prevent them from following you to your home after the protests, photographing you, threatening you, suing you for no reason, claiming you have made threats against them, etc.), they sure don’t mind posting their nonsense without specifying that they are indeed scientologists. Please, at least acknowledge your bias. See you at the next protest.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

dr. drew is a man who has been around people in bad situations all his life his job is to make observations about peoples mental health and wellbeing, he has devoted much of his life doing a service to our community and im sure has the best of intentions here if you have ever listened to love line you might know that 99% of the time that drew makes an assumption about someone he is spot on im willing to bet the same holds true for tom cruse and that drew knows what he is talking about know the facts before you call someone a unprofessional dr. drew has plenty if integrity.

Posted by chase l | Report as abusive

Scientology is a validated RELIGION in the US, so to armchair diagnose Tom Cruise as mentally ill for believing in his RELIGION is not only anti-religious hate speech, but un-American as well. I wonder what kind of lawsuits he would be slapped with for calling Christians mentally ill for believing in their religion that many critics call a cult?

Since when is ANY psychiatrist an authority on religious belief, mainstream or not?!?!?!?!? They are NOT and thankfully will NEVER be an authority on faith. If they had their way, anyone who believed in anything non-material would be medicated or shocked to death.

Posted by Theta_2008 | Report as abusive

Hey look at all the OSAs and clams going into overdrive.

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

Strangely, “Doctor” Cruise has never shirked from giving the world his unqualified medical opinions, especially on postpartum depression.

Posted by Ron S | Report as abusive

Oh, goodness, that’s funny. An ‘unqualified television performer’ making an unqualified diagnosis? Is he serious? He’s an unqualified tv (Oh, sorry, and film) performer who has made ongoing unqualifed diagnosis on a number of occasions. Tell you what, Tom. You give birth, have your hormones go ballistic against your will and become incredibly depressed, and then have some opinionated ‘entertainer’ come along and tell you it just ain’t so. Sorry, bud, Scientology or no, you’re just an entertainer. No more, no less. Don’t pretend to be more than you are, and perhaps, after this incident, you’ll stop pretending to be a professional health care giver. Kind of hurts when someone does it to you, doesn’t it? Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

I consider Cruise – allegedly the top Scientology guy – of being one of the most personally mistaken people around simply because of being associated with what is without doubt one of the most dangerous organisations since the Nazis.

It is therefore of extreme irony that Cruise has the affront and nerve to accuse a psychiatrist of Nazi practices – just because he gave an honest opinion.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Scientology was invented by Ron Hubbard as a woefully cynical and negative, money-making exercise/big business operation, that relies solely on manipulative coercian and subscipted extortion of often huge amounts of money from gullible and ostensibly brain-washed individuals.

It is alleged that this organisation is intrusive, aggressive, hostile to critics, invasive to other organisations, and prone to espionage and the wilful interference of confidential information.

Members have been prosecuted for illegally accessing tax and other private information, and there have also been allegations of torture and numerous cases of critics becoming missing people. which is most worrying!

They have been caught red-handed intimidating people, psychologically victimising and persecuting opponents – esp. ex-members, some of whom have mysteriously disappered without trace.

I and all others who value free speech, liberty and enshrined freedoms must join together and view Scientology for what it truly is.

And, since they are SO prone top threatening people with legal action, they may well report this post and threaten Reuters with legal action unless it is removed.

That is what they often do: the truth is just NOT what they want to be revealed or advertised, and Cruises reaction is a typical knee-jerk reaction that reflects an underlying policy of the Scientoilgy empire to intimide in order to stop free speech.

That it takes bravery and moral acument to withstand their threats and actions, illustrates admirably the need to stand firm and refuse to allow this excremental organisation any influence as far as free speech is concerned.

Scientology, in the final anylsis, is NOT a religion, but rather an organisation diametrically opposed to democracy and freedom. It is actually about huge sums of donated cash. Period.

Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

Actually “theta”, Christians get bashed all the time and they don’t sue, or hire private investigators to dig up dirt, or commit other illegal activities all in the name of “fair game”, in order to discredit their critics. And psychs don’t want everyone shocked to death in spite of what CCHR will lead you to believe.

Question, why isn’t Scientology expanding? I mean really expanding. Not fleecing people for a few years and gathering enough money to build bigger orgs that sit empty and acquiring vast real estate holdings.

Have you ever thought that if Scientology were really true, it would be impossible to hold it back? The compound growth of such a religion would mean that by now it would be rivaling the major religions of the world. If OT powers really did exist, Scientology would Clear the planet in no time flat.

Have you ever seen anything truly supernatural in an OT. I worked at Saint Hill in the Sea Org for years and never did. Not once. I did however know of OT’s who slept with other people’s wives and husbands, left Scientology, watched porn, got sick, and pretty much did every typical stupid thing that people do.

Where is this army of super beings? It’s been almost 60 years? Why are there still the same crappy little orgs not expanding?

Because it’s a lie. Google LRH biography and learn some truth!

Posted by ex sea org | Report as abusive


In the above post I accidentally used the French word ‘intimide’ (‘to intimidate’) which, however, does in fact mean the exact word I intended to use.

Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

I like a lot the diagnosis of carziness regarding Tom Cruise, since I should have deserved the same when I was a high level scientologist, an “OT 3″. Indeed, an OT 3 or over believes he’s parasited by thousands of space alien ccooties – that is, human spirits parasiting the body. Cruise do believes that his wife, kids, his Suri and himself are all polyschizophrenic, since they are also supposedly parasited.
Here is the explanation about the foolishness of Hubbard (I paid to get that, long ago!): 3.html


Scientologists believe psychiatrists were responsible for the Holocaust. There is youtube footage of David Miscavige ranting about “obliterating psychiatry” to to a cheering audience of Scientology clones.

These people are off-the-scale weird, following the “scripture” written by a 1950′s Sci Fi writer, who advocated his $360,000 (current price) set of courses for followers to gain super powers such as telekinesis, throw away their eyeglasses and diabetes medication, and “SAVE THE PLANET.”

Their unbelievable delusions have been covered at length by reputable journalists and writers over the years, and are available for reading for free, google CLAMBAKE.

Posted by Clem Clambaker | Report as abusive

Once again Scientology blows a chance to look good and instead charge someone publicly with Nazism. Believe it or not you guys have a handful of good ideas–that’s how you snare adherents. Maybe you should inform the public instead of claiming Nazism. The only way a person can learn your crap is long infomercials or books….try flash PR…try the Truth…try decency…TRY ETHICS.

Posted by jose franklin | Report as abusive

Oh man, Scientology is organized crime. It turns otherwise rational, sane people in to, well, in to people like Tom Cruise, no offense intended.


Hi scilons! The comments posted here are just yet another fine example of Fair Game in play. Discrediting someone for simplely sitting in a critique of Sciencultogy. The truth is, he has every right to express his opinion, though it wasn’t plasted as FACT or intended to defame Cruize. Tom is doing a fine job of that on his own.

Posted by Dr.Yucky | Report as abusive

To OSA, because I KNOW you guys are here. We need to clarify something right now: Cruise is an actor. He is in the public spotlight and for better or worse, when you’re in the public spotlight like that YOU WILL BE CRITICIZED. It comes with the territory. If he can’t handle A LICENSED DOCTOR’S opinion on his actions and behavior, then the least he could do is handle it with some measure of CIVILITY and maturity. However, since he has displayed neither of these traits in the past four-plus years, then perhaps he should have refrained from speaking at all.

The same could be said for the ‘Church’ of Scientology. Every credible religion to date has had criticism thrown at them for one reason or another and in most cases, deal with it appropriately. I have YET to hear, read of or see ANY active Scientologist show the same kind of level-headedness and maturity. Comparing Dr. Pinsky to a Nazi is not only harsh and immature, it’s extremely inappropriate and lessens the impact of the Holocaust and is an insult to the survivors of that terrible time.

In short; both Cruise AND the COS need to grow a thicker skin if they want some level of respect.

Posted by A Watcher | Report as abusive

Well done to the above posters for posting some excellent, salient and truthful posts.

It just goes to show that the truth is indeed out there and that many people are passionately committed to opposing what is a in effect a money-making organization, based on a wholly fictional science fiction novel that Hubbard decided to turn into a money making quasi-religion.

However, we all need to be watchful and oppose any incursions made by Scientology on our personal lives and on the democratic welfare of any nation state or any state in the US.

It is that serious!

Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

Just a side note to the cultists. Dr Pinsky is not a psychiatrist, he is a physician. He practices Addiction medicine and is an internist once again not a psychiatrist. He does teach at Keck School of Medicine of USC as the Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry but that does not make him a psychiatrist he is a physician.


Posted by K | Report as abusive


Interesting – I wonder what the ‘Cruise Conroller’ thinks about this?

I think the doc was spot-on.

Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

Cruise may be a little wobbly nowadays but he gets such a raw deal and is so heavily criticised in the US.


Godwin’s Law. Google it. Quit throwing the word “Nazi” around in arguments. Thanks.

Also google the CCHR. Might want to use a proxy though. The CCHR is an arm of the Co$. The CCHR would have you believe that psychiatrists did the holocaust and 9/11. The leadership of the cult had an agenda against psychiatry, because psychiatry sees the Co$ for what it is… and has seen it since Hubbard was around. Therefore psychiatry is considered ‘the enemy’. Dr. Drew is an ‘enemy’.

Scientology is a flawed self-help program, operated much like a dangerous cult and a pyramid scheme, sheltered under the classification of “religion” to avoid taxes, and so the organization can claim hate crimes when critics attempt to expose the truth.

Posted by A_Non_Ymous | Report as abusive

Dr. Drew wasn’t watching where he stepped.

By claiming that anybody that went to Scientology for help was “crazy” or “nuts”, he was opening the door for sane people to point out that anyone who goes to Dr. Drew for help is “crazy” or “nuts”, too.


Posted by jj | Report as abusive

Tom Cruise needs to apologize to Dr. Drew.

The slander of this doctor’s intelligence, profession, talents, and comparisons to Nazism are outlandish if not ludicrous.

Clearly this is another “fair game” Scientologist accusation that doesn’t work in the real world – Tom Cruise these tactics only work in cults.

Snap out of it !


Scientology is a dangerous cult… please help me get out :(

Posted by Terryeo | Report as abusive

I agree that Tom should apologize to Dr. Drew. Compare him to a Nazi? Call him unqualified. Dr. Drew when to school, Tom tried going to 15. In addition how can you call his comments off base if they are probably true.

Cruise has said that he suffered from abuse as a child. This was partially due to his suffering from dyslexia. He stated that when something went wrong, his father came down hard on him. He told Parade Magazine that his father was “a bully” and “a merchant of chaos.” Cruise said he learned early on that his father was – and, by extension, some people were – not to be trusted: “I knew from being around my father that not everyone means me well.” Having gone through fifteen schools in twelve years, Cruise, who dropped his father’s name at age twelve, was also a victim of bullying at school.

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