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Stallone, Schwarzenegger in Bollywood? Not both.

June 24, 2008

arnie.jpgAction star Sylvester Stallone will make a cameo appearance in a Bollywood movie, but movie fans hoping Sly would share the screen with action hero-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to keep waiting. And maybe for a long time.

Aaron McLean, Schwarzenegger’s spokesman in the California governor’s office, dismissed recent media reports that the “Terminator” star will appear in the Bollywood movie “Incredible Love.”

“He is not involved in that picture,” McLean said.

But Stallone, star of the “Rocky” and “Rambo” films, will make an appearance in “Incredible Love,” which will be shot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

stallone.jpg“I will confirm that Mr. Stallone is doing a cameo,” said his spokeswoman Michelle Bega. 

“Incredible Love” is the story of an Indian stuntman in Hollywood, and it features Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. The New York Daily News reports the movie’s $21 million budget will be the most spent on any Bollywood picture.

Stallone, 61, and Schwarzenegger, 60, have never starred together on screen, but in 2002 they performed voice work for animated series “Liberty’s Kids: Est. 1776,” about the American revolution. Stallone played Paul Revere and Schwarzenegger had the role of Baron von Steuben.  


We need more Arnold movies!


well, this will be awesome if Mr.Stallone & arnie are taken into a movie but being a stallone fan I think that just stallone’s presence will be more than ample for a filmmaker & viewers. God swear, I am dying to see “The Sylvester Stallone” in a bollywood flick. Hope everything falls in its place & his presence properly utilised. But there’s a request to the Film maker that please let him do something & speak in his usual mafioso voice. Please don’t waste his presence.
with love

Posted by sumit | Report as abusive

I think Arnold is best not to involve himself in such a film, especially a Bollywood film, reason being is Arnold is Pure Hollywood, but who know he may do well! Stallone seems like he is trying anything at the mo to keep the comeback career on the move, fair play to him! Dont get me wrong i was loving the new Rambo film, an 80′s film with uncut gore in my view. Schwarzenegger, if he decides to make a comeback to movies, which i doubt, as i think he may be involved with Mccain as President if he wins, but if not he should team again with James Cameron as the director. The 3 best films in my view Arnie has done, Terminator 1,2 and True Lies (Oxymoron i might add) were all filmed by Cameron, and he knows how to sell Arnie to the audience best. The point in mind being Stallone and Schwarzenegger should star in a James Cameron film -Sci Fi Orientated, maybe.



Posted by MAC | Report as abusive

I think Sly looks awful what did he do to his face? In 2003 pictures of Sly he looked darn good and since then he looks disfigured. His nose looks big and bolted he is only 62 years old that is not old in today’s world. Sly must have had a botched plastic surgon.How does Jennifer his wife deal with looking at him? Jennifer Flavin is so pretty when you see them together it looks weird Jennifer is like 46 years old she has aged since she become a mom but she still looks good. What do you all think about Sly? I always have been a fan but he is now really scary looking. Kinda like Michael Jackson but is a buff way scary.

Posted by Tara | Report as abusive

I do agree Sly looks odd.He is not aging well. He is very talented man, I love him as Rocky he touch’s my heart in those movies. He is very real person as Rocky. I read he is good dad and finally a good husband to Jennifer at the end that is all that really matters.

Posted by Vera | Report as abusive

Its incredilble that we’ll get to see sylvester stallone in a bollywood flick.frankly i wudnt mind watching him even in a persian movie.stallone is a legend!!!he’s got the best body and the best looks…the best action hero ever…just cant wait to see his movies!!!

Posted by kumar sambhav | Report as abusive

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