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Joan Rivers kicked off British chat show

June 17, 2008

joan2.jpgJoan Rivers is not quite eating crow, but profanities she let fly about actor Russell Crowe got the comedienne kicked off a British talk show.

Rivers, 75, was making a guest appearance on “Loose Women” when the Hollywood interviewer was asked if she likes meeting celebrities on the red carpet. She responded that she likes “nice” celebrities, but that Crowe is not one of those.

She then said “get ready to bleep this,” and let loose with two expletives in reference to the Oscar-winning movie star whose films include “Gladiator” and “American Gangster.” The comedienne, who is famous for the catch phrase “can we talk?”, was asked to leave the chat show at the commercial break.joan1.jpg

But it’s not like Joan was overly contrite. In a statement released through her spokeswoman, Rivers joked about the incident. “In England you can’t swear on TV before 9 p.m.,” Rivers said. “Like it’s my fault — I’m still on New York time.”

Another zinger: “The whole incident reminded me of my wedding night because I was to asked to leave in the middle.”

Rivers did not know that the show was live with no capability of bleeping her choice words about Crowe, said her spokeswoman.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


Holy plastic surgery, Mr. & Mrs. Reader! I don’t even recognize this woman anymore.

However, I might like to get a neck lift someday, and perhaps she knows a good one. In that regard, I guess it would not pay to antagonize her.

Likewise, she might call me a bad name.

As far as Mr. Crowe is concerned…well…obviously I don’t know him personally. He and I hardly move in the same circles. I’m a retired soldier and a short story writer. He’s a celebrity and award winning thespian.

I’ve heard some stuff about Mr. Crowe though. But then, one hears a lot of stuff from pundits and the press…and now from Miss Molinsky aka Mrs. Rosenberg aka Ms. Rivers.

Didn’t Mr. Crowe throw a phone at somebody once…and then apologize…and then get tagged with a lawsuit and a hefty financial settlement?

One thing that I do know about Mr. Crowe is that he is a darn good actor. I’ve seen him in a half dozen movies, I think.

I purchased Gladiator, Proof of Life and Master & Commander TFSoftheW for my DVD library. Not only is Mr. Crowe good in these films, but the films themselves tell good stories.

There is one sure way to tell a good actor, I think. It’s when the actor makes you forget who he really is, and remember the character he plays instead. I think that Mr. Crowe does a fine job of that in the three motion pictures that I mention.

There are many memorable scenes in the specified films.

When I think about these movies though, some Russell Crowe scenes that linger are: Gladiator: when Maximus reveals his true identity to the wimp emperor at the arena; Proof of Life: when Terry Thorne rescues the two women from the clutches of the local security officials while piles of local currency are lying about; Master & Commander: when Jack Aubrey tells the “lesser of the two weevils” joke to his fellows in the officers’ mess.

OK Jack

P.S. Never mind about the neck lift…I can’t afford one anyway.


Well for one thing Joan Rivers is not afraid to reinvent herself. Let’s hope she loses the patent! That one’s free for you Joan. I love Joan Rivers she is more real than Russell Crowe will ever be. Don’t these Brits know who they are having on? Even her comments get ready to bleep me show that she was thinking about their best interests. That should have been the clue to the host to yell we are live you can’t say that. That probably would have gotten a good laugh! Joan it’s not your fault but I bet it will be another great story you can tell on Howard Stern’s Show. There you won’t get bleeped!

Posted by Manny Locin | Report as abusive

Joan is true, Crowe is a cold fish. look at ‘proof of life’, ‘a beautiful mind’ and his High Seas 18th century epic. He’s at his best when he’s served cold and driven. I like him that way, and the Britons do too. So let Joan speak.

Posted by Hail S. | Report as abusive

Crowe has a personal demon to wrestle with – and it usually involves honesty and maybe sexuality. His direction of aggression towards good looking men is weird indeed…

Joan is masking her true self with plastic surgery.

She is hilarious, but off her head?


Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

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