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Coldplay vs Creaky Boards in copycat claim

June 19, 2008

coldplay1.jpgThe little-known Creaky Boards just became a little less little known thanks to an accusation of copying against mega-band Coldplay via a Youtube posting.

The video cuts snippets from the Boards’ song “The Songs I Didn’t Write” (oh, the glorious irony of it all) with clips from Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, the title track from the group’s new album which is selling fast in the UK. The posting even claims the band thought they spotted Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin in the crowd at a gig last year when they performed the song, hence making the link between the two.

The allegation prompted Coldplay to issue a blunt denial, saying that “Viva La Vida” was actually written seven months before the night in question.

The blogosphere has been busy with reactions to the accusations, with what seems to be a slight majority accusing the Boards of a cheap publicity stunt. Still, it may have worked. More than 320,000 visits have been made to the Youtube posting to date, about 1,000 times the number of clicks on other Creaky Boards’ contributions.


sounds very similar

Posted by Cryptanite | Report as abusive

This reeks of a paid fake media controversy to hype Coldplay’s latest CD. Get people to take sides over a fake scandal and you can sell them anything to “support” either of the offended parties. Once people get emotionally locked on defending one band or the other, they then have to defend their beliefs, and are compelled to purchase the CD to “support” the band. You cannot coldly manipulate an audience unless they imagine that they are “in the right” and must defend to the death whatever nonsense you feed them to argue over for the moment.

Posted by George Johnson | Report as abusive

coldplay didnt rip them off! creaky boards are only trying to promote their band and even if coldplay did rip them off, they do the song better!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Cyndy | Report as abusive

This calls for a lawsuit.

In a related topic, years ago, a letter writer to Uncut magazine described Coldplay’s output as “a big wet bag of arse”. That still sums it up for me.

Even when they’re possibly ripping off tunes, they turn them into the same mush.

Posted by Alek | Report as abusive

want the truth? go to daniel bernsteins myspace page and read his blog “creaky boards vs leaky faucets”. i was looking for music and came across it. very interesting.

Posted by lucy | Report as abusive

they both copied the riff from Joe Satriani

Posted by aj | Report as abusive

Seems to me Coldplay probably did pinch the tune…it’s not like they’ve written anything decent of their own in a while…if ever. The most over-rated band of recent years.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

George Johnson-this is not paid media hype. Andrew from Creaky Boards fabricated the whole thing. He never thought he saw Chris Martin in his audience. He made it up. Several friends told him it sounded like the new Coldplay single and he decided to benefit from this. He said he did it “just for a laugh”. Don’t believe me? Go to Daniel Bernstein (from queens) myspace blog. He has physical evidence that supports this.

Posted by lucy | Report as abusive

the Bernstein blog proves nothing – just another loser trying to get a piece of the hype.
Not worth the time it takes to read his lengthy angry rant.

Posted by Juan | Report as abusive

Juan, Andrew from Creaky Boards has admitted it wasn’t stolen from them and that it is all a coincidence. I found Daniel’s blog a little lenghty, but quite honest and informative.

Posted by christine | Report as abusive

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