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Barbra Streisand backs Obama

July 1, 2008

obama.jpgLikening Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama to a political “trailblazer,” singer Barbra Streisand has become the latest Hollywood celebrity to join the Obama campaign bandwagon, switching from her past support of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

“Barack has awakened in many of us the notion that we can again be hopeful, enabling us to believe that we are capable of lifting our brothers and sisters out of poverty, of providing quality education for all our children, of ending this unjust war in Iraq and bringing our troops home streisand.jpgsafely,” Streisand wrote on Tuesday in a posting on her Web site,

“He’s reminded us ‘yes we can’…we can make the transition from fossil fuels to green energy; we can take care of our elderly and make sure that good healthcare is not just a perk for a few, but a right for every man, woman and child,” she said. ”We are experiencing not just a presidential campaign, but a movement; a movement of inspired young people who have been cynical about politics for too long.”hillary.jpg

Since narrowly defeating Clinton at the end of the U.S. primary elections in June, Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, has picked up numerous endorsements. Clinton, a U.S. Senator from New York, has appeared with him in a show of Democratic party unity. Last week, Obama held a fundraiser in Los Angeles that raised some $4 million to $5 million, and several Hollywood stars such as Dennis Quaid and Samuel L. Jackson were there.

Streisand, of course, is a major Hollywood celebrity and fundraiser for Democrats. Yet, celebrity endorsements have a mixed track record in helping candidates, the experts say. Republican candidate Sen. John McCain also has celebrity endorsements including from actors Sylvester Stallone and Robert Duvall.


I think Babbs deserves Obama if she back him…yuck

Posted by Kathi | Report as abusive

No wonder her initials are BS. She spews it and believes it.

Posted by Stephanie | Report as abusive

This old woman needs to take a seat and keep her mouth shut…….we don’t care what Bab’s has to say……

Posted by hadenough | Report as abusive

Babbling Babs backs Barack. Sozialists of a feather propagandize together.

Posted by Jerome K. | Report as abusive

Who cares what this elitist left wing whacko thinks. She is one of those who defines equality as “spreading the misery” aka Socialism while she and the rest of the elites rule from on high and feed us, the unwashed, the crumbs. She can fly a private jet but we get bikes. The hypocrisy of the left is mind boggling.

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

“perks for a few”
Now that’s HOLLYWOOD !!

Posted by Wiz | Report as abusive

I’m confused, who cares who Streisand supports. If I remember correctly during the 04 elections Babbs said if Bush won she would become a canadian citizen. What this means, unless shes a liar, she is not a US citizen and cant vote, so who cares about her opinion.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Who cares?

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Who in their “Right Mind” could possably think “Obama” is the answer? Goes to prove she still stands for “B.S.” and nothingthat really will help this country..Remember she was going to move in the last election..
Gus Hoefling


Every democrat I have seen run since John Kennedy has promised to wipe out poverty, and it never happens! They say they will provide a quality education for our kids, and it gets worse!!!
Now they have promised to develop a replacement for fossil fuel, which is good since they have weened us off fossil fuel by raising prices!!!
I can’t wait to see the fossil fuel trick!!! The sad thing is, their uneducated base forgets about the promises made, and these losers are made into heros after they have failed!!! Incredible.

Posted by Darrell | Report as abusive

Who cares?

Posted by vicki jo | Report as abusive

Oh that she would leave the country no matter who wins.
This woman thinks way too much of herself.

Posted by amelia | Report as abusive

Good Gravy!! Now I know I do not want anything to do with Obama. Streisand is for him, than I am against him. Anything she would vote for cannot be right. The Hollyweirdos are going to back him, we are in trouble if he wins.
Babs wants us to live like peasants while she lives like a Queen. Do as I say, Not as I do. I hope Hollywood does go in strike, Give us a rest!!
God Bless America. Keep us Free, God Bless McCain!

Posted by Ruth D | Report as abusive

Good for Barbra. But could anyone have ever doubted that she would support Obama in the aftermath of the primary? Ignore the snide comments from the fascists Barbra. They excel at snide and little else.

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

Thanks for the update. The choice of style over substance, once again, is the order of the day. As America wakes up to the news that Ms. Streisand has endorsed Senator Obama, the citizens of this country can move on with the rest of their lives.

Posted by seth | Report as abusive

Who cares what this bubblehead has to say. She’s your typical limousine liberal who says more than she knows. Which ain’t much.

Posted by Timmeh | Report as abusive

I thought she left the country after the 2004 election. I guess she flip flopped on that also. Babs is tormented by her on irrelevance.

Posted by john ryder | Report as abusive

I feel a great deal more comfortable now. With the likes of Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon and George Clooney coming out in favor of Barack Obama it will surely lead to John McCain having a real chance to win the election.




Babbs-the ultimate political Air Head

Posted by MikeAmerica | Report as abusive

Wow! Is she going to charge $750/ticket at her next concert so she can do an Obama sketch? Just shut up and sing. Or better yet, if this country is so bad, get out and don’t make money off of hard-working Americans anymore. Question is, who wants her? Maybe she can chip in on an island with everyone else that threatened to move.

Posted by Christine | Report as abusive

Is she still alive?


Oh isn’t that just so wonderful, a Hollywood Elitist supports O’bama. Vomit, barf , hurl, puke.

This is reason to vote against this empty suit just because the beautiful Hollywood Socialists support him.

PEOPLE, Democrats are Socialists. The left wing freaks call Republicans Nazis but we know they are not because the Nazis were National Socialists and the Democrats are Socialists.

Posted by kmpk | Report as abusive

Just how “green” is this screwballs mansion? Speaking of fossils, how is that moon-bat of a husband you’re married to, and is he still a 9/11 conspiracy boob?
Babs, shut up and….uh, just shut up.

Posted by JimM | Report as abusive

Well, gee, this is no surprise but really, who cares? Frankly, I cannot understand how anyone with even half a brain could vote for Obama.

Posted by Dawn | Report as abusive

Typical Liberal socialist elitist..spewing the propaganda of “Yes we can” to the peasants…what this really means is yes we can dumb you down and keep you poor. Vote liberal democrat and we will take money from those big bad rich people out there and give you some. Come and feed from the trough of desolation!!!

Posted by Walter Steele | Report as abusive

I thought B.S. and Baldwin were shacked up in Canada ?
Who dug her up to let her spout this elitist liberal crap. Can somebody please screw the lid down again, this is becoming neuseating.

Posted by Rohan | Report as abusive

She is just too stupid to realize her support could really screw up Barrack’s chance of sitting in the Oval Office.


Another hollywood millionaire for Obama no surprise here. I wonder if Obama will make an exception and allow oil drilling in hollywood so they can at least have fuel for all thier mansions and learjets all the while the rest of the nation walks.
The democrats are such hypocrites they hate corporate CEOs and business owners that acutally earn their wages and they love their rich people the hollywood elite, the trial lawyers and charlatains like Gore who get rich off the global warming hype.

McCain 2008 !!

Posted by AFSGTSAM | Report as abusive

I’m w/ Vicky Jo. “Who Cares?” And, remember that the oil ‘mess’ was started by a Dem – Jimmy Carter – by taking the dollar off the gold standard. And for the next inexperienced Senator running, we’re gonna get change alright. And that change may not be what we’re thinking it is. Another rich lawyer trying to be prez. If you want change, put a plumber in office. You’ll get change.

Posted by milton | Report as abusive

LOL! Well, I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, but having the endorsement of Barbra just kind of drives that home for me. I didn’t need her to make it known to me that he is a poor choice, but it sure feels good to know I still disagree with that idiot woman!! Whoo hoo!! Thanks for clinching the deal, Babs!! LOLOLOLO!!!

Posted by Dea | Report as abusive

I am SOOO utterly surprised she would back Obama!! Oh my, I thought she might back McCain!!!…………give me a break!


Barbara Streisand has always been the epitomy of ignorant Hollywood. It’s no surprise that she backs Barrack – she is, and always has been an idiot.

I just gained great respect, however, for Robert Duvall and Sylvester Stallone. Unlike most of Hollywood, they have the brains to understand that Barrack would be counter-productive to the potential this nation has.

Posted by Dillon | Report as abusive

Well thank heaven she finally made up her mine, now I know just how to vote… I just glad she told us before November because I would hate to wait that long, before I made up my mind.. thanks B.S.

Posted by LJ | Report as abusive

Who in the heck cares what Babs thinks about anything. I personally doubt there is any brain function occuring between her ears.

Posted by JImmy Carter | Report as abusive

Where is the Dems exit strategy for that war on poverty they started in 1964? Since poverty is worse than it was then we should demand an immediate withdrawl.

Posted by BillW | Report as abusive

Streisand is a leftist Bolshevik. Obama just lost my vote.

Posted by Dennis D | Report as abusive

I was seriously considering Mr. Obama as a possibility, but, since “Babbs” has endorsed him I most likely will look elsewhere.

Posted by Carl Burris | Report as abusive

Barbra’s the ballgame. It’s over!!!!!

Posted by Lew | Report as abusive

Who cares?

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

Wow!! This is news! babs supporting a liberal candidate. next thing we’ll here is “the pope is catholic.” this is just more of the consistent crap the libs spew every election, better education, healthcare, an end to poverty, blah,blah,blah. they had control of the house for the majority of most of our lives and have screwed up a lot more than they fixed. adding an inexperienced president to the incompetent lot that is congress now will guarantee only worse times ahead. thanks again barb, you’ve once more reminded me how much you really suck.

Posted by Hideous | Report as abusive

I can’t wait until election day this November and we have selected Sen. Obama as our next president. as Babs sings it so well, “Happy Days are (really) here again”!!!

Posted by jon609 | Report as abusive

Ms. B.S. needs to go to Canada and shut her mouth. No one cares. As far as “hope and change”, ending poverty, blaa blaa blaa, this has been the promise of every politician and it has gotten worse…Obama wants to do this yet he is surrounding himself with advisors from the Clinton and Carter administration…What a bunch of hooky! If he gets in, we will no longer have the strongest military in the world…not a good idea considering what’s going on in the middle east. Think of the consequences of his action. Weak military, highest taxes in history, biggest government in history. We will ALL live in poverty. As far as taxing the rich, they are the people who provide jobs…higher taxes, more costly goods, slow down of purchasing, jobs lost. I can’t believe people don’t see through the Bull!

Posted by karen | Report as abusive

Just one more of the thousands of reasons to not even consider this Marxist fool for Commander in Chief.
Babs, do us all a favor and move your posterior to Europe where you belong.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Now you went and sprung a surprise on us. I thought she was going to support Bob Barr!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t want her name associated with my campaign, unless she was singing only!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

“The kiss of death” Thanks Barbra

Posted by spider razon | Report as abusive

Thats it for me…I will definetly be voting for McCain.

Posted by pancanfinfan | Report as abusive

Last time I checked people who have healthcare pay for it, therefore it is not a perk!!!

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

She is inspired by “hope”, “change”, and “believe”?! That don’t mean Squat around here! We want “Facts”, “Details”, and “Experience”: Three things that he has not provided!

Posted by Pappione | Report as abusive

If Obama wins and raises everyones taxes then who will have the money to buy her concert tickets, cd’s, downloads or go to see any movies? Then what will these Hollywood bozos do when their incomes start drying up? Probably blame Bush I guess.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

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