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Naomi Campbell “air rage” row turns nasty

June 23, 2008

naomi.jpgDetails of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s “air rage” outburst in April came to light in court on Friday, and very nasty it sounded too. According to the prosecution, there was a lot of swearing and shouting, some flailing arms and legs, spitting and general accusations of racism, all on a British Airways aircraft preparing to take off for Los Angeles. The reason? A lost piece of luggage.

Bad blood between Campbell and the airline that reportedly banned her over the incident turned sourer still after the 38-year-old subsequently accused someone on the flight of calling her a “Golliwog supermodel”, explaining that it was “not the passenger”. BA has come out with a firm denial of any allegations of racism, but we may not have heard the last of the infamous April 3 inflight incident just yet.


She should get over herself

Posted by Steve S. | Report as abusive

I hope this vial individual is also banned from entry to her beloved US. As a convicted and violent criminal she no longer qualifies for the visa waiver rights enjoyed by decent European citizens entering the US. Its about time the Courts put a stop to her using airlines or employing personal staff all together.

Posted by Andypandy | Report as abusive

She’s a hellcat in Prada: the original incendiary model with the rage of a bull on steroids.

Believe me!

Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

She also needs to be heard. It is probable that something set her off, and who knows, maybe someone did call her a “gollywog supermodel,” in which case, she does have the right to come out and say it. She has apologized to the Metropolitan Police, but refuses to apologize to BA – probably for a good reason. I would go crazy if a bag of my Prada shoes, miu miu, and god-knows-which designer went missing. Yes, I would scream, especially if I felt like a diva…BA ought to be apologizing to the thousands of people whose luggage is still missing.

Posted by Supermodelfan | Report as abusive

I think Naomi Campbell should not only get over herself, she should re-evaluate herself as a human being. Talk about a spineless, worthless piece of nothing. I don’t care how much money and fame she has, nor how she has achieved it, she is a big fat zero, and there are very few people who don’t think that very same thing about her. Fortunately, time, as it does with us all, will catch up with her, too, and then all she will have are memories of the ugly person she always was coupled with the ugly woman she will see in the mirror. Quite frankly, it looks like time has already marched across her face and the back of her thighs. How sad that her vanity won’t allow her to see herself as everyone else does.


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