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“Hancock” offers mortgage rescue to one lucky family

June 25, 2008

rtx73ch.jpgCaught up in the mortgage crisis and looking for a helping hand? “Hancock” could come to your rescue. 

Columbia Pictures, the Hollywood studio behind upcoming action movie “Hancock,” is holding a contest to pay off the mortgage debt of one family — taking its cue from the flawed but good-hearted superhero played by Will Smith in the movie.

The studio will pay up to $360,000 of mortgage debt for the family that wins a 200-word essay contest explaining why they deserve the grand prize.

It’s a pretty slick publicity stunt by a Hollywood studio which, for a big-budget film like “Hancock,” will spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing. The amount is not small, especially if you’re a family up to you’re neck in mortgage debt and unable to pay it off. But for a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, $360,000 is a relatively cheap deal if it draws a lot of attention to the movie.

The promotion does seem appropriate to the film. In “Hancock,” Smith plays an angry, drunken superhero with a serious case of self-loathing, but for reasons unknown to him he can’t stop himself from tossing crooks in jail. His bad attitude seems to cause more harm than good and most everyone in his hometown of Los Angeles seems to hate him. Hancock is in serious need of an image makeover when he meets up with a savvy public relations man played by Jason Bateman who, himself, is looking to do some good in the world.   

Columbia’s contest, called Hancock’s Helping Hand Mortgage payoff, begins immediately and runs through July 6. “Hancock” opens on July 2. Good luck.


I read the requirements of the contest and while I understand why the studio is holding this contest….for publicity, I think it’s the wrong message for those of us out here that work hard and sacrifice to pay our mortgages.

I do realize that some people fall on hard times but the vast majority of those losing their homes are because they overextended in the first place.

Why not reward those of us who are responsible for paying our mortgages regardless of the hardship it may be causing us and our families.

For these reasons I will not support the studio by attending this movie. It’s a shame because I love Will Smith. I have sent these sentiments to all my friends who have expressed the same concerns.

Posted by Mari | Report as abusive

I agree 100% – it’s no wonder society has ended up the way it has!

Posted by K. Davis | Report as abusive

@Mari and K. Davis

Why is it so bad that they’re are trying to help someone who needs help? It’s true that some people may have caused their own mortgage crisis, but couldn’t someone who just lost their job be in the some situation? I know two families that in the last month are close to losing their homes due to job loss. How is that their fault? Why do you think you should be rewarded for paying your bills on time? Isn’t the fact that you don’t have to worry about losing your home good enough?

I apologize for so many questions but I don’t understand how you could assume that everyone that is being foreclosed on is irresponsible with their money. Just remember that bad things can happen to good and responsible people.

Posted by Ninja | Report as abusive

When any of you Blessed People, lose your job, your savings, your spouse and your bank account(s) maybe then, you’ll understand.

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The eligibility requrements are quite stringent. If you think about it, the promotion only rewarded those who are in good standing with their mortgage company.

Who won anyway.


The contest said NOTHING about “based on need”. Anyone could enter the contest. The judges had percentages as guidelines to follow including for grammar, clarity, passion. I entered the contest, and why not? I pay my mortgage, but if I am lucky enough to have it paid off I am indeed, blessed! It’s a great contest!

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

THE MOVIE IS FANTASTIC AND has a great story i loved the movie but did ull know tat the dvd is out nw im sure im gonna grab my copy asap wat about u ????


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