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They expect us to laugh? “Love Guru”, “Get Smart”

June 20, 2008

myers2.jpgIt’s rare when two big-budget comedies with big-name stars battle for the same audience on the same weekend at movie theaters. The general rule is that one big comedy is enough. But this Friday, “Get Smart” with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway squares off against “The Love Guru” with Mike Myers and Jessica Alba.

But the big problem for both may not be that there are too few comedy fans to go around. Rather, it may be that both are getting panned by many critics. Reviews are mixed for “Get Smart,” but mostly bad for “Love Guru.”

“Two film comedies go head-to-head this weekend, ‘Love Guru’ and ‘Get Smart,’ which is anything but smart on the studios’ part,” the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

“But the real question is, which is the worst?,” the review continues. “Quite possibly, ‘Love Guru’ will out-awful ‘Get Smart.’

carell.jpgOn the Web site, which collects and scores reviews, “Get Smart,” which is based on the 1960s TV show that spoofs spy movies like the James Bond flicks, had a rating hovering around 55 percent by Thursday. “Love Guru,” with Myers in the role of an Indian sage, limped away from the critical scoring with a rating in the 10-percent range.

Another film review web site,, also put “Get Smart” in 50-percent territory, while “Love Guru” had half that.

The reviews don’t bode well for comedy or movie fans, in general. Then again, the mostly young audiences that both films target rarely are influenced by film criticism. They want to see the stars, and both Carell and Myers have legions of fans.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


This brings to mind a line from an old Nirvana song.

“I wish I was like you, easily amused.”


Steve Carell was okay on the Daily Show–but so was Craig Kilborne. Haven’t seem Carell be at all funny since.
I have never seen Mike Myers be funny, and yes I suffered through that era of SNL and one or 2 of his other movies.
Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba are, however, another story…

Posted by jnkekoa | Report as abusive

Well, mike WAS funny in Wayne’s World – anybody remember that movie?
But now, possibly Carrell is better because of the kind of humour the new movie has: nothing of that ‘brouhaha’ kind, lots of the kind the character does NOT laugh with the audience but feels rather embarrassed about what just happened…

Posted by Anna Katharina Pondelik | Report as abusive

It’s my opinion that the U.S. is in such a state right now that comedy shows just don’t feel up to par. While movies like these two may have been all the rave even just a few short years back; with all that’s happening now with Global Economy and our obvious plummet into recession, comedy of this nature only makes us bitter because subconciously I think that we all know that if times were indeed more light hearted, we would be laughing and embracing the funny satire and good humor. I enjoyed Wayne’s World, as well as 40 Year Old Virgin, but if I saw either of them today, I’d probably say what everyone is saying about these two new movies that both hold the same type of humor those did back in the day. I dunno, maybe went a little to deep with my take on why these movies are getting such bad reviews, it just seems like no one really has anything positive to say about anything these days, Thanks Bush!

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

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