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Barbra Streisand backs Obama

July 1, 2008

obama.jpgLikening Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama to a political “trailblazer,” singer Barbra Streisand has become the latest Hollywood celebrity to join the Obama campaign bandwagon, switching from her past support of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

“Barack has awakened in many of us the notion that we can again be hopeful, enabling us to believe that we are capable of lifting our brothers and sisters out of poverty, of providing quality education for all our children, of ending this unjust war in Iraq and bringing our troops home streisand.jpgsafely,” Streisand wrote on Tuesday in a posting on her Web site,

“He’s reminded us ‘yes we can’…we can make the transition from fossil fuels to green energy; we can take care of our elderly and make sure that good healthcare is not just a perk for a few, but a right for every man, woman and child,” she said. ”We are experiencing not just a presidential campaign, but a movement; a movement of inspired young people who have been cynical about politics for too long.”hillary.jpg

Since narrowly defeating Clinton at the end of the U.S. primary elections in June, Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, has picked up numerous endorsements. Clinton, a U.S. Senator from New York, has appeared with him in a show of Democratic party unity. Last week, Obama held a fundraiser in Los Angeles that raised some $4 million to $5 million, and several Hollywood stars such as Dennis Quaid and Samuel L. Jackson were there.

Streisand, of course, is a major Hollywood celebrity and fundraiser for Democrats. Yet, celebrity endorsements have a mixed track record in helping candidates, the experts say. Republican candidate Sen. John McCain also has celebrity endorsements including from actors Sylvester Stallone and Robert Duvall.


In a way I feel McCain believes he was entitled to get the nod from his party as did Hillary. McCain has a pretty big ego. If he believes he can pull this off with his credentials only then he’s fooling himself. From a conservative standpoint he has to pick a solid running mate but his ego is such that I wouldn’t be surprised by anything he does. Regardless, I’m not sure how much change we will actually see regardless of who gets elected. Obama needs to be careful about what he promises. If he does win his supporters are going to want to see him pull out of Iraq immediately. I’m not so sure that will be easy for him to accomplish after he sits in the big chair and has all the facts in front of him. Bush said as much to all the candidates a while back but it didn’t get much attention. We shall see.

Posted by Ping2007 | Report as abusive

I suppose BS is one of the 12% supporting this loser congress.

Posted by Darrell | Report as abusive

Ping –

Yes, it will be interesting, to say the least! I always think that people promise the world, but then when they actually get into office they realize there are a lot of obstacles to delivering on everything. Hopefully whoever wins will be able to improve the economy and our security and standing in the world.

I’m leaving work now so am outta here. I’ve enjoyed talking to you – best of luck!

Posted by homeboy | Report as abusive

I guess the weight chalanged lady has sung, does that mean that the BO is finished?

Posted by navy65 | Report as abusive

We better think long and hard about how we can win America back. We don’t have billions of dollars so we have to make a plan now. Strength in numbers and voices and votes is all that we have. I still believe in Hillary and Bill Clinton. They are a polital team with an impressive history, like them or not, jealous or not. Chelsea Clinton is a warm, intellegent, sophicated young lady who, I believe, would be a caring leader- especially for our young people who need all the guidance they can get. I would be proud to have them in the Whitehouse. Hillary Clinton has plans to make America a better and safer place. And she has the hard-working, tax-paying Heartland of America backing her. She is our only chance to get out of these never-ending “boy toy” wars and back to at least “hope” for peace. I will be writing-in Hillary Rodham Clinton on my ballot in November and I’m hoping at least 18 million others will help me to “Win America Back”

Posted by Not giving up | Report as abusive

Who cares what a movie star or singer says about politics. What do they know. Most of them are high on drugs or booze. I do not understand why the press sees the need to publish what these people have to say. I do not need someone else opinion to make my decision. If I can not make a decision on my own then I do not need to vote.


Uh Oh, I may have to vote McCain now

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

July 4th 2008 — Senator Barack Obama, a USA Citizens, Senator of the United States, with his Community Work, inside knowledge of realities at this time for the United Sates. He is the only person we, as Senior Citizens and veterans, we trust, we understand, he knows the realities of present life in the Nation. For these and more, actions based on the Constitution of the US, the roots of the independence written in part by the Great Thomas Jefferson, we see the urgent requirements, to initiate efforts to regain the Constitutional Respect, and with these acts, the respect of the REST OF THE WORLD THAT HAS BEEN LOST. Senator Obama, in the press abroad, that we read every day, we don’t have language problems, – so we understand the grave loss of US Prestige Every Where. Senator Obama, will have huge work – to return the prestige we have lost. He is the only untainted human persons capable to perform this task. A task of diplomacy, humanity, respect for all nations, their citizens, religions, and lives. We as Seniors, hope for the best in his efforts in this humanitarian task. I am certain that Barbara Streisand will add to the Senator’s success. She expressed her faith in the many films she acted.


Ben Rodriguez (July 4). Your written statements have all the clarity of a Nigerian 419 Scam Letter.

Posted by James X | Report as abusive

Dearest Barbra love your husband, love your movies, love your songs, can’t say I love anything else.
Benigna Marko

Posted by Benigna Marko | Report as abusive

Wow..over 200 negative commments on an article of barely 200 words. Sort of sad to see that so many of you take time to actually write all these negative remarks. Get a live I would say. Love Babs and love the fact that she’ll raise millions for Obama.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

just think if you’d followed babs and voted democratic in the last 2 elections, gas prices might still be under $3, we wouldn’t have had the mortgage crisis, the dollar might be still be strong, we’d have had enough money to fix our infrastructure and my personal fave: an abstinence program that’s resulted in teen std rates at an all time high because they are engaging in unsafe oral and anal sex since the abstinence programs only disuss procreative sex!
one good thing to come out of the w era: legalization of gay marriage in ca and ma!

Posted by m. wah | Report as abusive

Reading many of these posts, it becomes clear why such an utterly incompetent man like George Bush became President. The vast majority of posters here are no more intelligent. Streisand came from a very poor upbringing and has everything that she has because she has worked for it. She is a great humanitarian and gives tons of money to many causes that benefit people regardless of what labels they give themselves. If “liberal” means compassionate and generous, then it’s a label she wears well. These past 7+ years had proven that being a “conservative” means being arrogant, wasteful, hypocritical and incompetent. Her artistry has endured for nearly half a century because she is an enormously gifted woman and a truly great American. The people trashing her here are just projecting their own prejudices of Democrats and Liberals onto her because she is a very high profile celebrity. Long after these tiresome rants have passed, her artistry will endure. GO BARBRA!

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

If she supports him then he’s got my vote! NOT. I am not voting for Obama unless Clinton is his VP. Otherwise, I am voting for McCain.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Babs didnt vote for the current administration. I call that Genius. Did you?

Posted by lori | Report as abusive

Hollywood didnt endorse Bush/Cheney both times. Hollywood isnt that dumb afterall.

Posted by lori | Report as abusive

WE NEED YOUTH. No More old Cheneys, Dumsfelds, making bad decsions. Mccainis tooold. We need an absolute young thinking quick thinking leader. No more 60s or 70s!

Posted by lori | Report as abusive

All of you people who want to bash others should think about all the lives of our young men and women being lost in a war that never should have begun

Posted by Lizzy | Report as abusive

I have a foul proof method of selecting the candidate for president. I simply wait for Barbra, Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn to endorse a candidate. Then I just vote for the other candidate. Works for me

Posted by donald | Report as abusive

Barbra is not the only one supporting Barack Obama. She is just one of the many millions of Americans who want Obama as our next president. She has done many good things for the Democratic Party, which she supports with time and money. Any of you who are upset about the cost of her tickets, then, I say to you – don’t buy them. But for those of us who want to pay to see her, then, if we are willing to pay the price that’s our choice. Remember, life is all about choices. You decide what choice you want in life and let everyone else make their own choice. As for Barbra Streisand, leave her alone. It seems that people who bad mouth others are either jealous or just don’t know all the facts. So, to all of you who are bad mouthing Barbra Streisand read the facts about all the good she has done with her money she has raised from her concerts and not the BS you read in the papers.

To Barbra Streisand: those of us who logve you still do and always will. So, you just keep on being Barbra and don’t let others bring you down.
Eddie S.

Posted by Eddie S | Report as abusive

Barbra Streisand has raised millions of dollars to benefit and contribute to a better America. What have you
people done, other than put down a caring, contributing, talented, American.

Posted by eric rudolph | Report as abusive

Just read the stupid comments posted, and they’re so typical of those with an opposing view. If one can’t say something intelligent, they say something ridiculously sarcastic and snotty!

Ms. Streisand has a right to say what she thinks, same as the rest of us, and as a highly intelligent woman, and one in the public light, maybe her opinions will influence some of those who are “on the fence”. Why is what she thinks of any LESS value than say “Jack Nicholson” or the MORON who was an UNSUCCESSFUL G.O.P. candidate himself, and now is on the McCain “bandwagon”?

I happen to agree with Ms. Streisland’s comments 100%

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Not surprising that the republicans are out in force smearing the issues and people that don’t hold their views… Show that you are literate and talk about YOUR candidate without lying about what their opponents stand for. it’s disgraceful already.

Posted by Sydni | Report as abusive

The yellow brick road, Barbara, take it. Maybe the Wizard will give you a brain!

Posted by Kenneth McPhail | Report as abusive

It seems that it’s okay for these endorsors to actively take part and benifit from our capitolistic republic (no,we are not a democracy) society via huge wall street investments in everything from foreign monies to those unaccountable hedge funds (chelsea’s employer), yet they support socialism;financial redistribution,social health care (proven not to work), a weak border, higher democrate taxes on everyone but them. i’m a small business owner (we produce real goods not fantasy) that can’t hire more people and expand because of socialist programs that tax me beyond comprehension. if the dems win this election i will have to dow scale my business because of additional taxes obama will put in place. this recent bail out (obama,pelosi,dodd,schumer & frank wanted millions to go ACORN & LaPAZ)&(these same people gained more and protected fannie & fannie for sixteen years) just may end up being the straw that broke my business.
therefore ending the employment of 122 people.
reducing national freight jobs.
reducing packaging sales.
reducing the tax base.
reducing retail sales. et,el;
reducing the number movie ticket & cd sales.
i wonder if any of you have ever read the obama books,the communist manifesto & the constitution. noted the semitry & differences’.
i truely hope you will enjoy your socialism, because no one else will benifit from an OBAMANATION.
so how do like komrad obama & friends now?

Posted by Wicked | Report as abusive

“If I remember correctly during the 04 elections Babbs said if Bush won she would become a canadian citizen.”

Looks like you have a case of senility. She never said that. What she said was if Bush wins, you won’t be seeing her in the White House for the next for years.

Posted by KC | Report as abusive

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