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Obama goes Hollywood

June 26, 2008

obama1.jpgBarack Obama found himself surrounded by Hollywood stars at a Los Angeles fundraiser on Tuesday that raised $4 million to more than $5 million for Democrats and the Illinois senator’s presidential campaign, according to a press pool report and the Los Angeles Times.

Obama told the crowd he knew his long campaign against former Democrat presidential rival Hillary Clinton “caused some heartburn and some frustration.” But he added, “we were allies then and we’re allies now.”

Clinton had enjoyed strong support in Los Angeles and among Hollywood’s stars, who first warmed to her when her husband Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992.  But many in her camp are now joining the Obama bandwagon in a sign of party unity against mccain.jpgpresumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

Obama spoke to an audience that included actors Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Quaid and Don Cheadle, as well as Sherry Lansing, the former CEO of Paramount Pictures. British-born singer Seal performed his ballad “Kiss from a Rose” and the Sam Cooke soul classic “A Change is Gonna Come,” an apparent reference to Obama’s campaign theme of change.

Seal was introduced by Quaid, who told the crowd: “He’s here tonight to sing for the superman for everyone — Barack Obama.” Rapper of the group the Black Eyed Peas and retired boxer “Sugar” Ray Leonard also were in attendance.

The event was held amid glass chandeliers at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, a performance venue that in years past hosted the Oscars.

Money raised at the fundraiser will be split between the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Tickets to the reception cost $2,300 per person, and VIP tickets cost $28,500 per couple, which allowed those VIPs to attend a dinner with Obama.


There are a lot of rich people out there who will stop at nothing to make sure the Republicans hold on to power. The Republicans make them richer with every law they pass.

Thank goodness there are some affluent people who have more empathy than that, and are willing to do what’s in the best interest of all Americans and support Barack Obama.


Just saw the remake Flight of the Phoenix movie with Quaid doing his inimitable stuff.

Maybe the movie is a metaphor for the task Obama will have on his hands, in rescuing the US from the crash landing Bush caused?

Maybe if the US works with Obama and drops the anti, America can lift off again and escape the bullits, fatal storms and lack of supplies – or in this case, a lack of common sense in government?

The future beckons…

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I just wanna say, HOLLYWOOD must be put some restrictions on making movies.

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Well, I guess that Hollywoody types are voters too, Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class & Working Class Reader. However, let’s not forget that they are self-indulgent millionaires of the privileged class.

If Mr. Obama (also privileged class) gets too cozy with these folks (as apparently he has done with the 5% of his top end campaign donors)…well…you and I will end up on the slippery slope to nowhere come January 20th.

I realize that we won’t know what this young fellow is going to do until at least the first 100 days of his administration. That is, he may come around to a permanent tax cut for us. We need and should be demanding a top rate of no more than 15% (5% for the working class) and a top rate of no more than 20% for small businesses.

In the meantime, all I hear him saying is that he’s going to throw a few table scraps to us, e.g., a small rebate, extra $1,000, etc.

Baloney to that, Mr. Obama!

If (as he says) 95% of his campaign contributions are coming from folks like you and me, i.e., “the little guys”…then Mr. Obama needs to start telling us that he is going to raise taxes on the privileged class, corporations and capital gains. Right now, that is not a clear and constant centerpiece of his campaign.

Of course, Mr. Obama is all we “little guys” have at the moment.

Mr. McCain (multi-millionaire privileged classer that he is) is not for the “little guy”…no matter what he might have himself believing at the moment. Any such thing from republicans is an illusion for us–and a delusion on their part if they’ve got themselves momentarily believing it.

Believe me, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, if Mr. McCain wins…the majority of republicans AND the majority of democrat privileged classers will all be quite content come January 20th.

Come on, Mr. Obama! Get on the middle class and working class bandwagon! It’s “our time” for a PERMANENT TAX CUT…isn’t it? Come on then, say it young man…just say it! You’ll feel a whole lot better afterward…and can then look yourself squarely in the eye while shaving tomorrow morning.

OK Jack


I see this as positive that even the Hollywood stars are backing Obama. What is good about Obama is that he can wine and dine with the millionaires but also not forget the grassroots people. He respects the $5 donor as much as the $2800. Each dollar counts as each vote counts, and he knows this. We need to help Obama, go to

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These comments are so diverse, it’s like being at the Dem. convention! No one really cares whether Samuel L. Jackson supports you. If you do care you really shouldn’t be able to vote come November.

It’s nice that Obama is getting everyone;on both sides of the aisle, excited about voting. I’m not an Obama supporter but I can’t argue with people caring about their countries political affairs.

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well, I am happy to see that those americans who can best represent the values of all americans are being pandered for cash and votes. I know I can trust hollywood to do what is in my best interests…get rid of washington and usher in a real change, move your fantasy campaign and your mindless supporters to California; these ideals seem to be welcome there. If you win in november, the white house should be destroyed, as it represents old america, the terrible constitution and pride. Instead, construct a movie set presidential estate to go along with your fairy tale of a life.

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